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Success Stories

Sir Charles
Sir Charles found his forever home with his foster mom. She fell in love and he fit in so well, she decided to make him a permanent member of his family.
Male, Est. DOB 3/17/2007
Rory (now Tucker) seems to be adjusting very well. I can leave him alone at home without any major problems, as long as I hide my shoes in the closet! He still has lots of cute puppy energy in him so I think he is a little younger than they first thought. Right now we are working on sit, lay down and stay. He is pretty smart, but needs work on focusing. He is still very easily distracted. I love to walk in the forest and would like to be able to let him be off leash, be able to let him be off leash, but as soon as he sees another person, dog, squirrel, lizard or whatever. . . he focuses on that and doesn't listen to me. Last March I lost my husband and a month later our dog (also a border collie), so I have been wanting another partner very badly. I am so lucky to have found Tucker. He is such great company and gives me so much joy. He is such a "pretty boy" and loves to please everyone. We have lots of fun together. I try to take him with me everywhere I can.
Male, Est. DOB 9/1/2013
Cactus Pete
Pete is an absolute delight and a wonderful addition to our family. We are so glad to have the opportunity to give him a great rest of his life. We weren't too sure about adopting an older dog (he's 6), but he fits right in, and is so very careful with our other animals (he's a big boy at about 60 lbs). He is amazingly patient with our 6 month old mini-Aussie, who is often seen attempting to put his entire head in Pete's mouth, and gentle around our 7 year old Maltipoo. Pete and the Aussie run like the wind in our yard - they make a great pair and love to play and chase each other. Pete loves to lounge on the sofas and the bed, so it's good the Aussie keeps him moving. Pete loves his walks and is just a joy to do everything with - in the car, on a walk, meeting other people or dogs - he's graceful in all situations. Sometimes when you stop petting him (he's a very cuddly 60 lb lap dog), he will very gently lift his paw to you - as if to say - 'just a bit more, please.'
Male, Est. DOB 6/30/2008
Jorja has settled in great! She and Toby are happy campers and the cats have decided that she is OK too! She got to meet the horses for the first time last week and was really good around them too. She still has a lot of health issues and while she has tons of energy and is eating, drinking and sleeping well, she is still coughing and her hair is still growing back. Her face is looking a little better! Smile She is the sweetest, sweetest dog and I just love her to death! Her personality has really blossomed and she is such a happy girl!
Female, Est. DOB 6/1/2010
She is adjusting well to her new home. She is well loved and taken care of, including receiving eye drp. s for her allergies and a regular teeth brushing. She gets to run in a large, grassy backyard every evening and relax with her sister Tova afterwards. She is also attending training to help her be less reactive when she encounters new situations/people and/or dogs. The trainer said Tillie is making great progress. She definitely has a few challenges and is fortunate to have found an adopter who is patient and willing to work with her to help her overcome her fears.
Female, Est. DOB 5/28/2012
Dempsey is doing so well! I honestly feel lucky that he was fostered by such great dog people all around. He's such a cute little man with his giant ears, he really is so smart I put in a dog door and within five minutes he had it all figured and was showing my other dog Bailey how it worked. He's already working on tricks and has got them down, a little to well he starts going through the motions before I tell him, so we're working on being patient, he's so eager to please. He and my other dog Bailey play well and have a lot of fun together we all go on walks and Dempsey does really well on leash. I couldn't be happier with him, he's a perfect fit!
Male, Est. DOB 3/7/2014
Just want to let you know we survived four days camping with our two ABCR dogs. We made it through howling winds,the tent shaking, barking dogs,elk bugling after dark, hoot owls hooting at night, askunk going through our campsite at night. . all with the help of two undercover Border Collie's who are now named Thunder Muffin and Lightning Bolt (once know as Keene and Tessa). Shellee (formerly Keene) loves to chase grasshoppers and eats the legs. Tessee loves to watch and sit and eat carrots and peas.
Female, Est. DOB 12/6/2009
Wicket is such a super softie sweetie and is doing really great! He loves to play with his people and his stuffies. Most of all, he loves his little friend Zoe, the kitty cat. He always has to know where she is and what she’s doing. He tries his best to play with her and brings her toys in anticipation. Some of Wicket’s favorite activities are going to the Doggy Park to meet and play with other dogs, trips to the Northern Rim to hike and retrieve sticks and he especially loves errands to the local pet store to pick up puppy treats and more stuffies. He is extremely friendly and good with everyone, especially small children. I think he has a sixth sense about little kids and animals to be very careful and gentle when engaged. He is the best dog ever and he fills that piece we were missing in our family. We couldn’t have been luckier to get such an amazing Border Collie. Thank you AZ Border Collie Rescue for making this all possible!
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2014
Tug is awesome, and seems to be quite happy. He has been a godsend for Shilo as he really needed a playmate. Our main concern was making sure Tug would be safe with the swimming pool, and if he could or not learn the exit point. Had he not been able to learn that it would have remained unsafe for him to stay with us, I will attatch a short video or at least some pictures of his success. He is such a loving pup and has very few little problems in the house. All of the little problems will take a little training but he is smart enough that it will be no problem. We have been blessed it seems that to have two very good dogs who love each other, and also seem to love the humans (us) they tolerate, :). Tug will swim circles around me while working with Shilo in the pool and seems to love it, considering he seemed to be a bit afraid of it to begin with. We all, Shilo specially, love Tug so much. They play all day long. It seems they have always belonged together.
Male, Est. DOB 6/26/2013
She is doing great, she has grown so much that she cannot walk under Tanni anymore, and is almost 1/2 her height. She has one more set of shots to do, then I will schedule her spaying.
Female, Est. DOB 4/2/2014
Yoda and Obi are wonderful little dogs and we have been having a great time. They are adjusting well and learning very quickly and are already part of the family
Female, Est. DOB 5/1/2014
Yoda and Obi are wonderful little dogs and we have been having a great time. They are adjusting well and learning very quickly and are already part of the family
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2014
Casey (now Chip) has settled in wonderfully. He and his doggy sister, Kora, have become the best of friends and play for hours each day. Chip also enjoys spending time with his feline siblings. He is a great running/walking companion and the best cuddle buddy ever! We've already registered for Chip's first training class ("Shy Dog" class), which begins next week, and we are so excited to see his confidence continue to grow. Thank you, Arizona Border Collie Rescue, for bringing this beautiful, sweet boy into our lives. He is the perfect addition to our family!
Male, Est. DOB 1/25/2012
Dillon is doing excellent! He is now house trained, using the doggy door and hasn't had an accident in the house in over a month. He is also kennel trained and has no problems with that - in fact, when Jess and I go to work he already knows that he needs to "go to bed" and goes right in. One of us is coming home to let him out at lunchtime to potty, etc. on a rotating basis and that is working well. One thing that has really helped though, is that my daughters have left their dogs over here for a few nights and because they are all crate trained he figures that is normal. All in all, we could not be more pleased with him. He is an absolute pleasure to be with, very smart, is learning basic commands and getting along with all family members really well.
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2014
Leia has been wonderful! She's such a great dog and we're so glad we have her. We fell in love with her the first time we saw her. This is our first experience with a Border Collie, so we weren't quite sure what to expect, but Leia is very smart, affectionate, and just a joy to have around. The biggest adjustment is remembering we have a puppy in the house that can sometimes get underfoot and not stepping on her haha. She's definitely made herself right at home since the day we got her. The whole family has grown very attached to her already (and vice versa I think). At first we were a bit concerned how things would work out between Leia and our other dog Zeus. Zeus was pretty indifferent to her at initially, but now, they're best buddies. They're always together and follow/chase each other around the house and backyard constantly.At this point, it just wouldn't feel right without Leia around. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Leia.
Female, Est. DOB 5/1/2014
Peyton has been a true joy in our lives. He is incredibly sweet and smart and daily we are impressed by the fact that he doesn't let his slightly abnormal foot get in the way of anything in life. He's such a high spirited dog and our other dog truly loves him, just as we do. We are very thankful to have our big teddy bear in our lives:). He's a wonderful dog and we have an amazing forever home with us. I must also add that working for the Arizona Border Collie Rescue has been excellent. Everyone has been helpful and friendly and we greatly appreciate it
Male, Est. DOB 1/24/2013
Ash- Willow
Skeeter (the puppy formerly known as Ash Willow) has grown up to be an adorable, frustrating, comical, crazy ball of leaping fur. We love him, but we’re wondering if his Mother mated with a giraffe – that adorable little puppy isn’t so little anymore. Skeeter has enriched all of our lives, although CC (his brother – the cat) can sometimes be skeptical and finds the high spot when he’s had enough “love”. Skeeter learned how to use his dog door finally, although there is still the occasional accident which he conveniently blames on CC. Skeeter has gone camping with us three times, been fishing, loves sitting around the campfire and was only scared once when I took him to the bathroom with me at 2 am and we walked into a herd of elk. Skeeter loves his walks and as soon as we get the leash out he’s jumping around like a maniac, puppy training is going to be our next adventure. We are blessed to have him in our life and thank God every day that ABCR found his litter and mom.
Male, Est. DOB 4/12/2014
We have renamed her Bella and she is doing just wonderfully! We have 4 cats and a tortoise that she hangs out with on our large property. We take several neighborhood walks each week and Bella loves to "load up" and take rides around town. She is a perfect addition to our home and family!
Female, Est. DOB 2/12/2013
Joe (now Jo Jo) has settled in nicely. He loves his new home as he has the run of the house with his own private door to the back yard. He is so smart it only took him about five minutes to figure the door out and where he was suppose to go once he got outside. He follows me everywhere I go in the house. At night he is a perfect gentleman, sleeping all night, and getting up when I get up no matter what time it is. During the night he rotates between the bed and the cool bathroom floor. He loves to sleep with his back against the wall. There are three things he loves in life. Eating (especially people food), going for walks and riding in the car. He goes crazy for all three. He went to doggie day care the other day for the first time and did very well on his report card. He reminds me so much of my previous Border Collie. They both are real kick back and just happy to be hangin' with a human.
Male, Est. DOB 5/23/2011
So first off, we did pick our own name, because that is part of having a pet - she isn't Alice anymore, she is Chana - Hebrew for "full of life and grace". We have high aspirations of getting help to train her to be a therapy dog for nursing homes, hospitals, and the like, and as Christians want her to have a meaningful name as we try to connect at a real level with people who are hurting. She loves people, and our friends and neighbors all smile when they see her and many say she is a "beautiful dog". We think so too, but even beyond our prejudice there is a sincere sweetness to her spirit that most everyone seems to connect to. She has her moments too, like chewing up my favorite sandals in 3 minutes flat, and at those moments she is not so beautiful. . but they're just shoes after all, and I should have known better than to leave them out ,). Her first therapy assignment has been for us - she is bonding with us, and is becoming part of our family.
Female, Est. DOB 6/1/2013
Gypsy moved in and took over the house and our hearts. Her new best friend is our cat Snickers and they spend a lot of time playing and hanging out together. We spend a lot of time in the backyard playing catch the ball or the Frisbee. She loves to go for walks and rides in the car. She is extremely smart (sometimes smarter than us) and eager to learn new things. She is a very busy girl but when it is time to settle in for the night she is ok with that too. She no longer sleeps in the crate at night she has the run of the house and is doing great. She is getting ready for her first camping trip and there will be many more in her future. We are glad she is part of our family we do love her so.
Female, Est. DOB 4/1/2013
Elm- Willow
Kaleo has been such an amazing addition to our family and we have some really cute pictures to share with youand#9786,and#10084,
Male, Est. DOB 4/12/2014
Nik has stolen our hearts and is fitting in well with our family – including the cat! He has learned to be a good running / walking partner and that ball obsession of our older border collie Alex must be contagious! We have enjoyed watching him learn so many things so quickly, not just from us but from Alex too. My daughter loves to share her peanut butter and cheerios with him. He loves to jump sky-high after balls and we are looking forward to trying an obedience and agility class this fall. He has figured out how to get the basketballs out of the pool when they float close to the edge. He then ‘herds’ them around the yard and back to the pool. Nik has brought new life to our home and keeps us active and laughing constantly. Thank you AZBCR for the work you do!
Male, Est. DOB 6/1/2011
Willa and Zabrina, now knows as Lucy and Izzy are happily adjusting to their new home. Their personalities have really started coming out. Izzy (Zabrina) is extremely outgoing and extremely mischievous. Our dish towels have a way of disappearing once they are hung up! She is in constant play with Dylan, who is 7 years old! Their energy is evenly matched so they do a good job in tiring each other out! Lucy (Willa) is our laid back pup who enjoys her belly being rubbed. She is a smart cookie who knows how to sit and look like the good puppy when Izzy is up to her shenanigans! They've quickly become part of the family and we are all enjoying them so much! It is never a dull moment with these girls!
Female, Est. DOB 3/27/2014
Willa and Zabrina, now knows as Lucy and Izzy are happily adjusting to their new home. Their personalities have really started coming out. Izzy (Zabrina) is extremely outgoing and extremely mischievous. Our dish towels have a way of disappearing once they are hung up! She is in constant play with Dylan, who is 7 years old! Their energy is evenly matched so they do a good job in tiring each other out! Lucy (Willa) is our laid back pup who enjoys her belly being rubbed. She is a smart cookie who knows how to sit and look like the good puppy when Izzy is up to her shenanigans! They've quickly become part of the family and we are all enjoying them so much! It is never a dull moment with these girls!
Female, Est. DOB 4/2/2014
She is the perfect dog for me. We took an 8 day vacation to CA and she is the perfect traveler. Everybody loved her and wanted to steal her from me. They say I should have named her Angel because that is what she is. We walk early in the morning and again just before dark, either to the park 2 blocks away or around the neighborhood, usually with her pal (white snouser) Cisco. I come home for lunch everyday to take her outside for a few minutes. She is not fond of the heat, sometimes she'll just plop down on the grass and play dead. She has met 20 other dogs and loves each of them. She thinks she needs to meet every dog she sees. She is a Socialite, very friendly with people. She goes totally ape, completely nuts, and utterly crazy when she sees me put her sheet on my bed. She flips and twirls and makes me laugh hysterically. She knows it's bedtime and loves to go to sleep at night. She loves to sleep in on weekends. She's my "Baby" and I love her.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2014
Lex is with us at our little place in Showlow. It was his first trip in our new pickup and he got right in. He is a very early riser. .like daylight. .he starts getting impatient with us when we don't always want to get up at daylight. .go figure. .so he is learning patience. He talks a lot . .kind of a grumble noise till he convinces us to take him walking. He loves people. .and most dogs. Lex sleeps in our upstairs bedroom and guards the door. .most nights he and our feral cat rescue Rudy sleep right next to each other as they are good buds. He has brought so much joy to our home. Lex has no bad habits other than stealing our clothes and nibbling on them if we don't pick them up. He did fine when we left for a road trip we could not take him on so we had a house sitter live at our place and look out for our critters. .was a great moment when we got home. We were all so happy to be back together. He is such a great dog and we can't thank ABCR enough for making him part of our lives.
Male, Est. DOB 12/15/2012
Wyatt is enjoying his new home in Scottsdale. He looks forward to going to the park every morning and has now learned that furniture can be quite comfortable. I'm on the floor building something and he is in my chair watching me. He has also learned that beds are nice as well, but doesn't sleep on them, too hot, at this time of year.
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2012
Chloe came into our lives shortly after our beloved border collie of 12 years passed. Though we were, and still are, heartsick over the loss, we quickly realized our need for a soul to fill the space left by Mixer, and our other dog, Callie, was missing her "sister" as much as we were. My husband started checking rescue sites, but I just wasn't ready yet. And then he saw Chloe. He had to ask me a few times before I agreed to meet her. We went through the adoption process and a couple weeks later, Chloe came home with us. What an amazing blessing Chloe turned out to be! Though she is an older dog, the fun and love she has brought to us is wonderful. She is smart and silly, and very patient. Chloe is mostly blind, but she loves to play tug-the-sock with Callie. The two are getting closer everyday, but Chloe and I have developed a bond like none I have had before, she knew my heart was broken. Chloe is beautiful inside and out, and has given this family more than we could hope for.
Female, Est. DOB 10/27/2006
Yes we'd love to share our story . . little Zoe Marie is doing great and we love her so much. Update soon!
Female, Est. DOB 1/3/2013
Things are going really well with Chase! He is a spunky and loving puppy and likes to follow me and our children around the house. He is also quite attached to his big doggie sis, Zoe (our 8-year-old Labrador) and they play non-stop! He's brought out new life and energy in Zoe and it's fun to see her teaching him how to behave! Chase is super smart and already knows many commands. He's very responsive so it'll be fun to see how far we can go with his training. Our family absolutely adores him! We've been so very impressed by the AZBCR and all the people involved in the process, especially the foster family! They were so kind and we know that makes all the difference! I have attached two photos from the day we adopted him. I can't believe how much he's grown!
Male, Est. DOB 4/12/2014
We've had him almost 3 months and he immediately fit in with our family. He's a really good puppy and it has been fun watching him grow. He's got a great personality - very sweet, happy, loving and playful. He loves to play ball and terrorize his canine sister, Gigi. It took her awhile to warm up to him but now they play and want to be wherever the other is. Our other BC that we lost recently and that Gigi grew up with never got on the couch with her so this is a huge step for her *:) happy. We've started taking him on walks. He's a little skittish right now as he's very hypersensitive to noise. We live near a busy street so we get a lot of road noise, plus the recent thunderstorms have terrorized him a little too. So when we are out walking he is very alert of every noise and new thing he sees. I'm sure he will grow out of this. I look forward to when the weather is cooler to taking him on hikes with me and to the dog park to run and play. We really love him.
Male, Est. DOB 3/4/2014
breaks his heart. He has a job. He must awaken m diabetic mother-in-law (Who lives with us). Each morning he goes into her room, climbs on her bed and licks her face. this has changed our mornings from the M-I-L complaining about having to Chet is doing great. His main problem is he expects everyone to fall in love with him and even though 90% of the people do love him the 10% that pass him byand#8203,get up and check her blood sugar to a pet fest and smiling faces to start the day . He has a job. He must awaken m diabetic mother-in-law (Who lives with us). Each morning he goes into her room, climbs on her bed and licks her face. this has changed our mornings from the M-I-L complaining about having to get up and check her blood sugar to a pet fest and smiling faces to start the day . We are looking forward to training Chet as a assistance dog to help with her care. He is smart, gentle and loads of fun. He has traveled over 5,000 miles this summer and enjoys the trips.
Male, Est. DOB 4/12/2014
Doc is getting along just great with our family and settling in just fine! I love coming home to see his happy face! More to come about him soon. Stay tuned!
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2012
Olive- Willow
Olive is now Maggie. She's growing fast and full of non-stop energy. She has one more Dr.'s visit to complete her shots, then we'll begin a training class. She has already learned to sit and stay (for a few seconds!), walks with a leash and tells us when she needs to go outside to potty. We've named several toys, and, so far, she knows "ball, Squeaker, Gator and bells" by their names. However, her favorite toys seem to be our human shoes! She will steal a shoe, then go streaking through the house! She will finally "Drop!" if commanded, but she really wants to keep the shoe! Our cat, Jet, is an 18 mo. old adoptee (He adopted us!) and he, too, is full of energy. Maggie loves Jet, and the feeling is mutual. Sometimes, Maggie will lie on her back and Jet will "clean" her! They romp and play, but I have to tell Maggie to back off at times when she seems to play rough. Maggie is a joy to us and will develop into a beautiful, smart, mature lady, I'm sure.
Female, Est. DOB 4/12/2014
Her given name was Chanel but we call her Nellie. She has been the absolute love of our lives since she came to us. She is smart and very active. Play time is between 6 and 8am in the morning and then naps a lot of the rest of the day. Play time outside begins again at about 6p to 8pm. She loves to run around our big back yard. She is very much a puppy (keep all shoes out of the way) and don’t leave me alone to long or I will get into something. I have my own big cage to sleep in at night or when my parents are gone so I will be safe and not get into anything that would hurt me. Other wise when they are home I have the run of the house and love it. My favorite place to sleep during the day is on the tile in the hallway. I weigh 15 pounds right now. This is a great home and we thank the Border Collie rescue for connecting us. Maybe I will get a playmate someday.
Female, Est. DOB 4/3/2014
Princess is living the royal lifestyle with her new dad who was also her foster. He couldn't let her go and that's fine with both of them. Princess is adored by everyone in the neighborhood and makes nightly visits to see all of her 'subjects.'
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2001
NM Belle
We took NM Belle as an experiment, to see how Rafa would react to another dog in the family. Kelly Q predicted it would go well, and it took a total of 10 seconds for the two to become buddies. The night she arrived, they tussled and chased one another until bedtime. Then Belle went into her crate and Rafa to his favorite sleeping spot under our bed. A few minutes after lights out, Belle made a few exploratory yips and moans. Rafa scooted out from under the bed and lay down beside her crate. She quieted, and he spent the night keeping her company. They complement one another: Rafa shows her how things are done in the house and she gives him courage. He follows her lead, herding at the dog park, at top speed among the German shepherds, pitbulls, and great Danes. He showed her how to run through the tunnel and over jumps, she teaches him how to be goofy, have fun, meet new people fearlessly. She has shown him how to play and how to get into a little mischief, too.
Female, Est. DOB 10/18/2012
There are so many things I can say about what I loved about the process while adopting our awesome dog from Border Collie Rescue. What seemed to be a lengthy application and interview process in the very beginning, actually turned out to be the most brilliant way to make sure we received the dog that was best for us and more importantly… best for the dog! Everyone we met along the way was so caring and interested in making things work for us. In the end of our search… we adopted Prada. She has become part of my daily happiness, and my wife and kids adore her! Thank you ABCR!!!
Female, Est. DOB 4/3/2014
Jesse is doing super!! He is a fun,loving and energetic 6 month old puppy. He has made many new friends-people and dogs. He graduated from puppy socialization and obedience 1 class at azdogsports. He has started basic agility foundation with Jean White. He loves tunnels!! He enjoys swimming in the pool after early morning walks. Cuddles at night on the pillows in bed. He is a sweet little boy and we are happy to have him in the family.
