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Adopt a Border Collie

**Special Needs** Sistah is beautiful and sweet. She is blind due to a traumatic injury to her head when she was a puppy.
Female, Est. DOB 7/18/2012
Asha is a beautiful 5 year old, deaf, BC mix that has had a rough life before coming to AZBCR. She is learning that there is love in this world and that other animals and people can be kind, gentle, and loving.
Female, Est. DOB 11/16/2008
Asta is beautiful. Mostly white with striking brown markings on half of her face and ears. Asta needs to be an only dog.
Female, Est. DOB 7/9/2012
**ADOPTION PENDING**Cian is a young, good looking, short haired, male Border Collie about a year old. He is a little shy at first, but warms up when given lots of love and petting. Once this boy finds his forever home, without children, along with some training, will be a wonderful new family member
Male, Est. DOB 1/2/2013
Jagger is a medium sized border collie mix. He is affectionate and loves to play with other dogs and people.
Male, Est. DOB 8/1/2013
Shelby is a darling 7 year old female BC mix whose family couldn't keep her.
Female, Est. DOB 6/1/2007
**ADOPTION PENDING**I am cute, smart, and love to play ball. I get along well with everyone after proper introduction.
Female, Est. DOB 6/11/2014
Titan, with his charming freckled face, needs a new home with a canine buddy.
Male, Est. DOB 12/6/2009
Warren is a 6 year old black and white longer length coat male that loves being around people and playing fetch. Gets along well with other dogs using his playful energy.
Male, Est. DOB 7/30/2008
They call me Nutmeg or Nutters, or Nutter Butter…they are a little crazy, but I answer to all of them. I am a sweet, loving, not to mention adorable, border collie mix. Probably spaniel, but I don’t really know for sure. They think I am 5-6 years old.
Female, Est. DOB 3/17/2009
Wow! Look at this guy Cash! He's packed with personality, smart and eager to please. Cash is looking for a very special family that can appreciate his very special needs.
Male, Est. DOB 12/28/2012
Loving but cautious boy who is playful, sweet, and in need of a wonderful home.
Male, Est. DOB 8/12/2009
Extra fluffy 8 year old girl who is super mellow and super sweet.
Female, Est. DOB 9/5/2006
Looking for your partner in crime on the couch? Check out Knox, he's an easy going guy that just wants to be loved and petted.
Male, Est. DOB 9/10/2008
Bouncer is a sweet boy, easy to have around. He is looking for someone to love.
Male, Est. DOB 9/16/2005
Meet this sweet senior boy Jet. A beautiful graceful dog that doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Black and white, medium long coat, typically border collie color pattern.
Male, Est. DOB 9/16/2006
This sweet, 9 year old girl, loves going on adventures and being spoiled. She is looking for a family to call her own!
Female, Est. DOB 9/16/2005
Sweet Spot is ready to find his loving forever home after a rough start in life. He has plenty of love to give!
Male, Est. DOB 7/22/2014
Tubby is an adorable fluffy little bundle of joy with a sweet blaze face and full white stockings.
Male, Est. DOB 7/22/2014
**ADOPTED**Cody is a big, handsome, black and white BC. He loves everyone he has met thus far and is looking for a family to call his own.
Male, Est. DOB 1/2/2011
Introducing Durango! He is a sweet, yet shy, young black and white BC mix. Once you have his trust, he will never leave your side. Durango would love a patient home to teach him that life and people are good!!
Male, Est. DOB 9/18/2012
This is Lizzie! She is a beautiful black and white BC mix that is a thinker before a doer.
Female, Est. DOB 8/4/2014
**ADOPTED** Meet Irene! Irene is a sweet black and white BC mix. She is a moderate drive, smart puppy looking for a place to call her own.
Female, Est. DOB 8/4/2014
Meet Nancy, the leader of the litter. She is a confident girl who loves to explore but always has time for kisses!
Female, Est. DOB 8/4/2014
Phyllis is a female, black and white BC mix that is lower drive and a big time snuggler.
Female, Est. DOB 8/4/2014
Meet Nora!! She is a sweet, yet busy, tri color female that would do best in an active home. No couch potato here!!
Female, Est. DOB 8/4/2014
CD is a precious boy with moderate drive that loves to be around his foster siblings.
Male, Est. DOB 8/4/2014
Lord Waldorf
**ADOPTION PENDING** Lord Waldorf is a handsome brown and black fuzzy BC mix. He is a lower drive pup with a lot of love to share.
Male, Est. DOB 8/4/2014
Sunny's name fits his wonderful personality perfectly. He is an adorable 8 month old puppy that just wants to love everyone he meets.
Male, Est. DOB 2/25/2014


Thinking about a Border Collie? There are many things to consider:

  • Are you ready to care for a Border Collie for the rest of his or her life? Be sure you're ready to make a lifelong commitment to your pet.

  • Are you financially prepared to support a Border Collie? The cost of purchasing or adopting a dog is only the start. Don't forget dog food, toys, treats, bedding, routine and emergency veterinary care, and kennel expenses if no one will be able to care for your dog when you go away.

  • Will you be able to exercise your Border Collie once or twice a day? Border Collies are high-energy dogs and need daily exercise to burn off that excess energy.

  • If you're a parent, do you want a Border Collie just as much as your children do, and are you prepared to provide the majority of its care? Don't make the mistake of getting a dog "for the kids" and assuming they will take care of it. You will have the ultimate responsibility. And if your children are toddlers, are you prepared to supervise all interaction between them? This is an absolute necessity in order to prevent accidental nipping or worse.