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Adopt a Border Collie

**ADOPTED**Keene is a Border Collie Mix with ???? Lab maybe? She is a bigger girl with a very low maintenance coat. She loves toys and playing with other dogs. She loves to cuddle with her humans. She is shy and has a big bark with strangers, but warms up fast and is your new friend.
Female, Est. DOB 5/10/2012
Fiona is a young,tri-colored beautiful Border Collie mix who is cute and active. She needs a person/family of her own that has the patience to become her new best friend.
Female, Est. DOB 1/30/2011
**ADOPTED** Coal is a young Blue Merle Border Collie.
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2012
Adorable and super friendly 10 month old puppy who would be a great sports dog. Very smart, energetic girl who is eager to please and to learn.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2013
**ADOPTED**Jazzie is a senior girl that loves to cuddle. She is looking for a soft bed and loving person to call her own.
Female, Est. DOB 12/30/2004
Cian is a young, good looking, short haired, male Border Collie about a year old. He is a little shy at first, but warms up when given lots of love and petting. Once this boy finds his forever home along with some training will be a wonderful new family member.
Male, Est. DOB 1/2/2013
**ADOPTED**Tico is a 2 year old Border Collie/Great Pyrenees Mix. Hes larger than the typical Border Collie (65#) but not nearly as large as a typical Pyrenees. What he is, is a gentle, shy giant whos learning what it is like to be a part of a family.
Male, Est. DOB 1/17/2013
Chloe is a petite, middle age, BC who loves to play and snuggle with anyone that will provide her with the attention. Good things do come in small packages!!
Female, Est. DOB 10/27/2006
Handsome and distinctive looking boy. Mostly white with some black, and ticking, and a striking tri-colored mask. Tesla is loaded with personality and, as his name implies, he is built for speed. This is a fun-loving, high-drive boy.
Male, Est. DOB 3/31/2013
**ADOPTED**Colt is a quick learner and eager to please. He has a quirky smile and a tail that rarely stops wagging.
Male, Est. DOB 7/5/2013
Bailey is a 6 month old border collie mix-probably with a sheltie. She is a happy confident little pup who fit right in to her foster home. She is very vocal and LOVES to play with all the other dogs.
Female, Est. DOB 9/1/2013
**ADOPTED**Dutchess is a sweet,easy going, petite middle age female looking for her forever home.
Female, Est. DOB 3/13/2008
Zoe-Marie is a shy, sweet girl looking for her forever family.
Female, Est. DOB 1/3/2013
Ari (Arizona)
Momma is a sweet, sweet girl that before us had nothing. She was found in San Manuel as a stray and then delivered 8 puppies.
Female, Est. DOB 2/14/2013
Bisbee #2
Bisbee came in with a liter of 8 and momma. She lives up to her name being very a very busy bee. She is very social and friendly and loved to give kisses.
Female, Est. DOB 2/26/2014
**ADOPTED!** Adorable puppy, sweet and smart, with 'slippers' on her feet.
Female, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
Mexico Max
**ADOPTED**Max is initially shy but once warmed up, loves to play! He's a quick learner and lots of fun!
Male, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
>>ADOPTED<< HI! My name's Parche and I'm ready for my forever home. I dig treats and will do just about anything for them! Just waiting around for someone to say I'm the one and take me home.
Male, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
**ADOPTION PENDING**This young female pup loves to play and romp. There isn't a dog she doesn't like and will entice all of them to play with her. Once she trusts you, she will beg for attention!!
Female, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
***ADOPTED*** Blanco loves food and toys and playing with other dogs. He is very shy of people, but a patient family will turn him into the bravest boy on the block. Hes come a long way in a short time.
Male, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
Tucker is a 3-4 year old full BC male who is slow to warm up but then very loyal and loving! Did we mention that he is very handsome too?
Male, Est. DOB 3/18/2011
Skyla is a beautiful young border collie. She is a smart girl who is eager to please. Skyla loves going for walks, and has agility potential.
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2013
*ADOPTED!!* Sweet like sugar, cat-friendly, kid-friendly, loving young girl.
Female, Est. DOB 3/1/2011
**ADOPTED**Koda is a very handsome black and white, 3 year old, male Border Collie that is eager to find his forever family. He would love an active family, with or without kids, but no cats!
Male, Est. DOB 3/27/2011

Male, Est. DOB 3/27/2012
Doc is a handsome young man. He is sweet and eager to please.
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2012
Wyatt is a curious and affectionate boy. He just wants a forever home that will give him lots of love and attention.
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2012


Thinking about a Border Collie? There are many things to consider:

  • Are you ready to care for a Border Collie for the rest of his or her life? Be sure you're ready to make a lifelong commitment to your pet.

  • Are you financially prepared to support a Border Collie? The cost of purchasing or adopting a dog is only the start. Don't forget dog food, toys, treats, bedding, routine and emergency veterinary care, and kennel expenses if no one will be able to care for your dog when you go away.

  • Will you be able to exercise your Border Collie once or twice a day? Border Collies are high-energy dogs and need daily exercise to burn off that excess energy.

  • If you're a parent, do you want a Border Collie just as much as your children do, and are you prepared to provide the majority of its care? Don't make the mistake of getting a dog "for the kids" and assuming they will take care of it. You will have the ultimate responsibility. And if your children are toddlers, are you prepared to supervise all interaction between them? This is an absolute necessity in order to prevent accidental nipping or worse.