Male, Est. DOB 3/4/2014
Tucker is doing very well. I’m actually a failed foster. I began fostering him and he and I grew together very quickly.
Male, Est. DOB 3/18/2011
Dugan is doing very well. He was somewhat subdued for the first couple of weeks but his personality is really starting to come out. I think he is very happy with his new home and at this point I think he feels he is there to stay (which he is). The older Border Collie, Morgan (12 years) wanted to play right away but Dugan was too laid back. Now they play very well and are a perfect fit. We did have a bit of concern at first with 2 males, but Morgan was always a “second” behind Sage (a very definite Alpha Dog), and still is happy in that role. Dugan is not necessarily the Alpha Dog by choice but is becoming such by default and all are happy with that. Dugan does not have an aggressive bone in his body, which fits our life very well. My daughter came to visit last week, and entered the house while we were asleep very quietly late at night. Dugan had only met her briefly once before a few weeks earlier. He met her at the door, wagged his tail and went back to sleep.
Male, Est. DOB 8/16/2010
When we first saw Wink and Tink make their debut on the Arizona Border Collie Rescue site, we instantly fell in love with their sweet faces. We knew that we would be happy with either but when we met the puppies, Tink stole our hearts and we left with her the same day! My boyfriend, Alex and I are pretty big fans of Harry Potter and wanted to give our new puppy a special name. There is a one-eyed character in the Harry Potter series named Mad-Eye Moody, so named because he had lost an eye. He was one of my favorite side characters of the series and we decided that the name fit perfectly! We re-named Tink, "Mad-Eye Moody", calling her Moody for short. She has grown quite a bit since we first brought her home and every day we fall more and more in love with her. She is so smart, within a few days she was completely potty trained with the doggy door and even taught her brother how to use it! have often heard the phrase "who rescued who" and Moody has given us so much joy and love.
Female, Est. DOB 2/14/2014
Just wanted to give you a update on Bridget. She is doing great she was a big hit at the pool party and loved all the kids there. I don't know who was harder to get to leave the party my kids or Bridget. She has settled right in at the house like she has been there forever. She is a great dog thanks again.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2013
Wink is growing fast. She has fit right in since day one. She whimpered just for 10 minutes the first two nights in her crate (it’s in our room next to us) and after that has slept just fine for 6-7 hours! We put her crate out in the kitchen during the day and leave it open. She runs in there from time to time to nap or play with a toy. She has gotten along great with her two sisters here. She does bite at their ears and pesters them from time to time but they are putting up with her most of the time. Sometimes they give her a little warning which I’m glad they do so she knows her place. She takes 2 walks a day with all the dogs. I’m trained to keep an eye on her! She has just two or three times a day when she is super energetic and mouthy and we have to have a toy near for her to latch onto rather than our hands and arms. Her teeth are still sharp! She has no issues with just the one eye. Hasn’t slowed her down. She’s a typical puppy chasing leaves and sticks and bugs.
Female, Est. DOB 2/14/2014
Red, now known as Mason, has adjusted well to his new home. He loves his new family and we love him. He has learned to tell exactly which car coming down our road is mine when I’m coming home from work, and Liz (my wife) says he runs up to the door before the car even pulls in. He is always excited when I get to the door in the way that only a loving (and hyper!) dog can be. He loves our whole family but he is definitely also Daddy’s boy! He loves learning and he absolutely lights up during training time. So far we have mastered sit, lie down, and come, and we are working on roll over and stay. He doesn’t play with toys too much but we are working on that. He does have a stuffed raccoon that he loves to fetch, and he’s starting to learn a bit of tug. He has also been loving monsoon season. He loves to cuddle on our couch or in bed with us at the end of the day and that really is where his heart is the most. He absolutely loves to be loved.
Male, Est. DOB 7/29/2013
River (Clifford) came to us as a foster and it was love at first sight between he and my 1.5 yr old BC Izzy who is also from AZBCR. He loves being with his big sister and is seldom more than a few feet from her at all times. He is such a smart and energetic youngster and is learning all sort of new things. He has been camping and loves running in the forest meadows and playing in the ponds. He has brought so much love with him to us and is a treasured member of this family. Thank you AZBCR for our Little River Man.
Male, Est. DOB 12/19/2013
Thank you, AZBCR, for saving this precious little angel. . She is the sweetest, most confident and fun loving little squirt! Bailey is the best answer for our other AZBCR, Tad, who needed someone kind to spend his life with. They play together, share toys, race around the property, taking turns who gets to be the chaser and chasee, playfully chew on each other, copy each other's mannerisms, etc. Often we see how being together has given both of them that extra bit of confidence and joy in life! Which delights us the most! Lotsa of love, Barb, Steve, Tad, Bailey and Cats. .
Female, Est. DOB 9/1/2013
We have renamed her, "Kevin", after the bright-colored bird in the move, "Up". It's the one that turns out to be a girl! Dug was our first rescue and he was named after the talking dog in the same movie. Kevin seems to have adapted to our home environment quite well, so far, and has shown no desire to escape.When I return from walking them all, I unleash them at the front door and make them wait until I enter and then ask them in. She sits there with the other two boys and comes in to claim her 'sweet' (a small bone-shaped treat) for having walked well. She likes to sit out back in the early morning sun, usually on her own, and barks at the occasional passer-by. When I knock on the window, she comes in wagging her tail as though she has done a good job. She still barks at male humans on the first encounter but warms to them within less than a minute. She loves close encounters with Emily as seen in the photo. She is certainly a wonderful girl.
Female, Est. DOB 4/1/2010
Yes, there are not two, not three, but four dogs here with us in Cave Creek now! With Spence being a veterinarian, we have so much to give to a special needs dog. Say hello to Jazzie in the princess position on the lounge chair. She will require lots of help and TLC to get her back on her feet, but we have the love and patience to make this little girl's twilight years special. Her doggie brothers and sister have already made her feel right at home. I know that it seems like a lot, but everything feels really right for us with this special crew.
Female, Est. DOB 12/30/2004
Lucy is such a loving dog. She is always near us whether she is cuddling, laying at our feet or wanting to play fetch all hours of the day or night. She instantly made herself comfortable as soon as she walked through the door. She is a perfect fit for us and our lifestyle. We are very grateful that we have the opportunity to provide Lucy with a loving home and to enjoy her silliness for many years to come.
Female, Est. DOB 4/21/2013
We are so happy with Sage—She has settled in so well, gets along with our energetic Jack Russell , plays with her squeaky toys, and is very content. She demands a lot of personal reassurance and startles easily @ loud noises but responds quickly to hugs. She doesn’t enjoy riding in the car but will go with a little encouragement. We’ve only heard her bark once –a blessing!!! Love her bunches.
Female, Est. DOB 3/23/2007
Skyla ( sky her new name ) is great. She has bonded great with me and she is great on the ranch. She is hyper but she is great Sky is a sweet dog and has a great home and family. We love her she fits rigt in my family. I will tell my friends about your rescue. Please keep up the great work.
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2013
Bisbee #2
Bisbee is doing great. Growing (in length) like crazy. Skinny but that's to be expected since she never stops moving. She has bonded with Keelie and goes everywhere she goes, usually biting her neck or back legs. Her personality is really showing, very inquisitive and curious. Everything has to be tasted and shredded. She knows whats right and wrong but always tests the limits of what she can get away with. Bisbee always wants to cuddle, while chewing on our hands, or on my back biting my ears and neck while I try to tie my shoes. She is very family focused, needs to be wherever the action is. Stays clear of the pool, not a bad thing with kids and grandkids in the water often. We will be working with her so she can escape if she falls in.
Female, Est. DOB 2/26/2014
Well, well, well - it looks like I was irresistible after all. My foster mom thinks I am the cutest little thing she's ever seen, my teenager said she fell in love with me the moment I jumped out of the truck and my foster dad thinks I'm absolutely adorable! Since I really didn't think I ever wanted to leave this awesome place, I asked if I could just stay here with them and make this my forever home. And guess what!!! My new family said they wanted me to stay here for the rest of my life! That sounds like a long time to me! So my mom, dad and sisters are happy foster failures!!!
Female, Est. DOB 7/3/2012
His new mom says " I cannot imagine my life with out Cookie. Donna was amazing in getting us together. Her concern continues to this day. Her fostering him has made a great dog. Cookie is truly a joy."
Male, Est. DOB 1/17/2013
Mesa #5
Sometimes I have to laugh to think that Liam is the laid back and well behaved one of the litter. If that’s true, I can’t even imagine what the other puppies are like then. Some days he’s very calm, cool and collected. Others…he’s absolutely NUTS all day. Liam is learning a well-rounded vocabulary such as…NO, leave it, stop, sit, down, OFF, right here, come, and of course GOOD BOY. He’s doing an excellent job of keeping our seven year old collie, Bodie busy and learning many lessons from him as well. Have one funny story to share…while we were out for dinner recently…Liam managed somehow to get himself out of his pen…and when we got home we found a pile of shoes waiting at the front door for us. There were six shoes in all…two each of Ken’s, two each of mine and two each of our nephews. All six were different shoes and found in totally different places in the house. The fun part is that they were all left feet. He definitely keeps us on our toes!!!
Male, Est. DOB 2/26/2014
Koda turned out to be a little younger than originally thought (2 rather than 3) so he is 44 pounds of puppy. We are attending training to work on his manners and as expected, he is doing very well (much better than I am). He has totally made himself at home and is now one of the family. He is a cutie.
Male, Est. DOB 3/27/2011
Taylor # 3
I am now Tyler and I live withe my brother Ash. We have 6 kids who love us to pieces- from the 21 year old who lets us sit on his chest and chew on his beard, to the 6 year old who loves to feed us, throw toys and gives us lots of treats! Our mama and papa takes us for daily walks on this glorious walking path that has lots of flowers to munch on! We have a big backyard with green grass to roll on, rocks to climb (Ash likes to think he is king of the world!), and we are learning our puppy manners. Sometimes we get to running and playing so hard that we forget the back door needs to be open before we can run outside. Ash has crashed head first into the glass door a couple of times. It was so funny! We already know how to sit patiently for our dinner, we stay until mama gives us our treats. We have learned how to potty outside and scratch at the back door to go outside! We don't hardly ever have an accident anymore! We go on hikes, ride in the car very well. Life is GOOD!
Female, Est. DOB 2/26/2014
Naco #7
When we saw the San Manuel puppies on Facebook, I immediately fell in love. And I figured border collie/lab/mix was the best of both worlds! The first time we met Ash and Molly (formerly known as Naco and Taylor), it was love at first sight and I truly could not choose between them. So, we took both! Naco became Ash since his coat is a beautiful silvery ashy color. everywhere we go, people comment on how beautiful he is! This past weekend we had our first camping trip to Payson and we chased each other through the woods, splashed and swam in the creek. We were a bit naughty by stealing a smore from the hands of a 3 year old and we also stole a grilled cheese off the table. Mama says its time to work on table manners. We thought our manners were just fine- we gave the little girl lots of thank you kisses for the sandwich and the smores! The best part may have been sleeping with mama and papa in the snuggly sleeping bag. We are lucky puppies and we are very loved.
Male, Est. DOB 2/26/2014
Tank #6
We feel so blessed to have adopted two amazing dogs from AZBCR. Two years ago, we adopted Hobbes, and this year we adopted Hamish. Hobbes has grown into a big, cuddly boy who loves to run and play. He’s very affectionate, and also very protective of his family. His low and loud bark is very intimidating, especially in the middle of the night. Hamish is a squirmy, goofy puppy who is growing so big so quickly, we think he’s going to be larger than Hobbes (who weighs 65 pounds)! We’re not sure exactly what mix of breeds Hamish is, but he’s adorable and fun. He loves to run around the yard, play in water, and climb all over his big brother, Hobbes. Both of the boys get along great with our kids. We love having them in our family, and are so grateful to AZBCR for bringing them into our lives.
Male, Est. DOB 2/26/2014
We love her very much and she has become very much our girl! Layla is very curious and is always looking for new adventures. This curiousity we feel is a part of Layla's charm and she has many! We are always amazed at how smart she is! Other than Layla's food fetish, she is a very good girl, not bothering anything else in the house while we are gone or during the night. She loves to "go" anywhere, enjoys walking , visiting friends, and is doing great at the dog park. She is becoming good friends with her sister Zoey. We are very proud she is our new family member. She is an amazing girl and continues to light up our lives!
Female, Est. DOB 3/1/2011
Hi, I’m Austin (Parche)! My plan to wow my new Mom and Dad with my smarts, willingness to please, and soulful gazes into their eyes has really paid off. They love me! My sweet puppy moves have won over Tara (Australian Shepherd) and Alby (beagle rescue), too. Tara and I like to wrestle and Alby likes to race and play "can't touch me". Some of my other favorite things to do are cuddling on the couch, sleeping on the bed, sitting for treats, and taking short walks on the leash. Mealtime is my favorite, too, and I do a twirly dance to show my appreciation for a good bowl of kibble! I have a sweet and soft personality and Mom and Dad love to pet me and give me kisses. I’m a busy guy, but rarely get into trouble. Thank you ABCR for finding my perfect family. Gotta go play now!
Male, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
This lucky little girl was rescued from Mexico and brought to US by a generous couple who wanted them to be loved dogs not strays. Pippa (now Luna) lives with one of her brothers on a ranch and is loving everything about her new life.
Female, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
Mexico Max
Our two puppies (now Jackson and Luna) will be graduating from puppy kindergarten next Sunday and are doing great! Jackson (Max) was the one that was much more shy and fearful and he has made great strides with the other puppies in class. At home, he has a particular kitten friend that he naps with, along with Luna, and they love their "job" of accompanying us to the barn three times a day to feed horses. They are still trying to figure out the horses. They like them, but are not completely confident around them. There is lots of nervous barking and running away, but after all, those other "dogs" are a lot bigger!! Some caution is a good thing! :) We are riding with them by our side on our fenced-in ranch and working with commands from the back of a horse. .that's the next big challenge. r all you have done Thank you all again for all you have done to bring these little beings into our life!
Male, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
I couldn't be happier with Dutchess. She is a loving and calm dog that leaped into my heart as soon as we got home. We are a perfect fit and I found out through the microchip folks that her birthday is one day before mine so I know we are a match made in heaven. She's wonderful when meeting friends and other doggies and is so well-adjusted that neither the ironing board or vacuum cleaner upsets her. She loves 'helping me' with my floor exercises.
Female, Est. DOB 3/13/2008
We have renamed Coal Jackson. He is doing great. He has found his forever home and has settled in nicely. He has become an awesome big brother to our new puppy Boscoe. We are so happy to have found Jackson. Groomer and she said he was a gem and just perfect! He loves long walks and is now playing tug of war and ball with Boscoe. They will be great pals.
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2012
He is doing really well! We have really enjoyed him and love him very much. Whenever we go to feed him for breakfast he gets all excited and barks and jumps in circles. :) He loves to play and sleep and eat ice cubes and treats, typical puppy. We have put him on a leash a few times but he absolutely freaks out and will cry and whine and hide. But we are working on that. We found the other night that he likes shadows. We were lying in bed, with him up there with us, and we were using a flashlight to make pictures on the wall and every time one came "near" him he would try to catch it. He is my boy and we are very impressed by how far he has come around in the last month he has been with us and we all love him very much.
Male, Est. DOB 1/4/2014
Streak's new family writes: We love this dog! Eric delivered him this afternoon. Thank you much! He is asleep on our couch (next to Joann, of course). We miss Seven and always will, but are grateful to have our new little one. We have named him Streak.
Male, Est. DOB 3/8/2013
Yes, there are not two, not three, but four dogs here with us in Cave Creek now! With Spence being a veterinarian, we have so much to give to a special needs dog. Say hello to Jazzie in the princess position on the lounge chair. She will require lots of help and TLC to get her back on her feet, but we have the love and patience to make this little girl's twilight years special. Her doggie brothers and sister have already made her feel right at home. I know that it seems like a lot, but everything feels really right for us with this special crew.
Female, Est. DOB 12/30/2004
Colt is a happy go lucky guy who is so easy going and well behaved that I have to remind myself that he is still a puppy. He is curious and alert, always ready to play. Colt quickly picked out the good spots to lay in the yard and inside has made himself at home on the couch, once I convinced him to try it! Colt tries to play with his chihuahua housemates but they don't get the way he plays. We go to the dog park almost every day and Colt finds some dog that will do standup wrestling/chase with him. The only things he has torn up was a paper napkin that I left too close to edge of table and half a roll of organic paper towels. Colt does collect things occasionally, like a shoe or shirt and can roundup 4 tennis balls at once. Colt has such a great personality and so much potential. I look forward to many years of good times with Colt. Thank you AZ Border Collie Rescue!
Male, Est. DOB 7/5/2013
We are so happy with our new addition to our family from ABCR! She transitioned so nicely with our other animals, she is so smart, and it seems she was meant to be with us. She's energetic but she will "settle" when told by her humans or her "Uncle Teddy" our older dog, that he needs a break from playing! She adds a special energy level to the house that we love. The attentive care she got from her foster family I'm sure helped a great deal with giving her a great start before we got her. At 10 weeks she was almost housebroken, slept all night in her crate, and well socialized with other animals. It was great to have an idea of her personality right from the get-go. We have had her a month and are eagerly awaiting the last puppy shot so we can start taking her hiking on the trails! Thank you ABCR for your continued work, you are all awesome!
Female, Est. DOB 12/30/2013
Hi all! My name is Bandit (I used to be Phantom). I was really, really lucky that my dad talked my mom into letting him get a new puppy to keep my big sister Marley company! We run and play for hours. She lets me climb on her back and bite her legs and ears - I'm such a big strong guy! She even shares her milk with me when Dad shares. Once all my shots are up to date, Dad is going to take me to some beginning agility classes, cuz I'm so fast and bouncy. I've learned to go potty outside with only one or two accidents (but I'm considerate enough to go on the tile) in the last couple of weeks. I love to sleep on mom's head or on her lap cuz she keeps me warm and snuggles with me. I'm really happy to be at a home where I get all the love and attention that I deserve (From everyone in the family)!
Male, Est. DOB 12/30/2013
We absolutely love our new friend and he is settling in very well with us.
Male, Est. DOB 12/17/2011
Atlas is the light of my life. I had no idea how much owning him would change my worldview. I look forward to our daily runs, trips to the park, and hiking just as much as he does. He is healthy and now he is learning all about pool safety. . surprisingly enough, he had to learn how to walk up a flight of stairs!
Male, Est. DOB 3/17/2007
Whiskey is doing fantastic! He has pretty much made himself at home and to be honest, it is, as if he has always been with us. He and his brother Jesse are becoming more and more inseparable. From walking together in the park to racing around the backyard to snuggling in the king bed. Whiskey's favorite room seems to be the office. He is forever under my desk and chair snoozing to the point of snoring. Our family is complete!
Male, Est. DOB 1/14/2013
She has been a joy. She follows us around inside and outside- likes to be with us. She is learning to share ball fetching with Gypsy. They both chase at the same time for a while for one ball and then we try two. They are getting better at taking turns with one and they don't fight. Gypsy will always give way or wait until Panda gets tired of it and drp. s it for her to casually go pick it up. Panda is very exuberent. She makes you happy to see her with a "smile" and wagging tail as she bounds around. She met our grandsons, ages 7 and 10, and gave kisses right away. They loved that. Then on Easter we visited their house with 3 Husky rescued dogs. It went amazingly well. We are very pleased at how she is willing to obey and everyone thinks she is a good dog. We agree. We think the foster lady, Margaret Burk, did a good job working to get Panda ready for adoption and Traci Johnson is to be commended for her efforts to get the dog from the pound.
Female, Est. DOB 2/16/2010
We are enjoying our new family member very much, he's an active little guy so he keeps us very busy. Ryder enjoys daily hikes with our other dog Polly and loves exploring new places and things, today he discovered a small pond of water and boy was he excited about it :) He has such a happy and joyful temperament that he puts a smile on everyone's face, he's an absolute joy to be around! Also, his training is going very well and he picks up on things very quickly which is great. We're very excited for many more adventures with him. We are very grateful to the Arizona Border Collie Rescue Organization for providing us with such a wonderful new family member.
Male, Est. DOB 12/30/2013
Just wanted to tell you how much we love Naomi. She is fitting in so well here and we just couldn't imagine our lives without her. We started off as her foster family and I quickly realized that I was going to be a big fat failure!!!We didn't need another dog but Naomi just fit in like she was meant to be here. Since we have had her, she has been a busy girl. She is an AMAZING herder!! She is such a natural with a very strong eye. I take her out to Iron Spoon Ranch once a week and she absolutely loves it. This is something she definitely was born to do!!! If she is not working sheep, she's on duty for our other dogs, cats or a stray bird or too. She is such a cuddler too. She will give hugs! She loves to sit at our feet and wrap her front legs around our knees. I take her to the dog park at least once a week and she loves it - guess what she does there?! Herds any of the other dogs playing!! She has made our family complete.
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2014
Now named Miya this little girl is loving her new world and growing into an amazing, adventururous dog.
Female, Est. DOB 12/30/2013
Since adopting Shrek, it's been nothing but a pleasure and privilege to be able to call him my own. Shrek has striven to remind my family daily of the love he holds for us in his heart, also it's 6am and why am I wasting valuable play time? Loving when needed, playful when appropriate and breathing on me when I least expect it, I could not have asked for a better companion. While we are just in the infancy of our relationship, Shrek has already proved himself a loving member of my family and I'm excited to see our relationship to continue to mature. Adopting from and working with the Arizona Border Collie Rescue has been a pleasure.
Male, Est. DOB 2/4/2013
Ceri ( renamed Rocky) is all settled in like he has lived with us forever.
Male, Est. DOB 12/25/2011
Scrabble was adopted with Teppa, another ABCR pup. Both have learned how to be winery dog ambassadors very quickly. They love to great customers and are always willing to share the picnic lunches with them. My family and our dogs right now love Teppa and Scrabble it took a little adjustment for the older dogs to welcome them but they are quite the pack now. The puppies also help in running off wild life such as deer, birds and let us know if snakes are near. We love them so much and they are great additions to Sonoita Vineyards!
Male, Est. DOB 11/6/2013
Maverick is adjusting well in his new forever home. He doesn't chase like Barney did, but he sure does like to play with other dogs, herding them especially. (My daughter's dalmation mix and grandson's young pit bull) He is starting to wag his tail a lot more too as a sign of contentment, He plays sometimes with my two cats when he gets bored which is fun to watch. Unfortunatly I still have to have a leash on him when I open the door to go out or he bolts-(Barney never ran except to chase the ball when thrown) but that's okay, he will learn my routine as time passes. Really glad I have him!! ____________________________________________________________
Male, Est. DOB 11/21/2004
Hobbs Puppy #6
Here are just a few pictures of my boy's (Pupella and new puppy that we named Diesel). They are doing so well, they love to play and cuddle together when all tired. Diesel has learned to sit, is crate trained and currently teaching him to walk on a leash and go thru tunnel for play time. He loves to climb and play in big mounds of dirt, and loves to jump on top of Pupella like he is a WWF wrestler, so funny. Everything is going so well.
Male, Est. DOB 12/30/2013
Teppa was adopted along with another ABCR puppy, Scrabble. They have learned how to be winery dog ambassadors very quickly. They love to great customers and are always willing to share the picnic lunches with them. My family and our dogs right now love Teppa and Scrabble it took a little adjustment for the older dogs to welcome them but they are quite the pack now. The puppies also help in running off wild life such as deer, birds and let us know if snakes are near. We love them so much and they are great additions to Sonoita Vineyards!
Female, Est. DOB 12/1/2013
AZBCR has been amazing with our family. Our journey for rescuing a puppy for our home was thorough, fast and friendly. Our foster family that had our pup was amazing and shared great information for us. As we are an agility family, Phantom is perfect for us! He is growing fast! He is healthy and VERY active which we love. He loves the kids and always want to be with the family. He loves our maltipoo Sprinkles and even loves our cat Cleo, however Cleo is still unsure but Phantom doesn't care. HaHa. I would recommend AZBRC to anyone that is looking for a new addition to their family. In just 3 short weeks, Phantom has learned the agility equipment, trained to sit, stay and leave it (as he loves to rush to his food). He is so easily trainable and so fun to work with. We can't wait to get him on the course! Thank you AZBRC for helping our family find our perfect pup!
Male, Est. DOB 12/30/2013
Anna is loving life with her new family. She is happy, healthy, and fun-loving.
Female, Est. DOB 12/1/2013
Boone has made a terrific addition to the family. Wendy and I are nuts about him and the kids simply love him. It has taken a full two weeks, but he has finally found his place with the other dogs (2 Aussies, age 11 - male, age 9 - female). They have all learned to accept each other and have established their pecking order, though the Aussies still can’t figure out the whole “tail” thing and find it a huge nuisance. He is ‘wicked smart’ and is learning the rules of the road very quickly. The horses, however, are still very strange creatures to him. I know he will eventually get used to them, but as of now, he keeps a safe distance. I know this will change as his genetics take over. In all, we are so very happy we were introduced to him and that he became part of our family.
Male, Est. DOB 11/13/2013
Scarlett was one of 9 dogs we transported from NM to Tucson. She was going to stay with us “just one night” until a ride to Phoenix was available. When it stretched to a second night, she had enough time to use those golden eyes to convince us that we needed her as much as she needed us. Terrified at first, our “failed transport” is becoming much more sociable, a lover who requests hugs, pets and belly rubs on a regular basis. She is very attentive and learning quickly. At first we thought she was very low drive, but more of that BC playfulness comes out with each passing day. We like to travel in our camper, our last doggie darling saw 31 states. Scarlett loves to go for a ride (sits at the truck door begging) and is a calm and patient traveler. We hope to show her a few states this summer. “Saving one dog won’t change the world, but surely, the world will change for that one dog.”
Female, Est. DOB
Tucker (TX #5)
Tucker and I go for daily walks. Many of the neighbors have commented that they see such a different dog then when they first met him. He has developed trust for people and he will walk up to them now to be petted during our walks. Hes so different from Nov when he came to live with me. I know it will take a long time for Tucker to fully trust again but I understand where he has been and that's fine. Someone told me from Az Border Collie that he will never be Lassie but I believe differently. He is still shy but looks and waits for me during our daily walks. He watches me very carefully now and I can see his attachment growing. He is no longer allowed to be in a cage. He lived in one for to long and doesn't run to it anymore trying to get in. I think he has forgotten that that the cage was his life. He gets brushed every other day and seems to love it. I don't think he ever understood how soothing human touch is. He does now.
Male, Est. DOB 4/14/2009
We could not be happier with our girl, Sassy! She has really been a great fit with our family. She loves riding in the back of the Jeep, rolling in the grass, playing with her toys, and belly rubs. She now has a brother for company and frequent games of chase. Since she is such a confident dog we take her on frequent excursions. She has been to birthday parties, restaurants, and a vacation. Sassy is definitely a beach dog. She loves running and splashing everywhere with her buddy. But her absolute favorite pastime is chasing the tennis ball. We found a launcher from "Hyperdog" that is like a dream come true for her. We waited for a long time wondering if getting another dog would be the right move for us. It has truly been such a great time getting to know her and falling in love with her. She had wonderful owners before us who took great care of her and taught her so much. It almost feels like we cheated and got the perfect dog instead of working for it.
Female, Est. DOB 11/15/2007
Elsa (now Keeva) is doing very well. Growing as fast as we can put food in her. She is full of energy and teething like crazy. Everything in the house seems to be fair game in her eyes. We keep putting things higher and higher in the house but as she grows. . . . Her ears point straight up unlike must BC's with the slightly bent ears and her tail curls over her back. I am sure she has a great deal of some other breed in her. It will be interesting to see what she looks like when mature. My daughter teaches school at the Grand Canyon and Keeva has made a few trips up there to hike with us. She has a really cute way of jumping Pushes off with all four legs at the same time so her entire body ends up in the air instead of just her front legs. We have a rescue Boston Terrier, Keeva and she have become close and spend a lot of time playing tag or keep away with chew toys.
Female, Est. DOB 12/1/2013
Fuzzy Girl
We love her! Lily and Maggie are doing well together. They play hard, then collapse exhausted to rest up, and then they start playing all over again. Michael and I are very pleased with how well they are growing together as playmates. Like Maggie, Lily has learned to ring the bells on the door to let us know she wants to go outside during the day. With this great weather we have had, they have both wanted to be outside playing and exploring the yard most of the day and into the evening.
Female, Est. DOB 12/1/2013
Remi is doing great and is settling in nicely! The 3 weeks we have been lucky enough to have him in our life have been more enjoyable every day. He is definitely coming out of his shell. .he has quite a personality! He is the sweetest dog and is ALWAYS looking for love (which we are happy to give him). His goofy side is slowly emerging. .soooo fun! It's like he's getting the "puppyhood" he's never had. To date he has learned to sit, take treats very nicely, walk and run in a leash, wait when asked and is "mostly" potty trained. We have also discovered that he has a VERY strong herding instinct :-). He herds our other dog, Holly while she plays ball (a little annoying to her, but they are working it out ,-). He has learned to love the park and is no longer afraid of getting in the car. We are looking forward to all the learning and loving that is in our future!
Male, Est. DOB 1/6/2012
I knew that these type of dogs could have a lot of energy and I really didn't expect the amount that this pup has in him. I must say that I find it quite enjoyable and refreshing. He has fallen into our little ranch just fine. The dogs cats and horses all seem to love him , except one cat, who is slowly coming around. We are into our 3rd week of obedience lessons and he has quite the energy and excitement. I was told he would be a great agility dog so we are considering that. We hike almost everyday and Frisbee seems to be his favorite thing to do. I have become quite attached to this young dog and feel grateful that he has come into our lives.
Male, Est. DOB 2/5/2013
Riley (formally Chevy) is a great addition to our family. We got him so our other puppy would have a playmate and we picked the right one. They have been buddies since they met and they love to play together. Riley was a little nervous at first but is getting better all the time. He has learned to trust us and I think he finally knows he has his forever home. He is such a sweet boy that wants nothing more than to be loved and snuggled except of course when he is busy wrestling with our other dog. He is very smart and is doing awesome in his training class. We look forward to him really opening up as time goes on and can’t wait to see his full, true personality. Thank you Arizona Border Collie Rescue for rescuing him, he deserved to be saved!
Male, Est. DOB 2/17/2013
Just want you to know how much we are loving our girl and how grateful we are to you and AZBCR for saving her and helping her until we could give her herforever home. We are in love!!!!! We tell her all the time that she is a beautiful girl, her worries are over and she is home. She is precious.
Female, Est. DOB 11/21/2004
Well, after our first rough night, Lola discovered that she is very loved and I think she is starting to find her happy. She does seem a little jealous of the little dogs who can jump right up on the furniture, but she will just sit quietly looking and asking to come up. She loves to snuggle and will follow me almost everywhere if she is not distracted by some other mischief that the other dogs have incited. She is a wonderful dog to take on a walks. Again, the girls and I are so delighted that you thought of us as she is a WONDERFUL dog.
Female, Est. DOB 10/29/2012
Josie has settled in and is a regular family member. She is still shy of people she doesn't know but I'm working with her on that. One of our worries about adopting her was my 2 year old granddaughter who loves dogs. She has a rescue at her house and they play all the time and some times she gets a little rough. As rough as a 2 year old can get, but her and Josie are best friends when she comes to my house. One thing I really look forward to is Josie's smile and kisses to say good morning. I'm doing my best to erase the bad couple of years she had. I thank Ramsey and Lisa for taking great care of her. I'm sure Josie knows she has a forever home with us.
Female, Est. DOB 1/21/2010
Orion (Donner) is an excellent puppy! He is growing up fast. He loves going for walks and playing with our adult Queensland heeler. Thanks to his foster home he was easily trained for the doggy door (only 2 accidents). We are planning to enroll him into a training class soon. I don't think we could ask for a more fun loving, quick learning, cuddler than him. He is a welcomed addition to our family. Thank you!
Male, Est. DOB 10/10/2013
Bella….what can I say about sweet, lovable Bella? She is a wonderful gift to our family! I fell in love with her before I ever met her. It started with her photograph. She has these incredible brown eyes that just draw you in and capture your heart! And then I spoke with her amazing foster mom and I just knew. I just knew Bella was our dog. We met her in a dog park and we could see how attached she was to her foster mom, which was amazing, because we could also see that she was very shy, timid, and afraid – especially of men. We suspect that she comes with a past that left her in fear of men, but, we also know that her desire to love and be loved is allowing her to overcome her fear. Bella is so gentle and she is amazing with our children, cats and other dogs. We asked her to become a lap dog right away, and she willingly complied. Bella is a wonderful addition.
Female, Est. DOB 12/16/2008
Dasher has a new name "Cooper". Cooper and River are becoming close siblings. When we go for walks one won't keep walking unless the other is near which make for interesting "loose leash training" as one is pulling forward and the other backward. They also prefer the toy their sibling has. No matter what it is! What we notice most is one won't sleep on a separate bed without the other. As rough and tumble as they sometimes sound when "playing" (we often separate them) when given the choice, separate beds or share the same one they choose to share. They fight as much as I did with my older brother who I wouldn't trade for the world. When we were kids we fought vehemently though! Both are shaping up to be wonderful members or our family and as training continues they both evolve beautiful every day. We love them with all of our hearts and enjoy walking with them and watching the develop.
Male, Est. DOB 10/10/2013
Ceri ( renamed Rocky) is all settled in like he has lived with us forever.
Male, Est. DOB 12/25/2011
Ardy (we changed his name, as Ardy is just easier to say than Ardeen) is such an incredible little guy! We love him so much, and we're pretty sure the feeling is mutual. We were hoping he would be our little running buddy, and in just the two weeks that we've had him, he's shown that he loves joining us for our mountain adventures. He's already gone up Humphreys Peak, which was a fun 4.5 hr snow adventure, and just yesterday, he did a 14 mile run with me! He loves playing in the snow and has quickly learned while running with us that rolling in the snow is a great way to cool off. Ardy absolutely loves his big brother Milo, our Rottweiler. He follows Milo everywhere, learning what to do and what not to do, all the while kissing Milo's face and jumping on his back. They love wrestling - especially early in the morning on our bed when we're still trying to sleep! All of this is not just new-dog fun. .this will be Ardy's life! Daily runs in the mountains and frequent bigger adventures
Male, Est. DOB 11/6/2011
Thank you for asking about Elvis/Jasper. We changed his name. He just felt like a Jasper to us. Jasper has settled right in. He is the spoiled favorite in our house. As I type he is sprawled out next to me with is legs straight in the air. My three older dogs take turns playing with him and the cats will lay next to him on the couch. He has also gotten the whole family up and moving so much more. He goes to the dog park and for long walks and hikes. I can't believe how fast he has caught on in what I call Huss doggy boot camp. He's our best recruit. We love him and he has brought some great new energy and love into our home. Here are some pictures of him being what we have deemed the baby alligator. Another picture of him on a hike with two of my dogs and one of him all tuckered out on the couch.
Male, Est. DOB 7/4/2012
Raylee was supposed to get a ride by Cynthia from Texas to Tucson to be fostered. And she did. And then Cynthia said I'm not going home without Raylee. So they all lived happily ever after in Odessa. Raylee had a tumor removed and seems to be recovering well. She is truly home.
Female, Est. DOB 7/4/2011
Ace has landed in clover now that his foster family, who fell in love with this little rascal, has made it official and adopted him. He keeps them on their toes and loves toys, games and especially playtime with his older doggie sibling. His mom says that now that he knows what it means to have love and attention. .and boundaries, he's feeling more secure and is settling well. She's already arranged for them to take obedience classes, so she can strengthen their bond and learn for herself how best to teach him. Happy life Ace!!
Male, Est. DOB 1/29/2012
My little sister and I take him to training every Saturday and he's the star of the class. He goes running with me and is the perfect friend. He does have a bit of a shoe chewing fetish but he's still learning haha he's kinda clumsy so we renamed him Timber because he tends to roll off our beanbag in a cute uncoordinated way. He fits in our family perfectly. He loves to play with our other dogs too. Thank you so much for being at that dog fair in freestone park a while back. He's such an smart dog, we all love him very much :D
Male, Est. DOB 7/30/2013
Sunday (a.k.a Mini Me) was taken into ABCR after having been turned into the Benson Animal Shelter along with her sister. Sunday came with a very broken, shortened and disfigured tail and it is unknown how she got that but does not seem to bother her at all. She was originally fostered with one ABCR foster but with a large BC pack in that house it was too much for her at her small size of only 21 lbs. So another ABCR foster family with only one other BC took her in and started to ascertain what she needed in training and support. She acclimated into the new family with no real separation anxiety or aggression. She soon learned how to be on and off leash and showed no destructive behavior. The foster family fell so much in love with her and her love for the family and the other BC that they became 'foster failures' and adopted her. They could just not see her having to go through being handed off one more time to another family or shelter.
Female, Est. DOB 11/26/2012
Jasper is doing great. He's settled in and enjoying life and his walks, runs, and dog park adventures. Happy life Jasper!
Male, Est. DOB 11/16/2011
Penny (Penelope now but still aka Penny) was like a missing puzzle piece for this family. We have had our first BC adoption, Wilbur, from ABCR for almost two years now and he has been our only dog (though we have fostered). Wilbur seemed to be suited best to be a single dog and while he gets along with other animals, he seemed to prefer to his solo existence where he got all of his humans attention. One day cruising through the ABCR foster photos I stumbled on a picture of Penny and instantly felt that “click”. Penny as already placed in a foster for adoption scenario but it was meant to be…. I inquired and then received a call from ABCR that she was available. From the moment she stepped foot into our home we knew she was where she belonged. Wilbur and Penny are like an extension of each other, true soul mates.Like siblings they get jealous of each other and squabble but they are crazy about each other.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2013
Skyler(formerly Kyree / Khaleesi) is a total lover. This gorgeous girl is settling into her new home and enjoying her doggie class, where we’re learning all kinds of fun things (she’s a great student). She pretty much just plugged right in… she went on her first camping trip last weekend and had lots of fun meeting folks and playing with other canine pals. Her favorite activities are going for hikes, playing ball, and - I kid you not - watching dog videos on YouTube. (Seriously, the minute she hears a dog on YouTube, the ears go up, the head moves side to side, and the eyes are riveted to the monitor. I've never seen anything like it.)
Female, Est. DOB 9/30/2007
Finnegan is now named "Murray" and he is doing wonderfully with his new family. He has been on a trip to CO, enjoys long walks or hikes everyday, jumps up on the grooming table every morning for his morning brush and has become quite the frisbee dog. Murray lives in a wonderful neighborhood filled with other dogs and kids. He is super happy and is loved dearly.
Male, Est. DOB 1/4/2013
We renamed Razz to Jazz as it was easier to say. We were getting tounge-tied, as Razz and Rocky, our other dog, had the same first letter in their names. But by any name, we loved this guy before we ever drove back home. We were hooked after spending 4-5 hours with him and his fabulous foster parents Donna and Jim. After spending these few hours with him, he let me take a bone out of his mouth two times. He has a gentle mouth and a wonderful spirit and that's what sold me on him. We drove 7 hours each way from California and every mile was worth it. While Jazz has a heart condition, with 2 problem areas, you could never tell it by how fast he runs! He is fitting in here very well and Jazz and Rocky are already best buddies and good playmates. We couldn't imagine life without him after just three weeks. Jazz is a real sweetheart and a world-class cuddler.
Male, Est. DOB 4/13/2013
As you can see I got a bone for Christmas and I love it. I’ve been here a little over a week and things are going good for the most part. I am getting along well with my new buddy Topo Gigio. He’s a bossy little Chihuahua. We have come to an understanding. As you can see I have his bone, too. We have started playing like litter mates. Dave doesn’t like it when I take 1.5 pounds of sirloin steak off the kitchen counter and swallow it without chewing. He was worried that it would make me sick but no way. Apparently I have a little wolf in me too. I think I like it here and they seem to like me too. We haven’t started any real training yet. Dave says he wants me to get real comfortable here before doing that but I have learned sit and that the kitchen is off limits to me. I, on the other paw, have started serious training and Dave now scratches my ears and rubs my belly on command. I have also perfected my head tilt that lets him know I think he is just nuts when I give it to him.
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2012
Zoe is doing very well. She is sleeping at the bottom of my bed on her own 2nd dog bed. (the original is in the front rm. for those naps we all must take) Her idea of morning is different than mine. If it is light we should get up and my idea is first I have to see the sun. We are working on that. She is a loving dog when her love meter is down and otherwise she is pretty independent. Likes to lay out by the car gate so she can see what is going on. She is starting to talk to me if I'm too slow in the morning and is really glad to see me when I get home from golf. She and my other bc have had a few discussions about who's toy was who's, but nothing out of hand. Time will fix that.
Female, Est. DOB 9/22/2004
Clyde has been fitting in wonderfully with our family. We told the kids on Christmas morning that he gets to live permanently with our family. The kids are thrilled to have a dog in the house again and insist that he tuck them into bed every night. He sleeps angelically in his crate at the foot of our bed and rides well in the car. He's been on family outings with us for walks, drives, and trips to the park, pet store, and grandma's house. He loves to run around in the yard both at our house and at Robert's work. He's learning better leash manners and some basic commands and seems to enjoy having some jobs to do. He loves toys and is learning which stuffed toys in the household are his - and which aren't. :) We couldn't be happier with him and with our experience with Border Collie Rescue - you are a wonderful group.
Male, Est. DOB 11/25/2011
Copper was adopted by his foster family who fell in love with his sweet shyness and desire to please. Copper is like a big stuffed animal for their 5 year old boy and is learning alot from his canine older brother, Thor.
Male, Est. DOB 4/1/2013
Amber (TX #19)
Bam Bam is incredibly happy. As soon as she got home to our other three dogs, she became a bit fixated on our white german shephard, Django. She and Django became immediate and fast friends. They play all day together. When we go outside, she basically keeps her eyes on him at all times. He chases the ball, she chases Django. She herds him and is happy knowing he is around. A couple weeks after Bam Bam became a member of our family, we drove our four dogs to Todos Santos, Mexico. We stayed directly on the beach and played with the dogs on the beach at least twice a day. Bam Bam was in heaven. She ran, she chased Django, she kept her eye on him as he became our super surf dog, retrieving the ball from the water and riding the waves in! Bam Bam was very shy when she first arrived. In only a couple of days, she came to me and asked me to pet her head. Now she lies at my feet or plays with Django. She is really happy as can be.
Female, Est. DOB 4/14/2008
From the first moment I saw his picture on the rescue's facebook page it was love and I just had to at least see him. Bring him home from the Holiday Pet Festival was such a happy day for us all. Flash bonded so quickly to our little girl Ramen (another border collie). They are best buddies always wrestling, tugging chasing each other and so much snuggling. Every day when we come home from work we are greeted by lots of big tackling hugs and happy nipping. Flash is such a loving boy and has grown so confident! Sunday's are our dog park day and its just so great to see our big boy being so friendly and social running around playing with the other dogs. He's also a big goof and has grown an affinity for chasing shadows and chomping dust. Its pretty darn cute.
Male, Est. DOB 11/25/2012
Just wanted to give you a update on Bridget. She is doing great she was a big hit at the pool party and loved all the kids there. I don't know who was harder to get to leave the party my kids or Bridget. She has settled right in at the house like she has been there forever. She is a great dog thanks again.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2013
Bentley has been the best thing to happen to me! He always looks like he's smiling and that keeps me smiling! My family and I hope to get him trained to become a therapy dog, so that his contagious smile will help make others smile too! We are currently keeping him occupied by teaching him new commands, which he learns without a problem. He is also kept busy with walks, hikes, and rides in the car! He goes everywhere we go! He is the perfect addition to my family and there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful to have such a well-behaved and loving dog. Happiness radiates off of this sweet boy and we are all soaking it in!
Male, Est. DOB 3/1/2009
We're having a great time with the girls(we adopted Bridget too!) Part of what has made it great time is we've been about the mundane task of practicing our family pattern. . and letting the dogs settle into our rhythms. We do take them walking daily. . and play endless fetch with both girls. They've shifted their sleep schedule to be in line with ours. They've taken to their kennels. They play together very well. We've found. . and are finding reinforced. that getting that daily rhythm patterned into dogs helps them feel secure. . which is the foundation for trust and calm and focus. As things get warmer we will be taking them on hikes, lake trips, camping and will be sure to let you know of the fun stuff that comes.
Female, Est. DOB 8/3/2012
Zeke is staying right where he belongs with his foster family. Happy life, Zeke!
Male, Est. DOB 2/10/2004
Finn is doing great, him and his big sister Sophie tire each other out. It took Sophie a little while to understand that Finn is here to stay but now she goes looking for him if she notices that he is not around. Since both my husband and I work during the day Finn came with me to work the first few weeks. He was really wary of people. We potty trained during the day and practiced walking on a leash. In case someone wanted to pet him I had to pick him up and he turned his head, didn't even wanted to look. He is much better since, not afraid to go up to new people and say hi. I think he is adjusting well. It took us some time to figure each other out. He is eager to learn and a very smart boy. He is a very happy boy, full of energy.
Male, Est. DOB 8/15/2013
Rafa (formerly Bangrr) came to us quite shy, skittish about loud noises, barking dogs, pool guys with a pole and net (no surprise there). But from the start, he was gentle, sweet, affectionate, curious and smart. He is a perfect fit for us since we are home much of the time, which he loves, and can interact with him lots. I think the quiet house and his being the sole dog works for him. He is gradually finding his inner brave self. He barked, finally, for the first time this week. We were so happy and relieved! To say we lucked out is an understatement. AZBCR made sure we got the right dog and that Rafa got the right people. We are so grateful. THANK YOU
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2011
Baby Brutus
Barkley, aka Baby Brutus, and our family both had failed forever families before we found each other. After returning a BC mix a few weeks earlier, we were asked to consider Barkley. "Does he like cats?" I was told yes. My family drove an hour each way from our home to meet him that weekend. Barkley loves cats! He plays "tag" with our 10 month old kittens, Mojo and Jojo. Barkley is always it. Our 8 year old cat Tazzy tolerates him, which is quite something if you ever met the grumpy girl. Our other dog Izzy, a shepard mix, goes wherever Barkley goes because she doesn't want to miss anything. Lily, 6 years old, says he's very loving and likes how he sleeps in her room to guard her before Mom and Dad put him in his crate for the night. Cassie, 17, thinks he' a big fuzzy, wuzzy bear. Thank you Traci Johnson and ABCR for bringing us and Barkley together!
Male, Est. DOB 2/14/2013
Juna came in to our home as a foster but in no time decided that my daughter, Kate, belonged to her. So, of course, Juna stayed. She is very protective over Kate and they spend ALL their time together. Juna lives to please Kate. Juna is also Katie's right hand when gathering cattle. Juna does spend time with the rest of the family too. She is my newest running buddy and logs about 15-20 miles a week with me and my two other dogs. She is an amazing addition to our family, we love her VERY much.
Female, Est. DOB 8/13/2011
Jake has settled in nicely in his new home. When he's not following me around the house he can be found napping in my lap usually. He loves coming for rides with me and herding the other dogs when we go to the dog park. He's been dubbed Jake the bandit, as he like to hides my shoes and move things to the middle of the living room. He never chews anything up, but just likes to puzzle me with some of the things he moves and how he moves them. He is such a sweet boy and can't get enough of being loved on by me. He's still a little shy with strangers but is warming up quickly.
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
His new mom has renamed him Utah, a connection to where this boy was originally rescued. He's adjusted well to his new home and we've been promised more updates very soon.
Male, Est. DOB 6/1/2013
Mabel is doing awesome. We call her Maybelline. She is walking and hiking and we are finding little jobs for her to keep her busy. She loves her stuffed animals especially the squeaky ones. She still has a little separation anxiety but we are working on this and each day she gets better.
Female, Est. DOB 3/17/2013
Boomer's foster mom just couldn't part with him so he gets to stay right where he is. We couldn't be happier for him.
Male, Est. DOB 8/16/2004
Whiskey is loved by his new family and he's a great fit for them. More stories coming soon. .
Male, Est. DOB 4/13/2013
Handsome Brew gets to stay right at home where his heart is, now that his foster family has made it official and become his forever family. They just couldn't bear to give this boy up, so they adopted him. Everyone is a winner-especially Brew!
Male, Est. DOB 1/30/2003
Darcy (now Baylee) is doing great settling in with our family. She has so much energy and loves playing with her new brother and sister (Rokko and Ruby). We go to the dog park by our house all the time and recently started working with her on the agility course they have there. She is so smart and is learning a lot. We still have a long way to go with leash training but we think she will get it. Her favorite thing is soft toys, she loves to tear them up all over the house, and we go through about 1 toy a week. She is so in love with my husband, and is such a "daddy's girl". She thinks she is a lap dog and always wants to be cuddled.
Female, Est. DOB 3/14/2013
Polka Dot
When Polkadot first came home she had her tail between her legs. Now that she has been here over a week, she prances around and has that little bark/howl to let you know she (thinks) rules the house and the yard. Emmy, my older BC, lets her roll over her and wrestle with her. When she does something wrong like go up on the counter, Emmy lets her know this is trouble by barking at her. All in all she is very happy and loves to lay in my lap and watch TV. She is learning to sit, lay down, and speak for her dinner. Life is gooooood !!!!!!!
Female, Est. DOB 10/15/2010
Well I have been with my new family for almost two weeks and am settling in nicely. I really like it here and my home is great! My family loves me a lot and couldn't be happier. Just wanted everyone to know I'm enjoying the new digs! -Sasha
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2013
Beautiful Smokey was adopted by her loving foster family who have nursed her through a long bout of illness. Smokey needed all of their care and attention and has returned it with loyalty and affection.
Female, Est. DOB 4/1/2008
We love Bubba! He has adjusted to our lifestyle perfectly. He rests on the couch between me and my wife while we read the paper or watch TV. He enjoys the backyard and has enjoyed chasing one coyote at great speed while the coyote tried to figure out how to slip thru the wrought iron fence. He really loves riding in the car and doing errands with us. We are taking a trip to Reno, Nevada and he will be joining us on this outing. He is smart and cute. He is learning to leave his two sisters (cats) alone to just be cats. He has made a lot of progress rapidly in this department. One cat now walks by him with no notice.
Male, Est. DOB 9/1/2006
Molly is now Murphy and living with a family that fell in love with her at first site. She has not disappointed them. She is loved and loving.
Female, Est. DOB 10/13/2008
Jinx is doing excellent! She has adjusted well to her new life as the Queen of the household. She is extremely intelligent and always ready for the next activity. She loves going on walks, hikes, and ALWAYS fetching the Frisbee. Wow, she can catch a Frisbee! Thank you, AZBCR!
Female, Est. DOB 9/1/2010
Luna girl is so wonderful, says her new mom. She is still a little nervous but she is sleeping in my bed with me. Luna still hangs out in my room but she is getting better about exploring. She has learn the doggie door and goes outside on her own. She's going to an excellent companion.
Female, Est. DOB 7/1/2006
Life started rough for this little pup but has improved immensely. She is loved and well cared for in her new home. Happy life little girl!
Female, Est. DOB 9/1/2013
Noble is a wonderful addition to our family. He has been with us for a month, but yet it seems he has lived with us forever. Noble has so much love to give and is an excellent companion. His favorite activities are long walks and chasing water from the hose. He is currently in obedience class and even the instructor is amazed how quickly he learns. Who says old dogs cannot learn new tricks!! Noble quickly bonded with our dog Ginger and they play all day. I am not sure who is happier with Noble joining our family – Ginger or us humans! Again we would like to thank AZBCR for rescuing Noble and the great job they do saving the lives of other border collies
Male, Est. DOB 9/22/2006
We’ve had Leah about a month and a half now. She’s a funny gal. She has a senior brother Bernie and a 5 year old sister Sassie, who was also adopted from AZBCR a couple years ago. Leah and Sassie LOVE to play. Leah will run around in the back yard and entice Sassie to chase her. When she does, Leah is FAST and has some amazing moves. When she plays with her humans she’ll hop around like a little baby goat. She sleeps right between the two of us at night and is a little lovebug. She has an off switch and will settle down nicely after playing. She has settled in very nicely with our family, we love her and have enjoyed her since she has come into our lives. Thank you again AZBCR, we have another winner!!
Female, Est. DOB 3/4/2012
Sad and neglected, this squat little girl came into rescue and we agreed to foster her. She was extremely timid and would run from any man she saw. Cowering down when petted or loved on was the norm for her. Angel was the name we gave to her because it was an angel who pulled her from the city animal shelter. She always seemed so grateful for anything we did for her. Months went by, slowly she warmed to soft words and the human touch. She would always make soft woofing sound in the morning when she woke up and her little tail would thump hard. By 1 year of time being in our foster care we came to realize we just couldn't part with our little Angel. She had bonded closely to our first foster failure, Chancey, and the two had become inseparable. It would be awful to make this sweetheart go through an entire new restructuring of her life when she had already found her forever home with us.
Female, Est. DOB 10/1/2001
Bailey is loving life with his new family. He gets to play all the time and is very well loved -and very well photographed. Check our Facebook page for Bailey updates.
Female, Est. DOB 5/21/2013
Lexi is fitting in great and playing with her older sister, Bella, constantly. It's a little overwhelming with 2 "puppies" in the house but it's equally wonderful.
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2013
Life with Henry is a joy. Henry brings a whole lot of companionship to my husband Rob. So Henry is perfect - he took to Rob immediately and they are best buddies. Now Rob goes for walks, enjoys the dog park and watching Henry and has someone to sit at his feet and keep him company. Henry has been perfectly well behaved with the 9 cats, so I don't have to worry about leaving him home alone with them. It's like they all got along from the first day. He is a gift to our family. I've never seen my husband this besotted with an animal, and he keeps thanking me for finding him "his" Henry. It warms my heart!
Male, Est. DOB 7/27/2011
Rusty is a total sweetheart and our other dogs love him very much. He's a great fit for our house and a loving boy. Thank you ABCR!
Male, Est. DOB 4/1/2010
Coyote and her foster family will never be separated. We used to call these 'foster failures' but I think we should rename it a 'foster success' for all involved. Happy life, Coyote!
Female, Est. DOB 2/4/2011
Bandit has settled in nicely as a Mason. He is gentle like Duke and loves to walk with us. Our Cavalier, Hope, is good with her BC brothers. Bandit and Kody started 4H together right away. His old training came right back to him. We're so happy we found him. As you can see from the pictures, he and Kody bonded right away.
Male, Est. DOB 3/1/2009
Diego is doing great and has adjusted so nicely to our family. He has had some setbacks (some tummy issues, fleas, and being stung by a scorpion), but nothing could keep this lil' guy down! He is a great puppy and so well behaved! He is great with his young human brother and sister who are so in love with him! He's a great listener and has been so easy to train. He learned "sit" in a matter of minutes, and gets very excited when you tell him to do so, as he knows a treat is coming up. His favorite pastime is playing outside with his brother and sister. He likes to follow them up the slide and chase them around the grass. He has only been part of our family for 3 weeks, but we feel like he's been here forever. He has made our family so happy and we are looking forward to many more fun-filled days with the 5th member of the Hoover family ,)
Male, Est. DOB 8/1/2013
Orion is such a joy to be around! His curiosity, enthusiasm, and puppy antics keep us smiling and laughing all day. We are working on basic training and he is doing well. House training is going slow (sigh) but he's a smart guy and time and maturity should take care of that! He has learned that when Mom or Dad go into the kitchen there is a good chance there will be training and the rewards (read:food!) that come with the training. He adores his big brothers and does his best to keep up with them in whatever they are doing. He is still just a little guy but believes himself to be just as big as them! Fortunately he hasn't grown out of his snugly side yet so we will enjoy every minute of it until he decides he's a big boy and doesn't have time for that anymore!
Male, Est. DOB 8/1/2013
Smedley is having new adventures every day with his new family of 2 and 4 legged folks. And he is loving it all and learning so much. Have a great life, beautiful boy!
Male, Est. DOB 8/1/2013
Handsome Winston is staying right where he belongs with his foster mom, Christine, who couldn't let him go the 2nd time around. He has a sweet canine sister Wendy and a house full of kitties to herd. You are a lucky guy, Winston!
Male, Est. DOB 8/22/2002
Boo Radley
Boo Radley was too ill to survive, but was adopted by his loving foster family. We all miss you, Boo.
Male, Est. DOB 6/12/2007
Foster Failure ! Little Sally~ commonly referred to now as lil' bit ~ has found her forever home with Gene Tucker. She has a Foster brother Otis the Rottweiler who plays with her almost non-stop. He has been great for her teaching her boundaries and how to play! Sally will be traveling often on the back of a Harley Davidson with her Doggie Dad - She has been for test runs and enjoys the feel of wind through her fur! ~ doggles must be worn of course !She is full of energy - she can run sooo fast no one can keep up! She is very affectionate and likes to curl up close at night. She is still working on manners in public but has come a long way ! She gets along with kids and adults once she knows them :) This picture as an event with her New brother Otis - cousin Kaylee and friends of the family !
Female, Est. DOB 2/14/2012
This loving pup is growing into a wonderful boy. He still loves to get hugs and kisses from his people. Artan means "little bear" and he may be growing into one. Happy life, little bear!
Male, Est. DOB 7/4/2013
Cassidy has moved to a loving home in Tucson where she has a wonderful human family that just wants her last years to be her best years. Cassidy has 2 dog siblings who also love to chase balls and frisbees. This girls finally hit the jackpot!
Female, Est. DOB 8/23/2001
This beautiful boy has found his forever home with a great family who will love him and spoil him as he deserves. It was worthe the wait!
Male, Est. DOB 2/1/2008
Bentley has been the best thing to happen to me! He always looks like he's smiling and that keeps me smiling! My family and I hope to get him trained to become a therapy dog, so that his contagious smile will help make others smile too! We are currently keeping him occupied by teaching him new commands, which he learns without a problem. He is also kept busy with walks, hikes, and rides in the car! He goes everywhere we go! He is the perfect addition to my family and there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful to have such a well-behaved and loving dog. Happiness radiates off of this sweet boy and we are all soaking it in!
Male, Est. DOB 3/1/2009
Anna Banana
Anna is doing amazing! She has settled in quickly with my husband and myself as if we had her since she was a pup. There has been quite a few new experiences for Anna since we brought her up to Phoenix. Anna has gone on a hike, went through her first drive-thru, saw her first city bus on a walk and got to meet a live parrot that eventually pecked her on the nose. She was not too fond of the bird after that! Anna is such a loving dog and is learning to play with all her new toys. The frisbee is a favorite to carry around the backyard in between barking at the golfers going by the fence. Her energy level is perfect for our lifestyle as she has her set play time and then likes to rest just like we do :) We are lucky to have found Anna for our family
Female, Est. DOB 8/23/2011
Rumer was renamed Teagan and has adjusted well to her new family. They love her and the feeling is mutual. Happy life Teagan!
Female, Est. DOB 8/15/2008
I renamed Julip Piper. It seemed to fit her a little better, can't explain why though. She is settling in very well now. It was difficult to get her to eat or go outside at first, but now she's comfortable enough that she is stealing food and waking me up at 0500 in the morning to go for a walk. She's still a little afraid of cats, but that's understandable, they can be bullies. She loves hiking, Papago Park and Lost Dutchman are her favorites. She also loves going to parks and open fields to run circles around me (literally), must be the sheepdog in her. Piper and I are both very excited for her to meet her dad soon, he will be coming back from deployment next weekend! Other than that, we would love to get Piper a brother someday, so maybe we will be looking at AZ Border Collies again sometime!
Female, Est. DOB 7/25/2011
What a gift he has been to our family. Walter and our other two dogs are getting along so well. Every morning we head out the back door to investigate the yard. Walter laps the yard twice to our once with his tail wagging and spinning. At 6 am sharp he comes into out bedroom, places a "large" paw (by schnauzer standards) on the bed gives one bark and lets us know it is time to get going. He has developed a strong bond to my husband and they are true buddies.
Male, Est. DOB 7/12/2001
Derry had to go through 7 placements before she got to me. While Derry was going through her multiple placements, I was finishing grieving for my beloved 14 year old Border Collie, Tux. My Tux had been from there, too. The only dog I applied for was Derry. She spoke to me from the screen. She was the one I was waiting for. Derry and I are making great strides. She loves her belly rubs and all the attention she gets from me. She’s able to be alone in the house for over two hours without being frantic. She’s learning that I do come home and that she’s safe with me. She has tons of two and four footed neighbors who love to greet her, and she them. Her whole butt wiggles with joy. Her coat has filled out, and she’s starting to gain weight. Derry is training me how to play ball with her. We are a great match for each other. Derry and I both wanted someone to love, and now we do!
Female, Est. DOB 12/1/2011
Freeda (formerly Freedom) has been great! She is a very sweet dog and is fitting in well with our family. She is wonderful with our toddler and likes to pick on our cat (who picks on her as well). Freeda is a cuddle bug - she is laying on my foot as I write this email.
Female, Est. DOB 11/15/2012
Ava ( now Mairi) Is a typical smart puppy. She is sensitive and inquisitive and persistent and intense. However she is already loyal and knows who is her family and who isn't. She has separation anxiety still (but so do both my sons). She follows me around constantly and I find that reassuring. I think Mairi is smarter than most. Thank you ABCR for doing the wonderful and insightful job of finding this perfect dog for my family.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2013
Rocky is doing amazing in his new home. It’s like he has been here for months because he is so happy and easy going. He became fast friends with my current border/aussie mix, Lucky. He and Lucky play hard every day and enjoy their walks together. They also have a wonderful system for playing ball. Rocky charges out to grab the ball and brings it 90% of the way back to me at which point Lucky grabs it and brings it home. What a great team!
Male, Est. DOB 8/23/2011
Oy (now Ollie) is settling in with his new family. He loves his daily walks and going anywhere in the car. He's not a big fan of toys yet but there may be a more playful dog waiting to come out. Right now, he's happy to be with his people and feel loved in his new home. Happy life Ollie!
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2010
All is fabulous. Neeca (similar sounds as Seneca, but a bit shorter) is feeling right at home. Ghengis Kahn (my BC/lab mix male) had a small problem at first with guarding and trying keeping Neeca away from me. Now he has accepted Neeca as his own and acts like he is her protector, too. In fact, I think he likes her better than he likes me! In just a couple weeks, Neeca has gone from being nearly too shy to come to me, to dictate my life and bossing Kahn around. She is the most loving dog I ever saw. I have been having so much fun with the two dogs. They are absolute clowns and make me laugh all the time. We are all three crazy in love.
Female, Est. DOB 7/4/2011
Misty Blu
Misty is doing awesome she is an incredible dog. My kids took a liking to her immediately as well Misty fell in love with them. Misty is funny, she demands that I take her hiking which I'm an avid hikers so she really knows that when I wake up in the morning she's going to get to go hiking. In addition, when I come home we do a quick run about around the neighborhood. Misty is a loving, caring, and incredibly smart dog. She knows when I go to the drawer in the kitchen were walking to the mailbox to get mail together she starting develop some really fun characteristics about different things. I tell everyone although I got Misty from a border collie rescue group BUT she is not the one that got rescued- she has rescued me.
Female, Est. DOB 4/28/2011
Piper is now Kaycee and she is adjusting well to her new home. She's got another border collie to play with and her new parents are working hard to get her leash trained so that she join the family on daily walks. You are a lucky girl!
Female, Est. DOB 7/4/2013
Mesa (re-named Baxter by his Foster parents) has done very well. He transitioned to our home very easily and fell right in with our family. He is 100 percent puppy right now which makes for some exciting play time with his new doggy friend Lucy. Baxter has become my running companion in the mornings and does very well when our family goes for walks. He has a great disposition and appears to be comfortable in his Forever Home. We could not be happier with him
Male, Est. DOB 3/17/2013
Foxy, our other rescue dog, accepted Grady right away. It did not take him long to become a full member of the family and, even with a few minor disagreements like confusing my recliner with a chew toy and stealing the occasional sock, he has become the friend that Foxy was missing. He is one of the most loveable dogs I have ever been around and is the proverbial lap dog (even though he is a bit big for your lap). Wherever you are, he is and usually upside down in your lap, looking up anxiously until you pet him. The interaction between Grady and Foxy is entertaining, he is clearly the “annoying little brother” that refuses to give up until a full blown game of chase ensues. He definitely keeps her active. Overall he has been great and we are very pleased that we were able to give him a “forever home”. It still baffles us as to how he could have been a stray and set for euthanasia, he is so loveable and gentle and would have made any home his, were glad he chose us!
Male, Est. DOB 8/16/2012
We were looking for a special dog to be a sister to our senior dog, Abbey, who had been depressed since our other dog had passed away a few months ago. When we read about Clover, we had a feeling that she was the one that we'd been looking for. Her foster family described her perfectly, a lovebug! She loves dogs, people, food and cats. She is especially good at befriending small children with messy faces and hands (they are all clean now!) Although Clover can pass for a very mellow dog, we now realize that she is just charging up her batteries for her next energy surge. She has a very playful streak and enjoys a nightly roughhousing session with her new Dad. She has accompanied me on plenty of long walks around the neighborhood, parks and the local riparian preserve. Clover is a true delight to be with and has been the perfect addition to our family.
Female, Est. DOB 7/4/2011
You could not ask for an easier dog to transition into the household than Leland (now Dash). First, housetrained! Knew or learned how to use the doggie door from the start. Respectful of our two cats, curious but when they have had enough of his staring at them (all you BC know what I'm talking about), he let them walk out of the room without chase or malice. Loves to hang out with us and loves to watch football! Not just idly watches, but follows the play with his nose about a foot from the TV and when commercial is on he leaves the room. We have taken him hiking, to children's birthday parties, over to friend's houses, and dog parks. And every day he gets smooches on his pink nose, belly rubs, walks/runs/ball fetching, treats, and shares the doggie bed for naps with his new friend, Ellie. My heartfelt thanks to ABCR and Dash's first family, we have a dog that enriches us every day and makes us laugh and smile. What a Fabulous Gift! Thank you!
Male, Est. DOB 1/7/2011
Now called Bear, this beautiful boy has a canine brother named Max, a feline friend who isn't feeling the love yet, and wonderful 2 legged parents who are busy teaching him basic commands and helping him feel brave in the world. Bear is one lucky dog!
Male, Est. DOB 3/17/2013
Sierra's family shares this: We were so anxious about our BC mix Pearl getting along with Sierra that we were very deliberate and cautious at first, but all that worrying has proved needless. Sierra is so sweet, calm, and well-behaved that she very quickly became a part of our family, with minimal house-breaking/separation issues that went away after the first week. The girls are such buddies, and teach each other a lot. Sierra is very respectful of 10+ y.o. Pearl and follows her example very nicely, but she has also brought out a rough-and-tumble side in Pearl that we didn't know was there. You would think they were both puppies! Sierra listens very well, and is doing great with basic commands, walking on a leash, and making human and canine friends. We weren't sure that we would find a dog that would match up with us so well, but Sierra is perfect for our family!
Female, Est. DOB 3/17/2013
Joplin came to us as a very shy, scared girl and has now bloomed into a sweet, playful girl thanks to her foster mom who adopted her.
Female, Est. DOB 11/15/2012
Rahlee is fitting in nicely in her new home, and after a few weeks of learning how to live indoors, she is just a peach. She enjoys playing fetch with a ball, frisbee or Wubba,and loves to keep her backyard completely free of all intruders (birds, airplanes, helicopters, etc.). Her canine brother has taught her how to wrestle, and they can go at it for hours. Thank you AZBCR for this fabulous girl!!!!!
Female, Est. DOB 12/25/2011
Baby Brutus
Barkley, aka Baby Brutus, and our family both had failed forever families before we found each other. After returning a BC mix a few weeks earlier, we were asked to consider Barkley. "Does he like cats?" I was told yes. My family drove an hour each way from our home to meet him that weekend. Barkley loves cats! He plays "tag" with our 10 month old kittens, Mojo and Jojo. Barkley is always it. Our 8 year old cat Tazzy tolerates him, which is quite something if you ever met the grumpy girl. Our other dog Izzy, a shepard mix, goes wherever Barkley goes because she doesn't want to miss anything. Lily, 6 years old, says he's very loving and likes how he sleeps in her room to guard her before Mom and Dad put him in his crate for the night. Cassie, 17, thinks he' a big fuzzy, wuzzy bear. Thank you Traci Johnson and ABCR for bringing us and Barkley together!
Male, Est. DOB 2/14/2013
Austin now has a family who adores him. He has an ABCR sister named Nell who is busy showing him the ropes. He's got all of the squeaky toys he could want,people to play ball with him, and to love him. Austin is living the good life now.
Male, Est. DOB 11/21/2003
Indy is now Mazie. Here's what her family shared: What a sweet pup she is. We can't imagine life without her now. She is doing so well at training. People tell me all the time what a great dog she is. Just wish I had been there for her when she was born. We will do every thing necessary for her leg as she grows. She uses it well now and can keep up with Sophie at top speed. So happy we found her on the website. She is home."
Female, Est. DOB 3/16/2013
Tip is beautiful spitfire, but she is also a real snuggly girl. This little darling still has enough energy for 3 dogs, but she has settled down enough to give her doggie brothers Ben and Dylan some breaks. She is as smart as a whip, knows all her basic commands, and starts beginning agility this fall. She is a natural with the disc, and love to entertain herself by taking out all the toys and playing with them while laying on one of her canine buddies. She is loving life and we are loving her!
Female, Est. DOB 10/31/2011
Audrey (formerly Mazie) is doing great! She is so well-behaved it is hard to believe she is only 12 weeks old. Audrey loves fetching her mini-tennis balls and I don't know where the heck she keeps finding so many sticks in our backyard, but she keeps finding them and bringing to us while we're out in the yard to play fetch with. She is also very fond of toys. If it's fluffy, puffy or squeaks she's going to find it and can play with it for hours. I am SO thankful for the outstanding job Chrissy and the AZBCR did in raising these puppies and preparing me to take on the role upon adopting Audrey. Audrey has grown quite a bit since we picked her up and is developing into one amazing dog.
Female, Est. DOB 6/12/2013
Ella (now Reagan) is well loved in her new home. She is getting along fabulously with the cats and even has some neighbor border collie friends to play with. Reagan is a quick learner and is picking up training easily. Her favorite toy is a stuffed soccer ball that she chases all over the house. She also enjoys the challenge of finding treats in her puzzle box. By far her favorite activity is going for daily walks. Her humans have had to start using a code word when talking about it so she doesn't go crazy! Thanks again to ABCR for rescuing this fabulous dog and bringing her into our life.
Female, Est. DOB 7/15/2008
Sunny is now CiCi. Her new family reports that she is doing great and is a bundle of adorable energy. More soon.
Female, Est. DOB 6/12/2013
Elle is now "River." She is doing great with her training. She is 95% or better with sit, down, target, kiss, and come at only 12 weeks because her foster mom, Chrissy Donovan was so attentive and trained her so early on by capturing her natural behavior and associating it with clickers and treats before we even adopted her. She loves Stu's beard or flavor savor which may have helped her learn kiss. Her whole body wiggle when we get home is the highlight of my day. We go for a walkabout at least three to four days every week and she is getting more adventurous everyday. We hope to get her a brother soon as she loves company and both of us work full time. Thanks so much for trusting us with such a wonderful puppy.
Female, Est. DOB 6/12/2013
Arrow (now Sammi) doing great with everyone and is a sweetheart! As soon as we got her, as a family we named her Sammi and she's taken to it well. It fits her and us perfectly. She's still learning as far as potty training and chewing up everything she can get her teeth on though, LOL, but she's very smart and starting to catch on! :)
Female, Est. DOB 5/17/2013
"Vegas" is now "Dr. Spook". What makes him so special is that he appreciates all the normalcy each day. Every day sees improvement and an opening up of his hilarious personality. Dr. Spook has found a great home to nurture and grow into a his best possible self.
Male, Est. DOB 7/1/2011
Iris' new mom writes: "I adore Iris and she's a loving fun dog. I'm very happy that she's a part of our family. My son has a border collie and they play like mad. She also eats fast and is always hungry. I'm not allowed to sleep past 6:30 as that's when her food alarm goes off. She must have had obedience lessons as she has very good manners."
Female, Est. DOB 12/7/2011
Pip is a darling boy and loves Rigatony, the other family dog. As a water lover you can always find Pip lounging on the pool stairs. He is fine tuning his swimming every week. The two pups play most of the day. Sounds like a great place to have landed.
Male, Est. DOB 10/1/2012
Luca is now Luna, a very loved member of her new family. Updates and a photo coming soon.
Female, Est. DOB 6/21/2010
Xena is now Renny (Irish for grace or prosperity). She is adjusting nicely to her new home and big canine family. Renny has come so far from the shy, scared girl that she was at first. Enjoy your newfound prosperity, Renny!
Female, Est. DOB 6/25/2011
Heathcliff is living the good life on a ranch with tons of dogs, stock, and room to run. He is growing from a cuddly, sweet puppy into a cuddly sweet dog. Enjoy the good life, Heathcliff!
Male, Est. DOB 12/26/2012
Stevie (renamed Lily) is doing awesome! She is the dog we have been searching for. .she felt like she'd been part of our family forever from the first day. Lily enjoys her morning runs through the desert, long weekend hikes, and playtime with other doggie friends we have. She adores our 5 year old and they play together really well. She loves chasing lizards in our backyard and cooling her feet off in the pool:) We're training her not to chew all the shoes in the house and steal our food off the table. .but we can't be perfect, right? Lily loves her snuggles and squeaky toys and is just so sweet, silly and loving! We really adore her and look forward to many happy years. .
Female, Est. DOB 8/13/2012
I knew that these type of dogs could have a lot of energy and I really didn't expect the amount that this pup has in him. I must say that I find it quite enjoyable and refreshing. He has fallen into our little ranch just fine. The dogs cats and horses all seem to love him , except one cat, who is slowly coming around. We are into our 3rd week of obedience lessons and he has quite the energy and excitement. I was told he would be a great agility dog so we are considering that. We hike almost everyday and Frisbee seems to be his favorite thing to do. I have become quite attached to this young dog and feel grateful that he has come into our lives.
Male, Est. DOB 2/5/2013
Willie has a great new family and a wonderful new life. Be good, Willie!
Male, Est. DOB 4/17/2011
Summer's new mom says "She is just wonderful. She is so smart and eager to learn new things every day. Summer has brought new life to my home with my older dogs and everyone is doing well. Summer is an awesome dog that I am excited to play frisbee, camp, hike and pursue particular interests that she may have. I look forward to many years of companionship that she will provide."
Female, Est. DOB 3/21/2013
Now Bernie is described by his adoptive mom as "really a love." We are so happy he has come into our lives. He loves to snuggle, play fetch and sleep on my bed. He is getting much better with his separation anxiety but we are still working on walking on a leash. He and my cat Finnigan are buds. It's all good now for Bernie!
Male, Est. DOB 7/11/2011
Pixie just found her new best friend in Skylar, her canine brother, and they sleep in a puppy pile together. It was love at first sight for the whole family. Happy life, Pixie!
Female, Est. DOB 6/28/2012
Now named Breezy, this little girl is living a happy, active life with her new human and canine family. She is a pest to the older BC in the house who now must play with her whether he wants to or not. She will keep everyone young with her antics.
Female, Est. DOB 2/1/2013
Maverick is adjusting well in his new forever home. He doesn't chase like Barney did, but he sure does like to play with other dogs, herding them especially. (My daughter's dalmation mix and grandson's young pit bull) He is starting to wag his tail a lot more too as a sign of contentment, He plays sometimes with my two cats when he gets bored which is fun to watch. Unfortunatly I still have to have a leash on him when I open the door to go out or he bolts-(Barney never ran except to chase the ball when thrown) but that's okay, he will learn my routine as time passes. Really glad I have him!! ____________________________________________________________
Male, Est. DOB 11/21/2004
Gus is doing really well with his new family. This lucky guy now spends his time showered with affection and hangs with his pal Wilson the enormous Golden Retreiver. Enjoy the easy life Gus!
Male, Est. DOB 1/14/2004
This big boy had a rocky beginning but Hercules found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. . his BFF is the son in his foster home, so, his foster family decided they could not let him move ! So, happy for you Hercules !
Male, Est. DOB 10/25/2008
Keeva now lives the good life full of animals to herd and other dogs to play. Enjoy your new world, Keeva!
Female, Est. DOB 2/2/2012
"Dana is an absolute love. We couldn't be happier with her." And we know Dana would say the same about her new family-if she could talk!
Female, Est. DOB 11/13/2006
Boomer is now named Bella Grace (Boomer was a little masculine for her!). She is growing like a weed and loves to play with her toys. She graduated from obedience school with flying colors. She has learned how to play with other dogs (her favorite playmate is Frank, who is about twice her size) and knows sit, down, heel, stay, focus, and leave it! I could go on and on and on about her but bottom line is that she is the life of our household and we are enjoying every minute with her!
Female, Est. DOB 3/7/2013
We have had Ruby for some weeks now, and Friday marks her first year too. She has come so far. She loves playing with my terrier Beezer and even initiates play with him. We have been to Iron Spoon Ranch twice Ruby is excellent and I am trying very hard to catch up with her skill level. Strangers still make her anxious but that is getting better with each new person she meets. Thank you everyone for your contribution her she is a delightful pup and worth everyone's efforts. Ruby has made my life better already.
Female, Est. DOB 7/19/2012
Bisbee (now ZEKE) has been with his forever family for 2 months and from the start, he gave us the best gift anyone could have. Zeke is the best border collie for our home. He is obedient, extremely intelligent, and from the beginning wanted to please us in every way. At first, he was not familiar with chasing the ball. That is what he lives for now. If we don't take him to the park and give him his 'work' to do, he feels as though the day was a waste of time.
Male, Est. DOB 5/6/2010
Heidi (now Sadie) lives alone with her new mom, Susan, and both think they found their best buddy. Sadie is about to start obedience classes and put her active brain to work. Happy trails, Sadie!
Female, Est. DOB 3/31/2009
Patches new mom describes her dog this way: "Patches is the most awesome dog I have ever met. She is so sweet and smart. It feels like she has been with me all along." Patches is feeling the love and so is her new family!
Female, Est. DOB 4/30/2012
Lobo is doing great! His name is actually Max now, and he is loving his new home. We get out at least 5-6 days a week to play ball, and loves to explore the neighborhood on his walks. His basic training is coming along well too, as he is a ridiculously fast learner. I plan on having him take some classes nearby as well. Max also loves to keep busy with his kong toys filled with hard to get treats. He also really doesn't like to be brushed, but we are working to change his view of the brush to a positive thing. He's not a huge fan of taking a bath either (to say the least), but I'm hoping that changes with time.
Male, Est. DOB 4/24/2012
Zoe is a joy to my whole household, including her canine siblings. She has perked up the 2 older border collies who now like to romp around in the yard when Zoe is out playing with her toys. Before Zoe, they didn't do much but lay on the tiled floor. Since Zoe insists on playing ball a lot, we are all more active and loving it. She is a happy girl and we love to spoil her with lots of fun toys. When we come inside from playing, she hangs around close to me and shadows me through the house. She is loved and happy in her home and we are happy to have her.
Female, Est. DOB 4/22/2005
Apple is such a happy ending ! She came from a shelter with an ulcerative eye problem that caused her to become blind. Her foster home loved her and allowed her to learn how to live with her new world and became the "Apple" of their eye. She was adopted by a family member of a previous adopter who adores her and puts her eye drp. s in her eyes everyday, loves her, nourishes her and now she is the "Apple" of their eye !!! Happy Happy life Apple !
Female, Est. DOB 4/18/2012
Tim's new mom says "Tim (now Timen) is perfect and for some reason I knew that when I saw his photo and spoke to one of your foster people about him. I knew it before I met him. Timen is great company for me and he is learning to play. He played with the soccer ball for about 5 seconds, throwing it up and chasing it, it was the first time and great to see."
Male, Est. DOB 3/6/2003
Juno found the perfect home for him. . a daughter who likes to run cross country, a Dad who likes to hike and a Mom who likes to walk. And, his new Mom works from home. What a great combination for a loving, sweet young boy !
Male, Est. DOB 4/1/2008
Guinness is now leading the good life with his new mom who takes him on lots of walks and even lets him sleep in her bed (though he's kind of a bed hog). He's loving his new lease on life.
Male, Est. DOB 5/9/2010
Cairo's new family will keep this handsome young man busy ! They are a frisbee playing, hiking and walking kind of family and Cairo is a fun loving, frisbee playing, hiking and walking kind of guy ! Sounds like a match made in heaven !
Male, Est. DOB 10/26/2009
Jewel was adopted by a wonderful couple who has opened their hearts and home to a couple of AZBCR senior dogs. They love them and give them a secure, safe and spectacular life in their golden years. Happy Life, Jewel !
Female, Est. DOB 4/17/2000
Erin's owner was kind enough to place Erin into rescue when she realized that hers was not a good life for a Border Collie AND Erin's foster Mom and dog brother decided Erin didn't need to go any further to find that very good life which will include herding, of course.
Female, Est. DOB 3/10/2011
Tipper chose her new family. When they came to meet her she was SO excited !!! Tipper will now be enjoying evening runs with both of her parents and hikes and summer at Gramma's cabin in Flagstaff. Have a great life, Miss Tipper !
Female, Est. DOB 7/6/2012
Gabbie will be spending her days going for runs (at least three times a week) and hikes with her new mom and dad. She will be enjoying LOTS of camping trips and playing with their two children which she was already playing with while they were here. This is a perfect home for a very special girl.
Female, Est. DOB 6/19/2012
Dee is doing great at her new home and is well loved. Updates coming soon from her busy mom.
Female, Est. DOB 9/21/2011
Lucky Maggie was adopted by her foster home. They fell in love with her quiet demeanor and she is now training to be a therapy dog. Maggie is going to be giving back !
Female, Est. DOB 10/18/2009
Mama Cass
Mama Cass came into Rescue tipping the scales at 100 + pounds, her foster home put her on a diet and exercise program to improve the quality of her life. Her new family saw beyond a chubby girl and are committed to continuing making her healthy and loved! And you know? Mama Cass is loving them right back! You go, girl !!
Female, Est. DOB
Libby (TX #7)
Libby is one of the Rescue's Texas 21 dogs. She came all the way from Texas, waited 2 years to find her perfect family. And they are perfect for this petite little girl with a Texas accent and a love for BBQ.
Female, Est. DOB 11/1/2010
Critter had a couple of people wanting to adopt him even though he is a BC wannabe ! He is tiny but brave with lots of energy and curiousity. Who knows where he will go ? Agility? But wherever it is. . he is loved and will have a great life !
Male, Est. DOB 2/25/2013
Sian aka Zinnia (changed because kind of confusing for a female dog) has been a wonderful addition. She and my daughter are best friends. She's happy, healthy, and learning many new tricks weekly! We love our funny, crazy, athletic pup!
Female, Est. DOB 3/28/2012
From his new family: "We are so happy that Tad, age 2, has joined our family!! Tad has been with us for three months. Shadow, about the same age as Tad, now has a buddy to play with, to wrestle with (often all we see is 8 legs in the air, and they actually check on each other. Tad is super enthusiastic and has gone through a six week obedience course, is currently attending a nose work class (What a nose he has!!!!), and next will be attending intro to agility! He's gotten over many fears and insecurities, and we are constantly entertained and smiling/laughing because of these two characters! Thank you!"
Male, Est. DOB 7/1/2011
Max, now Louie, has adapted very well to life in his new home. He is an all-around great dog and is learning many new tricks. He absolutely LOVES playing ball and is filled with never-ending energy. He enjoys nightly runs along side dad without his leash. He is the perfect boy for his dad's active lifestyle. Good luck on your new life with a forever friend!
Male, Est. DOB 11/1/2012
Taos, now Cooper is doing great in his new home. He is adjusting well to the day-to-day life. He loves to play and have fun with his new border collie sibling and could play all day long if he could. He is a lover and that is for sure! His owners are very glad to have him and he is glad to be there. Good luck Cooper!
Male, Est. DOB 3/10/2012
After the unfortunate death of his first adopter, Linkin went to live in another foster home. He had a rough time with being fearful and unsettled, but has bonded with his new Mom and they have both decided that he will live the rest of his life as her dog. They both seem pretty happy about that. Have a good life, buddy.
Male, Est. DOB 4/9/2010
Jill is a shy girl who has come a long way with the help of her foster home. Her adoptive family decided they loved her and could help her continue her path to becoming a brave girl ! Smile, Jill. . Life is Good !
Female, Est. DOB 1/14/2005
Gigi's foster Mom said, "Oh no, this little girl isn't going anywhere !" and so, she stayed. She has several big brothers and a big sister to play with in a terrific home. We are very happy for you, Gigi !
Female, Est. DOB 5/7/2012
Jah's new family fell in love and it was mutual. Jah is now a very important member of a wonderful family and he is living a much deserved life of fun and love ! Happy life, Jah !
Male, Est. DOB 3/1/2010
Ace's Mom came up to meet Ace and another AZBCR foster dog. . couldn't make up her mind and adopted both !! So, in one day Ace found his forever home with a wonderful Mom, a new big brother and a cat for each of them ! Sounds like a win win for everyone !!!
Male, Est. DOB 3/13/2010
Sugar is growing up. Her foster mom reports "she has definitely made herself a part of our family! She does great with her human older sisters. They love to run and play with her and have taught her to play fetch and catch the ball (though she's not very coordinated). She doesn't realize how big she is. .We say she's like a bull in a china shop! She loves playing with her big brother Oreo and together create a lot of mischief in our household! We've gone through 3 outdoor furniture cushions and many pairs of flip flops but its hard to stay mad at them when they give you the puppy dog eyes and cuddle up next to you."
Female, Est. DOB 1/19/2013
Lilly's new family says she is doing great and we love her!Photos and details coming soon.
Female, Est. DOB 10/1/2011
Renegade's foster family knew very quickly that this little girl was never leaving. She loves to go boating, loves to chase pigeons and adores her family - both 2 legged and four legged. It's a big world full of promise for this little one !
Female, Est. DOB
Campbell, now Savannah, is doing very well in her new home. Her other doggie friend is so happy to have a new friend and she is loved by everyone in the family. She was the perfect addition! She loves people, other dogs, and is very smart and learning lots of new tricks. Her family is thankful for the opportunity to give this girl a new life and a new home. Good luck Savannah!
Female, Est. DOB 11/25/2012
Mac's new dad says "He is doing really good. He is the sweetest dog. He has a sister now. Mac gets to go hiking everyday which he absolutely loves. He is by far the most athletic border collie I have ever owned. Both Mac and Gracie got snake trained a few weeks ago since I live on two acres in the high desert. He also gets to go to Flagstaff every other weekend during the summer time which he just loves. He has seen deer, elk, antelope and other wildlife while hiking with me in the mountains behind the house. He and Gracie go everywhere together up there and since we own 5 acres, they have plenty of land to roam around on. Mac has truly been a blessing to me and I think he is very happy."
Male, Est. DOB 1/1/2008
Sage, now called Tuffy, is a little whirlwind, and is loved to pieces by her new parents, despite the challenges of keeping up with this typically active border collie pup. They tell us Little Tuffy is a very smart,energetic and inquisitive little girl who is busy busy busy. Tuffy has the benefit of a mentor and playmate in their son's golden retriever. Her Mom plans to bone up on positive training approaches, and is planning to take her to obedience class to strengthen their bond, and teach her to be a solid citizen. Her Dad loves to indulge and cuddle with this sweetie, so she's become the perfect Daddy's girl. Happy life Tuffy!
Female, Est. DOB 1/8/2013
Our senior success story, Oreo, hit the jackpot. Through one of our favorite adopters in Canada, contact was made with an active agility couple in southern California who were ready to open their hearts to another senior border collie. They picked her up in Arizona on their way back from USDAA Regionals competition in Texas. Oreo is fitting in great with their pack and they are giving her every advantage of life. They found out she loves to swim and they give us regular updates on her life. .how we LOVE that! Happy life, sweet Oreo. You deserve nothing less!
Female, Est. DOB 2/28/2000
Emma found her forever home with her foster family, who couldn't bear to let her go. She melted their hearts with her sweetness and playfulness. She fits in perfectly with their human and animal family.
Female, Est. DOB 2/1/2005
We adopted Miner on March 17, 2013. We met him at a park with our Marley who is the same age and they got along great. We have been one happy family ever since. We laugh that a puppy would come in handy for about 15 minutes when Marley poops out and Miner still has energy. He gets along with our cats and we babysat a puppy for a week and Miner took care of that puppy like it was his own. After loosing our 2 older dogs in October and March our house is once again full of life and love.
Male, Est. DOB 4/1/2012
Aja has really come into her own, says her foster mom. "She has grown to love the pool. She swims well and has started jumping for toys. She is generally a sweet girl and gives kisses and love to most everyone. She likes playing ball in the yard with her other siblings. She thinks the cats are her personal herding responsibility, hah!" Aja is truly a sweet girl and bringing joy to all that know her. We are very lucky to have her in our lives.
Female, Est. DOB 11/20/2012
After a long search, Kal (aka London) has found his forever home in Tucson. He likes his cat siblings there, one in particular is his best buddy. This family may soon add another ABCR dog to their family, that is if Kal approves. Have a happy life, buddy! Your journey in rescue has been longer than most but we didn't give up on you! Special thanks to those who helped you along the way - you know who you are!
Male, Est. DOB 6/16/2005
Fozzie (now Ezio) is a smart and happy pup! He instantly became a beloved member of our family. Here he is shown graduating from puppy school two weeks ago! He was not only the only student in class, but also the smartest and cutest!
Male, Est. DOB 11/15/2012
Now named Scout, this little girl is still playful and sweet as she grows in her new forever home. Happy life, Miss Scout!
Female, Est. DOB 12/23/2013
Marley (formerly Kira) was adopted on March 10 and she is just now a little over a year old. She had her first Christmas and then her birthday and received a lot of presents. She is a typical Border Collie puppy, digging and tearing things up and into everything. We give her lots of love and attention and she loves playing with Mason our " little freak of nature " . We have adopted a kitten and Marley loves to play with him too. She is a very special girl, playful, smart and loving. She has been on camping trips with us and to the lake and swimming in the pool. She loves when the grand kids come over to play. She is very much a part of this family and will be forever. Thanks to Arizona Border Collie Rescue for allowing us to adopt her.
Female, Est. DOB 12/23/2012
Trista, now Piper, came to her new family by what they called fate. She instantly became best friends with their lab named Molly. They are best buddies. Playing, running, and just having a ball- literally. Piper is full of love and her favorite part of the day is her 5 a.m. hike. She has made friends with the "regulars" on the mountain, gets treats from them daily, and she feels safe and secure with her new family. Best wishes Piper!
Female, Est. DOB 7/1/2010
Missy has proved an excellent addition to our family. We have been traveling in the motorhome for a month and she is a real trooper. She has enjoyed each new place we have been to, but really enjoys the ones with off leash parks where she can run with her new brother Clyde. They hit it off immediately and are now best friends. Missy is such a lover and loves to sleep on our bed at night. She likes to play with her toys, especially her chew ropes and tennis balls. She will play ball with herself or grab the ball and run so Clyde can chase her. She and Clyde wrestle especially in the mornings, if he tries to ignore her, she grabs his tail and pulls it until he plays. She has turned out to be the perfect dog for us.
Female, Est. DOB 8/24/2011
Kallie has fit in to our family better that I could have ever imagined. She loves everyone, people, dogs and cats. She travels well in the car, has no bad habits and makes us laugh every day with her silliness and attempts to ‘wooooo’ at us with a toy in her mouth! She goes to the cabin with us and loves every minute of it (she really wants to chase the bunnies though!). She is in training for fly ball, and while she is still very shy and attatched to me like Velcro, she is very fast and she loves jumping over the hurdles.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2011
Cleopatra is a beautiful puppy who is happy, happy ! And her Mama is happy, happy to make her her own ! A great match made in heaven !
Female, Est. DOB 12/1/2012
Zooey, now Zoe, is living the good life with her new family. She enjoys 3 daily walks and long hikes on the weekends. She loves to snuggle up as her owners read and study throughout the day. She is very good at making new friends and playing with the fellow dogs on the trails and loves everyone that she meets. Best wishes your new family and new best-friends!
Female, Est. DOB 1/20/2011
Sampson has found his forever home. This sweet boy is still the affectionate young fellow that came to the rescue. He immediately falls in love with every person he meets and his tongue uncontrollably kisses. He has tons of energy and loves to play! Congratulations on your new home Sampson!
Male, Est. DOB 1/24/2012
Blu, now Chica, has found a new best friend in her new chapter of life. Together they love to go on hikes and walks. She loves to snuggle and is still the same affectionate Blu that we knew. Once shy, now she loves to greet people at the door, laying down and rolling over onto their feet for a bellyrub! Congratulations Chica!
Female, Est. DOB 1/16/2010
Cloe has found her forever home. This playful pup could play all day if she could, at least she is good at bringing the toys back so her family could have some fun as well! She is such a quick learner and her family is enjoying teaching her new things as well as tons of cuddles. Good luck Cloe, have fun with your forever family!
Female, Est. DOB 12/1/2012
This sweet girl has finally found her forever snuggle buddy! Maya is looking forward to a life filled with cuddles and snuggles! She is adapting very well to her new home and family. Congratulations Maya, live happy!
Female, Est. DOB 2/2/2009
Django has found a true companion in his new owner and his canine sister who love his big heart and small size.
Male, Est. DOB 1/1/2011
Gabe is the luckiest guy around! He found a wonderful home from a previous adopter and is loving life. He goes on daily walks and super hikes with his new family. He is progressing every day and gets to play with his buddies Lucy and Cassie. We're not sure who is the luckiest - Gabe or his new family - they sure adopted an awesome boy!
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Zoe is doing very well. She is sleeping at the bottom of my bed on her own 2nd dog bed. (the original is in the front rm. for those naps we all must take) Her idea of morning is different than mine. If it is light we should get up and my idea is first I have to see the sun. We are working on that. She is a loving dog when her love meter is down and otherwise she is pretty independent. Likes to lay out by the car gate so she can see what is going on. She is starting to talk to me if I'm too slow in the morning and is really glad to see me when I get home from golf. She and my other bc have had a few discussions about who's toy was who's, but nothing out of hand. Time will fix that.
Female, Est. DOB 9/22/2004
Rio, now Socrates, has found his forever home! He has adapted well into the everyday life with his family. He loves to cuddle and give lots of puppy kisses. He is such a lover! He loves everyone that he meets! Good luck with your new home Socrates!
Male, Est. DOB 12/2/2013
Pez, now Gandolf, is having a blast in his new home. He is adjusting very well, and is keeping his new owners on their toes! He is growing, learning, and transforming into a big handsome dog. This happy boy has a very happy life ahead of him. Good luck Gandolf!
Male, Est. DOB 12/1/2012
Gunnar, now Plato is living life to the fullest with his new family! He is adjusting well to day to day life in his now forever home. He loves to give kisses and cuddle, but has to know you first because he can be a bit shy. He is smart and is learning plenty of new tricks. Congratulations on your new home PLato!
Male, Est. DOB 12/2/2012
Socks was looking for a person of his very own and he found one, with a previous adopter in Glendale. Socks and his new Dad are enjoying spending time together, hiking, visiting friends, talking walks and being buddies. It's a good life!
Male, Est. DOB 8/18/2009
Aaliyah, now called Reba is adapting wonderfully in her new home. She has turned into a total Daddy's girl and is showing more of her beautiful personality with every day that passes. She enjoys playing every chance she gets and love to go on walks. Her new family is more than overjoyed to have her as a part of the family and Reba is one happy pup!
Female, Est. DOB 1/7/2009
Buffet is a lucky boy because not only did his foster Mom take awesome care of him, getting him back to a healthier state. .but she fell in love and decided he get to stay right where he is. Good boy, Buffet, you are a favorite of many. Have a great life!
Male, Est. DOB 11/21/2009
Pixie has been having the time of her life in her new home. She is her owners new wrestle mate, biking buddy, and cuddle-bug and absolutely loving it. She loved when she had the chance to go play in the snow, and loves her two human sisters very much! Looks like a wonderfully happy life ahead of this lucky girl! Congratulations Pixie!
Female, Est. DOB 6/1/2012
Peca (Spanish for "freckle") has found her forever home! She is enjoying her new family and having the time of her life. Though she is small in size, the size of her loving heart makes up for it. She loves anyone and everyone and considers herself a lapdog. Her favorite place to be is on her owners lap being petted and she loves to play with all sorts of toys! Good luck in your forever home Peca!
Female, Est. DOB 10/1/2010
We’ve had Leah about a month and a half now. She’s a funny gal. She has a senior brother Bernie and a 5 year old sister Sassie, who was also adopted from AZBCR a couple years ago. Leah and Sassie LOVE to play. Leah will run around in the back yard and entice Sassie to chase her. When she does, Leah is FAST and has some amazing moves. When she plays with her humans she’ll hop around like a little baby goat. She sleeps right between the two of us at night and is a little lovebug. She has an off switch and will settle down nicely after playing. She has settled in very nicely with our family, we love her and have enjoyed her since she has come into our lives. Thank you again AZBCR, we have another winner!!
Female, Est. DOB 3/4/2012
Domino's new Dad has had dogs most all his life, and found himself suddenly without one. He got to know about border collies because a previous roommate had one and he fell in love with the breed. He owns a small business and wanted a dog he could take to work with him daily. Well Domino likes that plan just fine! Both the workplace and the neighborhood are very dog friendly. Domino's loving his new life.
Male, Est. DOB 2/24/2011
Now named Molly, her family says "Of course, she is the best border collie ever. Joyful, healthy, smart and curious about the world around her, with her head on my feet as I sit here at the computer. A super member of our family. Allan and I are so happy we made the trip from Tucson to the border collie rescue event in Tempe this past January, met all of you and we able to bring Molly into our home."
Female, Est. DOB 6/1/2011
Nox is one happy pup at his new home. . although he isn't much of a puppy anymore! He is growing up into a smart and handsome dog along with his human sister and 2 doggy sisters. He enjoys playing constantly and running around. Still learning the difference between his own toys and his sister's dolls and doesn't understand why they can't share though. Congratulations on your new home Nox!
Male, Est. DOB 9/15/2012
After almost a year of waiting for her forever home, Mandy is being spoiled as much as one dog can be. She shares her home with four bunnies, whom she still isn't that crazy about. She loves her daily walks and her weekend adventures in the car. Enjoy what life has to offer you, Mandy.
Female, Est. DOB 12/8/2003
Sly, now Lucky, has settled nicely into his new home. He is still the same adventurous little guy who loves exploring. He has a boundless amount of energy, and love for people. He loves to run and romp around and play, play, play. Congratulations on your new home Lucky!
Male, Est. DOB 10/20/2012
Rip's new name is Merlin and he has settled nicely into his new home. He has a big brother Chief, a Rottweiler, and the two are inseparable. He is also getting along with our three cats, although he can't understand why they don't want to play. He now has a large yard and Merlin loves chasing, or being chased by Chief, just depends on who has the toy. Merlin particularly loves the sprinkler and will spends hours jumping through the spray.
Male, Est. DOB 10/20/2012
Mac is falling perfectly in step to the day to day life of his new forever family. He wholeheartedly loves his family and that love is returned. He enjoys playing and participating in daily activities as well just settling down and relaxing. He just loves and wants to play with everyone that he meets and thrives in attention. Good luck in your new home Mac!
Male, Est. DOB
Boots has finally found where he belongs with a family that adores him. He enjoys adventuring in the car and going for walks with his new owners and will pay all day long if he could, although he isn't interested in the toy but rather the person or doggie friend playing with him! When he finally tuckers out, he is found curled up their feet snoozing away and keeping their feet warm. All the best Boots!
Male, Est. DOB 1/1/2012
Zeus has finally found a forever home! He is living the good life with a family that loves him. He enjoys lots of playtime as well as time to just relax and chill out. His favorite thing to do is play, play, play and he is friendly to everyone! Especially is they will play with him. . He loves to go on walks and just enjoys being by his owners side. He is still the same happy go lucky guy and the same sweet, sweet boy. Good luck in your new home Zeus!
Male, Est. DOB 10/25/2010
Oy (now Ollie) is settling in with his new family. He loves his daily walks and going anywhere in the car. He's not a big fan of toys yet but there may be a more playful dog waiting to come out. Right now, he's happy to be with his people and feel loved in his new home. Happy life Ollie!
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2010
Dozer has found a forever home at last! He loves his new family and is loving life. He is a very affectionate boy and just enjoys being in the same room as his family. He is quite the snuggler and loves to be in their laps. He loves to run and play and loves going for walks. Dozer has a long and happy life ahead of him. Congratulations on a new life!
Male, Est. DOB 4/26/2012
Buddy, previously known as Bo, found his new forever home with another ABCR pal, and both are having the time of their lives. His new daily routine consists of lots of hugs, kisses and attention from his humans. The feeling of love is mutual with this family, and Buddy will never feel alone again.
Male, Est. DOB 12/11/2006
Cody is thrilled to have found his forever family for the holidays. He's slowly bonding to his canine cousin, an active and loud Aussiedoodle puppy, and is full of love. When not spending time with family or being his moms shadow, he loves running and playing in his huge backyard or taking daily walks to many nearby parks. He will be going to a BC Meetup in a few weeks to meet some of the local dogs. Happy life, Cody!
Male, Est. DOB 1/2/2011
Cowgirl, as she is now known, is enjoying her new forever home with two canine siblings and a cat - which she doesn't quite understand yet. Her future to do list is compiled of walks, trips to the family cabin, swimmimg in the summer and hanging in front of the fireplace. She has come a long way in such a short time, and already has ner new family wrapped around her paw. Happy Life, Cowgirl!
Female, Est. DOB 5/18/2010
Duke is settling in to life with his new family now! He is gentle, loyal, very trusting of his new owners and they have fallen in love with each other. Who couldn't love this sweet boy!? He loves to go on walks and hikes with his new family and can never play ball or frisbee long enough. He would go and go and go until their arms fell off! Even with all of this energy, there is always time to snuggle up next to them and just relax by their sides. Congratulations Duke! Best Wishes!
Male, Est. DOB 12/5/2007
Buddy is loving his new life in Prescott where he is the the center of attention in his new home. He gets to go hiking and exploring on local trails with his new mom and dad. And of course gets regular frisbee time and even play dates with other border collie pals he's met.
Male, Est. DOB 9/13/2008
Handsome Winston is staying right where he belongs with his foster mom, Christine, who couldn't let him go the 2nd time around. He has a sweet canine sister Wendy and a house full of kitties to herd. You are a lucky guy, Winston!
Male, Est. DOB 8/22/2002
Paddy now goes by many names, Snoopy, Snoop Dogg, and Sneetch (after a Dr. Seuss character). He and his canine sister are the best of friends, they play constantly, curl up and snuggle, and they romp outrageously. He has learned a few basic commands and is currently learning little tricks. He has found his forever home, and will be enjoying many more adventures with his new family.
Male, Est. DOB 8/15/2010
Ditto was at the right place at the right time, when a wonderful couple was looking for just the right dog to make the move with them to a new home in Prescott Valley on 3 acres. They plan to have horses there and spend time with their dog and their horses and their grandchildren. Their daughter fosters for ABCR now and when her parents began looking for a dog for their home, she knew right where to look. Ditto seemed like the right fit and it's working out great for everybody. Have a great life, Ditto!
Female, Est. DOB 8/18/2010
Even though Wonder is blind, he doesn't need to see to know how much he is loved in his forever home. He is loved by his human mom, two brothers, an aunt, and a grandma. He has adapted to his new home very well, and is also very protective of his new canine sister who has decided that he is "wonder"ful to snuggle with. Enjoy your new life, Wonder!
Male, Est. DOB 7/1/2008
Bandito has settled into his forever home! This high drive border collie loves to play with his family. Though sort of shy at first, he is now a loving part of the family and very loyal. He loves to go on walks and hikes and just enjoys being by his owners side. He has a wonderful life in store for him. Good luck Bandito!
Male, Est. DOB 2/20/2012
This senior boy has found a great home in rural Arizona with a senior couple who love border collies. He is an only dog enjoying walks, going for drives, and lots of pets. He deserves all that love. Have a great life, Cody-boy!
Male, Est. DOB 8/1/2001
Like the saying goes, “Good things come in small packages”, Rue is overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. He likes to run with the big dogs and brings his larger than life attitude to his playful and fearless personality. He has found his playmate for life in Willow and is comforted by the guidance and reassurance from his older brother, Hobie. Together they’ve become the best of buddies and most importantly they are all bonded as family. High hopes for a beautiful life Rue!
Male, Est. DOB 10/5/2007
Shane has adapted nicely to his new home, after the normal issues of adjusting to a new place. He is a very well behaved dog and listens very well. He goes everywhere with his human, which includes hiking, running, and car rides to the grocery store. Happy life, Shane!
Male, Est. DOB 9/26/2011
Dakota has found his forever home with an active house of senior BCs, but his human dad can't believe how crazy and active he is for being almost 11 years old. He enjoys daily walks and play time with the rest of the clan, and has helped his canine sister to be more social around other dogs. YEAH, Dakota! Happy life, crazy boy!
Male, Est. DOB 4/18/2002
Majerle (formerly Jasmine) is amazing dog and quick leaner. When she gets excited, especially when the leash is brought out, she will wag her tail so hard it whacks her in the head! What a nut! Despite her shyness, she loves people and is working on playing more. She loves going to the office with her loving owners and just relaxing and hanging out while watching them work. Have a life full of love Majerle!
Female, Est. DOB 4/1/2010
There are no more lonely nights ahead for Banshee, as her foster home just could not let her go. She loves to play with her two canine siblings, but is open to play with anyone who gives her attention. Her new parents are thrilled as to how smart she is and how quickly she learns new things. Happy life to you, Banshee.
Female, Est. DOB 8/8/2012
Hope, now called Artemis, is enjoying life in her new home. She loves being right by her family's side and spending time with them. She loves it when they rub her tummy and when they place her head in their lap and cuddle with her. She enjoys some playtime and gets very enthusiastic around other dogs! She loves everyone and anyone, and they all love her back! Best wishes in your new home Artemis!
Female, Est. DOB 10/18/2009
Taos is doing very well in his new forever home. With his new family, he is working on building his confidence doing agility, and learning to be friendlier towards other doggie friends. He loves to hike and loves his family. They are all looking forward to a positive and love filled future to have together. Have a wonderful life with your loving family Taos!
Male, Est. DOB 9/26/2011
Kian (formerly Mulligan) is doing very well with his new canine sisters. He lives with his parents, Faith (an australian shepherd) and Hope (a former border collie rescue in 2009). He is quite the bed hog and loves affection. He hasn't got the hang of frisbee yet but he loves to herd his sisters while they play. Enjoy your active new life, Kian.
Male, Est. DOB 1/1/2012
Rosalie is the luckiest dog in the world, since she has integrated into a wonderful pack of ABCR dogs in Tucson. Her foster Mom has decided that she cannot part with her and that she has become "family". Good for you, sweet Rosalie. You found a wonderful home.
Female, Est. DOB 6/29/2004
This high-drive boy is loving life to the fullest in his new home with canine pal Holly. She is teaching him how to give kisses to daddy, new canine wrestling moves and how to get daddy to do whatever he wants him to. Enjoy your new life, Racer!
Male, Est. DOB 4/1/2011
Halo was very scared and skittish when she came into rescue, but after a few weeks of foster home love and now adjusting to her forever home, she is enjoying playing with her BC brother and getting pets and attention from anyone she can find. Keep up the good work, Halo. The world isn't such a scary place after all.
Female, Est. DOB 3/1/2011
Jasper in his new home is still the same fun-loving and lovable dog that he always has been. He loves to hug and kiss everyone that he meets and becomes instant friends with everyone. He enjoys playing and cuddling in his spare time, and he is eager to learn and loves spending time with his new family. Have a good life Jasper!
Male, Est. DOB 8/18/2007
Bree, in just 3 short weeks, has become the sunshine of her new family. No one believes she is 8 years old, as she enjoys playing Frisbee three times a day and loves to go hiking in the McDowell Mountains in the mornings. Happy days are ahead for this wonderful girl.
Female, Est. DOB 3/1/2004
Pita, now named Chili, is truly a dream to her new family. Loads of energy and love. She likes to join the kids on the second level of their play gym, chase tennis balls, tug a war with her star toy and go on guided neighbor hood walks. She has enjoyed going on family camping trips and car trips are one of her favorite activities. Enjoy what life has to offer, Chili!
Female, Est. DOB 10/1/2011
The pup previously known as Teegan is now Teasel! She is doing great in her new home, and has already been exposed to the world of agility. She gets along famously with her canine sibling, even though there are many times they need to be separated just to take a break. She is a cuddler at night, as she's too busy during to day to slow down. Have a happy life, Teegan.
Female, Est. DOB 7/3/2012
Orion has found his forever home with an amazing new family. His new parents had a few questions and were a little hesitant at first but Orion has so much love stuffed within him that it just overflowed and washed away any doubt that new doggy parents may feel when adding another addition to the family. They were sold as soon as they saw him and fell in love the first second that Orion came bounding up to them just to say hello. He loves to hike, run around, explore, and is very well-behaved. He loves to snuggle and doesn't mind sharing his snuggle time with his best kittycat friends. A life filled with love and his own to love to share is what Orion has to look forward to. Good luck Orion!
Male, Est. DOB 10/7/2009
Tipper chose her new family. When they came to meet her she was SO excited !!! Tipper will now be enjoying evening runs with both of her parents and hikes and summer at Gramma's cabin in Flagstaff. Have a great life, Miss Tipper !
Female, Est. DOB 7/6/2012
Alec goes where ever his new mom goes, including paddle boarding, swimming, running, hiking, etc. The only thing he hasn't been able to do yet is rock climbing and spelunking. What an exciting life Alec is having - enjoy it to the fullest!
Male, Est. DOB 9/14/2008
Griffin is an awesome boy and has proven that he is a fighter! He's getting stronger every day, and loves to play with his canine sister, Chloe. Daily walks and weekend hikes will be in his future. Nothing but blues skies and happy days ahead for this handsome boy.
Male, Est. DOB 8/11/2011
Robbie is loving his new home, as he also has a new canine sister who was adopted with him. He was quite shy at first, but has now learned how to accept love and cuddles with the humans. He loves walks and running on trails, but is still very shy around strangers. Enjoy your new life and family, Robbie. This is what happiness feels like.
Male, Est. DOB 2/1/2012
Nola was "love at first sight" for her new owner. Her purpose in life is to fetch a ball, a frisbee or whatever toy is thrown for her. She loves to show off her acrobatics while playing in the park. Everyone she meets falls in love with her immediately. Enjoy every minute of your new life, Nola.
Female, Est. DOB
Remmie has fully adjusted to her new home and is doing well. She loves to go jogging or hiking on the trails as often as she can, and she has already assigned herself two new jobs: front door guard (in case a leaf blows by) and keeping her canine brother in line. Keep up the good work, Remmie! Have a happy life.
Female, Est. DOB 9/26/2009
Benny stole the heart of a volunteer who was transporting him from Casa Grande to his new foster home. He has a lot of new humans to call his own, and is anxious to start learning new things. He loves to sit in your lap, even though he will block your view of the TV (or the whole room, for that fact). His canine brother has warmed up to him nicely, and enjoys playing hide and seek with a toy. No worries on being left alone again, Benny. HAPPY LIFE!
Male, Est. DOB 9/19/2011
Epic, now named Belle, is doing great in her new home, and is proving to be a vital member of the family. Her canine brother, Robbie, was adopted at the same time and the two are inseperable. Daily walks, running the trails and playing in the backyard are how they enjoy their days, along with getting lots of rubs and cuddles. She has found her forever home and can't think of any other place she'd rather be.
Female, Est. DOB 1/20/2010
Venice is having a blast in her new home! She absolutely loves her big brother Jasper and never leaves his side. She is an amazing young puppy and knows not to chew or destroy things, but has a tendency to dig holes whenever she gets the chance. It only adds to her rambunctious personality! She had the time of her life on her first road-trip to San Diego, and made plenty of new doggie friends! You are one lucky pup Venice! Enjoy a happy life!
Female, Est. DOB 7/15/2012
Bandyt found his perfect home in Chandler. A nice woman and her cat were looking for a female border collie, but fell in love with Bandyt's gentle ways. There is nearly always someone home with him and all their friends are animals lovers. So Bandyt is making many friends and having lots of fun. He is such a social boy!
Male, Est. DOB 8/1/2009
Surfer (now Kai) is a very lucky boy. . his foster home fell in love and decided he never had to leave. He will be kept very busy and very loved. Happy Life, Sweet Boy !
Male, Est. DOB 7/15/2012
Kelso (TX#22)
After living in terrible conditions before coming into rescue, and waiting for months to find the perfect family, Kelso is now enjoying a life of a king. He is very smart and learns things very quickly. His best friend is a cat called Navi, who follows him around everywhere. Happy life, Kelso!
Male, Est. DOB 4/14/2008
Pixie's new family already had a rescued border collie, and liked her so much they decided to add another. They met a couple dogs and Pixie was the one. They plan to involved her in agility training and perhaps herding. They are a very active couple and enjoy doing things with their dogs. They run and bike and visit the dog park often. Pixie has plenty to do to keep her happy!
Female, Est. DOB 4/15/2012
Synamin, now called Leela, is loving her new big sister Chloe and her new kitty friends. She's learning basic commands pretty quickly - sit, stay, down. She's already had her first bath time, visit to the dog park, and visit to the veterinarian. She's an extremely excitable puppy, who even when going through teething, is a ball of energy and happiness. Her new family is very thankful she is part of their family, and is looking forward to watching her mature.
Female, Est. DOB 6/1/2012
Brynwyn (Bryn for short) has gone from scared and frightened to loved and playful in a matter of weeks. He has a house full of dogs, cats and humans to occupy his time and enjoys giving kisses to everyone he meets. He has a lot of love to give and gets just as much in return. Have a wonderful life, Bryn!
Male, Est. DOB 1/7/2012
Socks was looking for a person of his very own and he found one, with a previous adopter in Glendale. Socks and his new Dad are enjoying spending time together, hiking, visiting friends, talking walks and being buddies. It's a good life!
Male, Est. DOB 8/18/2009
Marina is living the life in Tucson area with her best buddies Bo (the 13 yr old BC) and a cat they got the same week they received Marina. Bo taught her to be great with the cats and they play hide and seek with them. Looking forward to pictures soon! Have a great life, Marina!
Female, Est. DOB 7/15/2012
Malibu, now going by Bella, is enjoying the good life along side her new best friend Cody, a 6 year old BC from ABCR. She has just been a joy for him and wants to play all day long. She has blossomed into the biggest lover and has turned into a frisbee and ball maniac! Good luck with your forever family Bella!
Female, Est. DOB 7/15/2012
Magee came into Border Collie Rescue suffering from mange. Throughout his month of treatment and isolation, he was a model patient with a wonderfully patient demeanor. Magee blossomed into a healthy happy puppy who will be spending his days with John learning new tricks, going for walks/car rides, playing with John's young grand kids (who LOVE Magee) and possibly doing agility or flyball (whichever he likes the best). Good Luck to Magee, John and the rest of the family as they begin their new life together!
Male, Est. DOB 3/11/2012
Sew is doing great in her new home, and is constantly showering her new family with as many kisses as she can give. She has a canine buddy whom she plays, plays, plays all day long with. Her first adventure at doggie day care was a success, as she gets along with everyone and every dog. Sew is living life to the fullest.
Female, Est. DOB 8/16/2010
Talley is a smart and loving boy, and has found his forver home in Scottsdale. his busy day consists of running laps around the pool, admiring birds in the backyard, chasing after lizards on the outside walls, and evening walks with his new dad and canine sister, Meg. Happy life, Talley!
Male, Est. DOB 2/4/2005
Ever since Baxter arrived at his second foster home (a large property in rural southeastern AZ), he seemed right at home. His foster folks were smitten, and they believe he was born to be a country boy. He has several canine siblings to entertain him, and he and Kylah (another ABCR adoptee) will be taking beginning agility lessons with Mom soon. Have a wonderful life, you handsome country canine!
Male, Est. DOB 12/31/2011
Rudy had a rough start to his life in rescue, but those days are over. His days are filled with playing at the dog park, going for car rides and even watching football with the family. He is still shy at times and fearful of noises or sudden changes but has adapted well and is becoming more comfortable every day. Enjoy your new life, Rudy!
Male, Est. DOB 1/20/2011
Tri-Boy Charlie
Moki is having a blast being his playful puppy self at his new home! He is packed full with tons of energy and and would play all day long if he could. He loves his new family with all of his heart and the love is returned. Love, toys, a good home, and his special duck. What more could a puppy ask for!? Good luck with your new home there Moki!
Male, Est. DOB 7/3/2012
Nutmeg came into rescue as an owner turn in. It only took a day for her foster parents to fall in love with her sweet personality and crazy ears. She spends time running around the yard chasing after her new brother and sisters and is getting along fabulously with everyone. When she settles down in the evening, her seat of choice is on dads lap where she milks him for belly rubs. This little girl is happy as can be, and enjoying her new life of play, love, and affection.
Female, Est. DOB 2/1/2010
Ruger is loving his new life and is adjusting well to his canine sister siblings. He loves to be around people, dogs and little kids. He started his first agility class and could be an upcoming competitor. He enjoys swimming in the backyard lake and has even coaxed his canine sister to join him. Enjoy your happy life, and good luck in your upcoming adventures.
Male, Est. DOB 1/17/2011
Comet is smiling ear to ear at finding his new forever home (well, make that forever homes). He’s a lover who will happily snuggle and let you pet him all night long. When not at home in the valley, he will travel NE to spend weekends with his family in the cooler temps, where they enjoy hikes, walks or scenic drives. Happy travels, Comet.
Male, Est. DOB 2/20/2004
After the unfortunate death of his first adopter, Linkin went to live in another foster home. He had a rough time with being fearful and unsettled, but has bonded with his new Mom and they have both decided that he will live the rest of his life as her dog. They both seem pretty happy about that. Have a good life, buddy.
Male, Est. DOB 4/9/2010
Leeloo is jumping for joy at finding her new forever home with an active family who loves to be outdoors. The family enjoys walking the neighborhood and can now add "playing fetch" to their routine. Leeloo may start training to be a rescue dog in the future. Enjoy whatever your future brings, Leeloo.
Female, Est. DOB 7/21/2010
Reina is enjoying her forever home with a loving family and a canine sister, Sunni. She hasn't quite figured out what she wants to do yet (agility, herding, etc), but continues to become more comfortable every day and is blossoming into a wonderful girl. Happy life, Reina!
Female, Est. DOB 7/6/2010
Zeb had a rough start in trying to find his forever home, but after months of love and attention, he's feeling better and loving his new home. He has been trying out some doggie yoga moves, and has even been caught on film. He loves his plush toys, and even prefers to play fetch with them. Enjoy your new life, Zeb! You deserve it.
Male, Est. DOB 10/26/2008
Kasey, now called Maverick, has found himself a large forever family, and couldn't be happier. He is now enrolled in agility classes, and will soon have his herding instincts tested as well. Enjoy you new, active life, Maverick.
Male, Est. DOB 3/8/2012
Dani will be living a new chapter of her life not only in Flagstaff but in California! This lucky sweet thing will be a 'summer bird' and living in the cool tall pines of Flagstaff and the warm dry days of winter across the state border. She's enjoying learning about squirrels and crows, talking walks and meeting both other canines as well as folks who admire her striking presence. She's helping a couple stay young with her active ways and loves going into Petsmart to pick out new toys for her toy chest. Happy new life to you baby girl!
Female, Est. DOB 12/4/2010
Lou's new forever family is "over the moon" and have so many plans for him. Dad is taking Lou to his first herding lesson to see how he likes that. Human sister plans to take on agility, and human brother is deciding on possibly flyball. Mom will continue Lou's movie watching and snuggling training! Lou is going to be one happy and busy boy!
Male, Est. DOB 7/1/2009
Kaya (aka Cricket) is very high drive and will be great competition for her new active family. She is a fun dog and is very affectionate. Hiking will become a new activity for her, as her family enjoys being outdoors. On those hot summer days, you will probably find her hanging out on the pool step to cool off. Happy life, Kaya.
Female, Est. DOB 2/1/2011
Could there be a more perfect photo for a dog named Baja? This little guy lucked out by joining a pet-loving family where he decided to fit right in. He's got active folks, plus canine and feline siblings to keep him busy. Baja quickly joined in and loves camping and frequent trips to the ocean - which he loves. It's going to be "happy sailing" for little Baja from now on.
Male, Est. DOB 7/2/2011
Winnie had a long wait, but finally her perfect family came along. Since her adoption, Winnie has learned to play ball and rarely misses the catch. She also discovered that she loves to swim in her family's pool. She goes on daily walks throughout the neighborhood and has already lost several pounds. We couldn't be happier with Winnie's new home. Have a happy life, Miss Winnie!
Female, Est. DOB 3/17/2002
Kali (previously Khaleesi), is adjusting to her new home and loves to play with her new canine brother Blake. Her new adventures include going to the dog park, spending time in neighborhood stores and nightly walks where she gets to meet new people who adore her. Enjoy your new life, Kali!
Female, Est. DOB 9/1/2007
Freddy, as he is now known, is enjoying his new life with his adopted sister Lucy, who quickly became the best of friends on their journey from Flagstaff to Phoenix. Nothing slows Fred down, as he loves to chase balls, toys, and enjoys going on social engagements to play with other dogs. Good luck, Freddy and enjoy your new life.
Male, Est. DOB 6/1/2009
Bella, formerly Izzy, was welcomed into her new Prescott home with open arms, and paws, and has adjusted nicely. She spends her days lounging by the pool, going for hikes or chasing four-legged creatures that come into the yard (and sometimes catching them and bringing them to mom). Enjoy your new life, Izzy.
Female, Est. DOB 12/15/2011
Frankie is becoming a remarkable dog in his new Flagstaff home. He loves to run through the mud puddles, slashing water everywhere. In his spare time from being muddy, he enjoys fetching the ball (as many times as you can throw it) or just enjoying the affection from his humans. He has found his forever home - happy life, Frankie.
Male, Est. DOB 12/1/2011
Lucy is enjoying her new life with her adopted brother Freddy. They became the best of friends on their journey from Flagstaff to Phoenix. She is the ring leader when friends come to visit, and not much seems to slow her down. She loves to swim and play fetch, but her brother always gets the ball first. Good luck, Lucy and enjoy your new life.
Female, Est. DOB 4/26/2008
Maggie Doodle (formerly known as Amy) is loving the high country of Flagstaff, with a BC brother and a feline sibling. She is a love bug, and will try to snuggle with anyone she can. Hiking will become a new past time for her, as well as helping out where she can outdoors on the property. Live life to the fullest, Maggie Doodle!
Female, Est. DOB 4/26/2010
Morgan (aka Gandolph) will never have to live on his own again, as he's now living comfortable life in the high country of Flagstaff. He meets everyone and everything with a happy wag of the tail, even the felines. He likes people, other dogs, toys, shady spots, and just about anything pleasant you can think of. He is a very mellow guy who likes to lay his head on you and snuggle. This is how life is supposed to be, Morgan. Enjoy it to the fullest.
Male, Est. DOB 6/1/2009
Sissy (formerly Trixie), is settling into her new home quite well. She and her new friend Tucker are enjoying playing throughout the day, now that she has realized that he will just walk away if she gets too rough. She's picked up the house rules quickly and is very eager to please. She looks forward to daily walks, and loves spending time at the family cabin where she can take in the new sights and smells it brings. She's a happy girl and seems to love everyone.
Female, Est. DOB 6/14/2011
Kruz (TX #29)
Kruz hs come along way from his days of being shy and living in horrid conditions. After months of rehabilitation and socialization, he is now taking agility lessons and loves to herd people. He's turned into a cuddle bug, and is enjoying playtime with the other canines in his new home. Enjoy your new life, Kruz!
Male, Est. DOB 10/1/2009
George (previously Teddy) has adapted very well to his new home. He is still a little skittish, but is very lovable and slowly coming out of his shell. He gets along great with his canine companion and loves outdoor activities. Enjoy your new life, George.
Male, Est. DOB 7/1/2009
Sunny has come a long distance to find her forever home. She is settling in nicely and becoming more comfortable every day. She enjoys her morning walk, going to the dog park, and running figure 8 patterns around the yard. The family is looking forward to weekend hikes, once the weather cools down. Enjoy your new life, Sunny
Female, Est. DOB 6/27/2010
Baxter (formerly Sunny) is enjoying his new family tremendously. He loves his 3 human sisters and plays with them all the time. He especially likes chasing his rope toy and his kong filled with peanut butter. He and his brother, Bruin, play great together and enjoy rough-housing. He also loves when we go to the park for soccer practice because he gets to join us and run around the park playing. Once the weather cools down, he will get to enjoy hiking with the family.
Male, Est. DOB 11/24/2010
Tesssa is enjoying life in the cool temps of Flagstaff - no more scorching hot days for her. Her first adventure was a hike in the forest, which is very different from walks in the desert heat. Enjoy your new life, Tessa.
Female, Est. DOB 12/7/2007
Since joining her new family, Gracie has become a well loved member. She and Ozzie (another ABCR adoptee) play together as soon as they wake up in the morning all they way until right before they go to bed at night! Her human family loves her also. She has been hiking in the Phoenix mountain preserve and doing a little bit of running on the canal. Happy trails, Gracie!
Female, Est. DOB 7/1/2010
Loki is doing very well in his new home. He has become good friends with his BC rescue sibling, Rielly, and love to wrestle and play a funny dog version of chase. Despite his new friend and the fun they have together, Loki remains true to his name in that he is very low key and seems to be so relaxed at times that he snores while still awake as he chills on his favorite spot of the couch spending time with his new family. Enjoy the wonderful, new life.
Male, Est. DOB 12/25/2009
Sage, as she is now known, is learning so much in her new home, and has created a particular fetish with finding the squeaker in every toy she can find. She is becoming more comfortable every day, and loves to play with her two human brothers and her ABCR adopted sister, Talia. Enjoy your new life, Sage!
Female, Est. DOB 8/15/2011
Ryder is so happy to be part of ABCR and has found his new home. He can't wait to start doing all of those border collie things, even though he really isn't a BC (psss - don't tell him). Good luck, Ryder, and enjoy your new life.
Male, Est. DOB 4/7/2011
Tifa is going to enjoy the rest of her life as a Tempe resident, helping her new family to stay active . . . very active. Between walks, hiking, camping and helping out in the garden, she will have plenty to do to occupy her active lifestyle. Enjoy your new life, Tifa!
Female, Est. DOB 3/18/2008
Jonnie Ringo
Billy (the kid), as he's called now, is learning what it's like to be in a loving family and how fun life can be. His life was a rough one before coming into ABCR, and he's now proving to be a great Frisbee dog! He loves hanging out with the neighborhood children, going for walks with his new parents and trips to the dog park. Happy Life, Billy!!!
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2011
Cyrus will never need to worry about finding a good home, as he found his with an active family in Chandler. He is enjoying each day by taking a run with his dad, and later enjoying a game of fetch at the park. He is a snuggler and will gladly give you affection. What a happy boy you are, Cyrus.
Male, Est. DOB 11/4/2011
Vivie (TX #35)
Vivie spent most of her life in a bad situation, and has now found out that life is wonderful . . . in the right environment. She enjoys her days running free on a ranch, assisting the other BCs with cattle gathering, camping trips with the family, and just being loved. She has come a long way, and has many new experiences ahead of her. You are a very luck girl, Vivie!
Female, Est. DOB 4/11/2008
Tyboy (Ty, for short) has adjusted well into his new family. He is learning a lot about his energy level, and he and his mom are trying to figure out where it should be. He has proven to be a city dog, but is focusing more and more on the forest smells and travels off leash nicely. Enjoy your new life, Ty.
Male, Est. DOB 4/9/2008
Abbie is a real sweetheart, and a great addition to her new family. She is gentle, eager to please, loves her walks, and even tries to make friends with the residents felines. She still doesn't know what toys are for but is learning to play chase and tag games. Her ABCR adopted sister Suki likes to herd Abbey. Enjoy your new life, and your new forever home.
Female, Est. DOB 4/30/2004
After Toby spent a week with his foster dad in Colorado, he decided that he this was the right home for him in Tucson. He's a fun-loving boy who loves everyone. Enjoy your new life, Toby.
Male, Est. DOB 5/17/2006
Lovely Jewel, now named Tassie has found her forever home with the Johnson family of Florence. Going for evening strolls, attending ball games, getting love from every kid and adult who pass her by and riding up front and center on the family quad is just some of the exciting things Miss Tassie is getting to do with her new family. Looks like this was a match made in heaven for all of them! Happy Life Tassie Girl!
Female, Est. DOB 4/23/2010
Another foster failure . . . . Roxy will be staying in Peoria with his foster family and previous ABCR adoptee Rascal. She is not much into toys, but is the social committee when friends come to visit. Happy life, Roxy.
Female, Est. DOB 4/22/2010
Cali is a very, busy girl, and some have even said she's a handful . . . but her new family loves her dearly. She found a family who is as active as she is, and couldn't wait to teach them everything she knows. She will be running at least 5 miles a day with her new mom, and then spend the afternoon with her human brother playing fetch. Sounds like a great match!
Female, Est. DOB 5/24/2011
Kyra is loving her new home in the Red Rocks of Sedona. You'll find her spending her time cooling off in Oak Creek, where she loves to swim, or just hanging out at home with her toys. Happy life, Kyra!
Female, Est. DOB 12/1/2011
Spirit (TX #34)
Alys has been adopted by her foster mom, a vet tech in southern AZ. She has become very comfortable there and her lucky Mom has finally agreed with Alys that she has her very own forever home. Congrats and we know you'll live a long, happy life!
Female, Est. DOB 4/14/2010
Rue is already a year old and proving what a great dog she is. She loves to work and is thriving in agility. At home, she is never without a ball and is enjoying an acre of land to explore. Keep up the great work, Rue!
Female, Est. DOB 1/11/2012
Even though Fawkes has only been in her new home for a little over a month, they feel like she's been a part of it forever. She is very enthusiastic about EVERYTHING. Fer favorite things to do is play with her toys, cuddle on the couch, give kisses and playing frisbee. Her life is full of new experiences, and it doesn't stop here. Great job on finding the perfect family, Fawkes!
Female, Est. DOB 4/1/2008
Tazz never left her foster home and joins former ABCR adoptees Aero and Deke. She spends her time playing ball and frisbee, going for morning runs, family camping and hiking trips and is currently attending a manners class to build up the skills she will need to compete in agility with her brother Deke. She may also be pursuing herding. This sounds like an amazing home, and she couldn't have picked a better one. Have a good life, Tazz!!!!
Female, Est. DOB 8/16/2011
Sissy will be spending her retirement enjoying life in a loving home. What more could a pup ask for? Her new dad plans to spoil her and enjoy being her companion.
Female, Est. DOB 9/19/2007
Another foster failure strikes again :-0) Kylah didn't know that when she came into another strange house, it would be her forever home. She is a wonderful girl who has those great border collie eyes just looking at you for direction and instruction. She is very eager to learn, loves to play ball or is very happy just running around on our ranch with the other dogs keeping track of the horses, cats or even lizards. She is still learning to trust strangers, as she is shy and uncertain, but when she does she is as sweet as can be. Have a happy life, Kylah.
Female, Est. DOB 4/2/2011
When Ceol is not running around, she loves to jump on the bed and sleep on any pillow she can find. She loves her trips to the dog parks where she gets to swim and chase other dogs, attends doggie day care (where she has lots of new friends) and is learning some basic obedience and how to walk loosely on a leash. I'm not sure who loves who more - her or her new family. Enjoy your new life, Ceol!
Female, Est. DOB 8/22/2011
This poor girl came to us with her 5 puppies from a northern AZ shelter, and was very frightened at first. After a few months in foster care and helping to raise her puppies, she learned how to love again. Her new San Tan Valley family is showing her how life should be and is including her in everything they do. Have a happy life, Menda.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2010
Marley has fit into her new home quite nicely. She loves to cuddle first thing in the morning and in the lazy afternoons, but when it's time to play, it's time . . . to . . . PLAY! She has recently discovered her passion for tennis balls. In order for her mom to keep up with her, she has learned to throw two at a time. She shares her home with an older BC and a new ABCR foster. Enjoy your new life, Marley! No more wandering in parking lots for you.
Female, Est. DOB 11/23/2011
Taro has only been in his new home for a few weeks now, but he has learned so much - where the pantry is, fetch, walking on a leash, finds the most comfortable place on the bed to sleep, gives kisses and has learned basic commands (sit, stay, paw). He is very stealth and sneeks up on people. His most favorite thing to do is lay on his back with his tongue hanging out and a content look on his face. Sounds like you've found a great home, Taro. Best of luck to you.
Male, Est. DOB 11/13/2009
Rex is loving his new life, as he sits on the back porch smelling the scent of pine and watching the wildlife all around him. He will stay very busy with walks, hikes, kayaking and playing ball. Enjoy the high life, Rex.
Male, Est. DOB 12/31/2009
Clint was a very shy and fearful pup when he found his new home, but has since learned that he can spend his days hiking, going for walks, running errands with mom/dad or just hanging around the house with his canine siblings. Once he's old enough, he may even start agility training. Way to go, Clint!
Male, Est. DOB 12/11/2011
Scooter became an official member of his foster family last month and has fit in nicely to the pack. He had a rough start health-wise, but is now a very happy, and healthy pup! Nothing pleases him more than playing tag or wrestling with his 3 other siblings, going for a car ride, or a walk at the park. He is extremely curious and wants to investigate everything around him, from the bird shadow on the roof to watching people walk by the front window! He is still discovering that he has back legs and a tail, and will need to learn respect for his own body! He is currently a student in puppy class developing good manners and activities not only for everyday life, but to prepare him for canine agility, where he can join his “brothers.” Happy life, Scooter.
Male, Est. DOB 10/28/2011
From extreme fear at the shelter to running through tunnels, jumping over jumps and camping . . . . Karlee stole the heart of her foster family and is now in her forever home. She is a high drive, happy girl and enjoys a 5-mile run with her new dad every night. Those scared days are behind you now - keeping jumping high, Karlee.
Female, Est. DOB 6/20/2010
Farrah started out as a foster dog, but has now turned into a 4-legged child for her new mom. She loves to give kisses, even though her previous owner indicated she was not a licker. Any toy that comes from grandma ends up being her favorite. Her favorite pastime is diving, rolling and leaping into the sprinklers. Her mom loves taking her on a run, where she gets to meet other dogs. Life is great, Farrah. Enjoy it to the fullest.
Female, Est. DOB 2/1/2011
Koda's new family wanted an active dog to accommodate their lifestyle. They definately found the perfect match. He enjoys being social on daily walks or hikes, as well as the occasional game of ball. There is no escaping this happy life, Koda.
Male, Est. DOB 3/1/2009
Smudge has found his forever home in Phoenix, after his brother put on the charm at an adoption event. Who could resist this lovable boy? He is very playful and is adapting to his new home quite nicely. He now spends time playing ball at home or at the park, going on hikes (when the weather is cool) and may even participate in some obedience classes. Happy life, Smudge!
Male, Est. DOB 11/13/2009
Boo turned on her charm and caught more than a frisbee, when she met her new mom. She will be able to use her energy for agility, herding and maybe even dock diving. Hoping to see her at some upcoming events. Way to go, Boo!
Female, Est. DOB 10/31/2010
Noelle is enjoying her new life in an active home with lots of love. Her new dad will enjoy taking her for walks and the occasional run, playing frisbee at the park, or enjoying the outdoors while camping. Have a great life, pretty girl.
Female, Est. DOB 11/10/2010
Rosie (Colusa) is LOVING her puppy socialization classes and is learning to play nicely even with dogs that are smaller than her. She is a cuddle bug, and is a very fast learner. Although she started her life in the heat of Arizona, she will soon begin a new adventure when her family moves to Oregon. She will get to experience how grass feels and see how she does in water. Enjoy your new life, Rosie!
Female, Est. DOB 1/17/2012
Angus has traveled far to find his forever home. He found his new mom while she was visiting a family member in AZ and the next thing he knew, he was on a plane to his new home in Wisconsin. He has two canine siblings, Theo, a 4-year-old Westie, and Allie, a 5-year-old Cairn terrier whom are also rescues. He enjoys daily walks and loves to go to the dog park, where he wanders far and wide, mostly avoiding other dogs. He seems to be an independent soul! Happy life, Angus!!!
Male, Est. DOB 10/20/2001
Zoe came all the way from Utah to find her new home. She is a very active girl, and has found a love for frisbee. Her new family enjoys spending time with her at the park chasing what else . . . . her frisbee. Hopefully she may start competing soon. I bet she never thought life could be this much fun!!! Have a happy life, Zoe.
Female, Est. DOB 2/6/2011
Renegade, as he's now called, fell in love with his foster mom, so he decided to keep her. He loves his siblings, both 2 and 4 legged, and is a great companion to his new mom. He is excelling in competitive obedience and agility classes, and will be starting to train in dock diving. Have a happy life, Ren!
Male, Est. DOB 12/11/2011
Handsome Hudson was adopted by a woman with two previous ABCR adopted dogs. So he has two active border collie big sisters who he adores and regularly annoys. Plans are to see how he likes herding and agility and possibly trick training as well. His older sisters have already made appearances in commercial work. Have a great life, Hudson!
Male, Est. DOB 12/11/2011
Cinnia decided early on, that she was never leaving her foster home, and that she needed to convince her foster moms of this. Well . . . it worked. She's adjusted to the environment very well, and is in training for agility. After a fun event last weekend, it appears that herding may also be in her future. Enjoy what every day brings you, Cinnia.
Female, Est. DOB 12/11/2011
April (TX #6)
April, now Sketch, was one of the most shut down dogs of the Texas 21. After 11 months of rehabilitation, Sketch stole the heart of her foster mom. Sketch has officially joined her new family, including two other ABCR siblings, and is continuing to thrive, taking life one day at a time.
Female, Est. DOB 7/1/2010
Crickett (now named Shadow) was adopted with another ABCR pup, Berk (now called Buddy). They spend their days playing with their 3 chihuaha siblings and a BC cousin who visits periodically. Shadow thinks he is a lap dog, and loves to crawl into any lap he can find. He likes to take a quick run when any door is opened, but comes right back and waits for his walk. Sounds like he found the right family to call his own.
Male, Est. DOB 1/30/2005
Essex was adopted by one of our own rescue volunteers. He came from a litter of one week old pups that we saved from the pound and once he was old enough to be adopted, his foster mom couldn't part with him. He now has two brothers to keep him company in his new home and will be starting agility training very soon. He's a loved and happy boy!
Male, Est. DOB 1/17/2012
Berk (now named Buddy) was adopted with another ABCR rescue, Crickett (now called Shadow). They spend their days playing with their 3 chihuaha siblings and a BC cousin who visits periodically. Buddy loves to redecorate his new house by dragging items, such as pillows, shoes, sticks, clothing, etc. into other rooms or to the backyard. He enjoys a game of keep away fetch with his big brother Crickett. Enjoy your new life, Buddy.
Male, Est. DOB 1/17/2012
Magick assimilated beautifully into his new Scottsdale home. He is a little anxious and needy, but has become a shadow for his new mom. He has formed a special bond with his sibling brother, and enjoys lots of family hikes and walks. He also has a canine brother, Sparky, who has welcomed him into the family quite nicely. njoy your new, active life Magick.
Male, Est. DOB 11/13/2009
Buck is no longer looking for his forever home - as he has already found it with his foster parents. They fell in love with him and just couldn't live without him. If he's not snuggling, he's having fun chasing his sister through the tunnel or tagging long on a bike ride. Way to go, Buck! Enjoy your new life.
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2010
Foster failur-itis has struck again! Emory gets the privilege of no more transitions as his foster family has decided he fits in too well to let him go. Lucky boy! Have a wonderful life, little guy!
Male, Est. DOB 9/19/2011
Green Rusty
He lucked out when he found his new family in Goodyear. He is an only pet, and is taking advantage of that to the fullest. His family enjoys hiking, car trips, spending afternoons at the park and are very excited for him to join them on their adventures. Enjoy your new life, little man.
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Red Flash
Rex is everyone's friend. He greets everyone at the door and loves to be around whatever is going on in the house. On walks, he is learning to not scare everyone by lunging at them. He has made a few dog friends in the neighborhood and plays with them. He loves the two cats in the family but the cats don't like him. For now, they sit on the highest places and watch. He will not give up and keeps on trying to be their friend. He chases them around the house. Rex doesn't like to get his feet wet, but loves the great outdoors and had a great time hiking in the woods near Payson. His future holds a family camping trip with more, new surroundings. Sounds like you found the right family, Rex. Enjoy life!
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Brok is one of five puppies surrendered to ABCR. Brok has grown in to be quite the handsome fellow, with long curly locks and golden brown eyes. He lives in Flagstaff with four other BC's - his big sister, Kate and Brok are like peas and carrots. Both of them will be starting agility training soon. Otherwise, they enjoy romping around in the cool weather and refreshing forests of Flag.
Male, Est. DOB 12/11/2011
When Savannah came into rescue, she did not know what a leash was or how to walk on one. After a short time in foster, Savannah was lucky enough to find her forever home . . . and a new brother, also an ABCR rescue. They will be able to spend their days hiking, learning how to play catch/fetch at the park and helping with yard chores. Her new family enjoys road trips and camping, so she will be experiencing so many new things. Happy life, Savannah.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2011
Ci Glas
Ci Glas didn't know life outside of his home when he first came into rescue. Now he has an active family, and a new sister (Savannah, also an ABCR rescue). He has learned how to play fetch with a ball or frisbee (maybe he will become a frisbee dog, as he can get some good air), and is proving to be a very soft and loving dog. Cheers to you, Ci Glas, and good luck in your new adventures.
Male, Est. DOB 11/13/2009
Purple Kate
Lea is growing like a weed, and has found a best friend in her new human sister. They play all the time and there is nothing better than watching them become best friends. Lea is such a loving snuggle bug, and her new family is filled with excitement to have her as part of their family. Happy life, Lea!
Female, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Lime Chevy
Lime Chevy is now Wilbur Romeo (Rome-ayo) Mann. He is absolutely spoiled rotten and a complete sweetheart. He loves water and has been boating and kayaking. His new family are avid skiers and he is seriously considering getting on some skis (as we put them on he swims out and tries to stand on them with us). Have a happy life, Wilbur Romeo.
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Light Pink Twixie
This lucky girl was adopted by a family who was interested in a low-key dog, but had never owned a BC. She found the right fit and will be spending her days playing with her human sister, and learning how to be a great companion. Have a wonderful life, good girl!
Female, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Brody's doing great in his new home! After some mild stress and anxiety, an improved diet and lots of attention and time outdoors, he is a happy and balanced dog. He goes for hikes and walks to the store, and loves the miles of bike ride runs with his dad. His favorite thing to do, is to wake up his dad every morning with his wet nose in the face! Enjoy our new life, Brody. He's learned a lot of new tricks and is so eager to please. I think the only improvement in Brody's life would be some sheep for him to herd. Alas, he'll have to wait!
Male, Est. DOB 12/10/2004
Joy, now named “Tula,” has shown her new family that she is an amazing dog! Tula is a sweet girl that loves to be with her new family. She loves to play with a Frisbee and can do some amazing stunts when catching the Frisbee. She loves to go to baseball games and taking long walks with the family. Sounds like you found a great match.
Female, Est. DOB 3/23/2010
Yellow Piper
He is enjoying life in the high country, with a ABCR alumni sister. Together they enjoy the smell of the pines while out for a walk or hike with the family, or playing ball in the backyard or at a nearby park. Enjoy your new family, and stay cool!
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Cherokee was brought to us, by no fault of her own when her owner passed away. Her new mom is a perfect fit for Cherokee, and they go everywhere together meeting all kinds of people and dogs. She has turned into a beautiful girl, and loves everyone. She occasionally gets a visit from some smaller humans (grandchildren) and enjoys the extra love they are willing to give her. Happy life, Cherokee.
Female, Est. DOB 1/1/2004
Ever since the day Jag went to his forever home, he has proven to be a true border collie. He loves all toys, frisbees and WATER, but when it's time to mellow out, he will always abide and lay in your lap and wait to be petted and loved. He enjoys helping his dad water the outside plants (well, if watering planets means to get in the way of the water hitting the plants). Enjoy your new life, Jag!
Male, Est. DOB 6/1/2008
Blue Ole
Ole has had a very exciting 1st year of his life - experiencing everything from road trips, hiking and agility. His best pal is his 8 year old canine sibling Pepper, who he loves to wrestle and play with every day. According to his dad, he takes everything in stride and makes the humans laugh every day.
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Dodger - Teal Male
Dodger has adjusted very well to his new life in Canada with his three adopted sisters. He has begun his training to prepare him to be an agility dog and early indications suggest he will excel at the sport. He is very smart (figured out how to open a baby gate in a few days) and loves to learn new things. At five months, he knows "sit," "down," "stay," "leave it," "come," and can perform the table and tunnel for agility. He loves everyone (humans, cats, dogs, etc). Happy life, Dodger!
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Magenta Ray
Ray came into rescue with his nine littermates and two adult dogs. After weeks of being taken care of like royalty, he found his new home with a previous ABCR adopter. He has grown into such a handsome boy and is loving the new experiences he faces each day. Enjoy your new life, Ray!
Male, Est. DOB 12/21/2011
Lumos (now called Emmett) is a lucky boy who gets to spend his life with his foster mom's daughter and family (including his three very excited new human brothers). The boys have been wanting a dog of their own for a while and are eagerly taking Emmett on his daily walks. They've been "kid-testing" their grandparents foster dogs for some time - now they've got their very own border collie. Have a happy life, Emmett!
Male, Est. DOB 10/1/2007
Sammy was adopted into a very active family, who enjoys dailys jogs around the mountain park near their home, camping, swimming, hiking or just playing at the local dog park. There will never be much downtime in this home. Happy trails, Sammy!
Male, Est. DOB 1/1/2011
Tatie, previously named Kira, came to us with her 10 beautiful puppies, and is now living the carefree life without fear of ever having to be on her own again. Her new family is home most of the day, and enjoy going for walks and hiking. Tatie will live out the rest of her life in a loving home.
Female, Est. DOB 6/1/2009
Sweep is enjoying his new life with a "rescue" friendly home in Chandler, where he has a canine sibling who enjoys his daily company. His new family spends time in the high country to get out of the heat, so he will get to enjoy some new outdoor adventures. The whole family takes weekly trips to the dog park, where he gets to run until he can't run no more. Enjoy your new life, Sweep. This is how it's supposed to be.
Male, Est. DOB 1/22/2011
Lyric (TX)
Lyric The Brave was one of the dogs that came along with the Texas 21. She was very skittish and had very little trust in humans. After almost nine months in foster with ABCR, Lyric found her wonderful forever family. Her new family was looking for a dog that needed them, and Lyric stole their hearts. They have made astounding progress with her -she's already found that frisbees are way cool and she enjoys her visits to the dog park. Here's to your new lease on life Lyric! WAY TO GO!
Female, Est. DOB 11/13/2007
Lila is a shy, low-drive girl, due to the environment she came from, but she may have found her calling as a therpy dog. Her new mom enjoys spending time at a nearby nursing home, and wants to be able to take her, too. Until that time, she will enjoy walks in the desert or quiet play time at home with her new canine sibling and mom. Happy trails, Lila and good luck with your new life.
Female, Est. DOB 9/11/2008
Dita came into rescue with her sister, and both are now enjoying life in their new homes. Dita will be starting obedience and agility classes soon, but until that time, she will be getting use to her new surroundings and spending time with her new mom. Daily walks and playtime are on her daily agenda now - what a great life to have. Enjoy!!!
Female, Est. DOB 3/24/2010
After a rough start to life, Abby is now a permanent member of her foster home. She enjoys her days with an Aussie/BC sibling and a mom who loves her dearly. She has the possibility of training in agility, but until that time, she is living life to the fullest. Happy days, Abby.
Female, Est. DOB 9/18/2011
Finley (TX #11)
Pima (aka Finley, TX #11), is the joy of his new family. He has a 12 year old BC brother who he spends his days with hiking, playing with squeaky toys (his favorite thing), going for car rides to the local PetPeople store (where he knows he will get a cookie) or just enjoying life, Border Collie style! He is very smart, as he learned his new name in just a few days and is bilingual (learning commands in German). Enjoy your new life, Pima.
Male, Est. DOB 11/14/2006
Kyle, now Arrow, has found his forever home with his Sahuarita foster family. He enjoys hikes and jogs and riding in the truck and is starting to play with toys and realize life can be fun instead of scary. Most especially loves belly rubs, head pats and his own bed. Have a great life Arrow!
Male, Est. DOB 11/21/2010
Lily, formerly known as Reba, is fitting in nicely with her new Gilbert family. She enjoys daily walks with her BC brother, and her new parents are hoping to get her and her brother into Frisbee. Good luck in your training and enjoy your new life, Lily
Female, Est. DOB 6/10/2011
Teak, has found his forever home with a great couple in Chandler, and a house full of cats. I hope he's ready to be out-numbered, but I'm sure he can handle himself. His new mom is hoping to get him involved in agility, but he may do better at herding (he can get a lot of practice at home) :) Best of luck, Teak.
Male, Est. DOB 9/18/2011
Cheyenne is showing her new family how quickly she can learn new skills, and is exceling at everyone one of them. Shy at first, she has proven to trust and love everyone (and every dog) she meets. She enjoys hiking every morning "off leash" where she gets to play fetch with a ball or frisbee. Due to her focus and disposition, she is now enrolled in training to become a therapy dog. Keep up the great work, Cheyenne and enjoy your new life.
Female, Est. DOB 3/24/2010
Seeker found his forever home with a Mesa family who adores their “rescues”. His new family is very active, and includes two canine siblings. He can look forward to daily bike rides or walks and playing Frisbee at the park. Who wouldn’t want this life? Good job, Seeker.
Female, Est. DOB 8/26/2010
Alder's foster family loves him and has decided he should live with them forever. He's such a good boy and loves their home and his new sister. GSC
Male, Est. DOB 6/10/2007
Chip (TX #31)
Chip, another one of our loving, Texas dogs, is living the good life in Las Vegas! He has a new canine brother and feline sister, as well as a new mom who loves him dearly. His days consist of visits to the dog park, hanging out with mom and even learning Flyball (but not to compete - only for fun). He probably never thought life could be this funv . . . until he met his new mom. You hit the jackpot, Chip!
Male, Est. DOB 4/14/2007
Aiden has found an active family to share his life with. His new adventures will include camping, hiking, daily walks or just hanging out at home playing with his people. Happy life, Aiden.
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2009
Lexi is a ball of furr and a great asset to her new family. She loves to boss around her canine sibling, but is very gentle with the small humans (grandchildren). She loves to play ball, and will sit and stare at you until you throw it again. Due to an injured member of the family, she may get tested to be a therapy dog because she has been a great help in the healing process. Good luck in your new adventures, Lexi.
Female, Est. DOB 8/17/2011
Ranger, previously known as Cedar, has found his new home with an active family who enjoys daily walks, camping, hiking and the occasional run. He will share his new home with a young feline, who will hopefully keep him on his toes. Have a happy life, Ranger.
Male, Est. DOB 9/18/2011
Dex will be living a happy life with a family of six and a 3.5 acre farm in Gilbert. Not only will he have plenty of humans to share play time with, but he will be learning how to help out on the upcoming farm. We all know how much border collies enjoy a job . . . Enjoy life to the fullest, Dex.
Male, Est. DOB 3/12/2011
Honey is the newest addition to Gilbert, and will be relocating to the White Mountains soon. Her family says her name suits her perfectly, as she is truly a honey. There she will be able to run in open spaces with her canine sibling, Bailey, and play in one of her new favorite things - SNOW! Happy days are ahead, Honey!
Female, Est. DOB 8/17/2011
Reid was adopted by his foster mom so that he'll have a forever family. He lost his fight with disease. RIP, Reid. You were loved.
Male, Est. DOB 7/20/2011
Wii, now named Dizzie, has a lot of energy. She has turned into the perfect running partner for her new dad and human sibling. She will also get the opportunity to train in Search and Rescue and Order Detection. She definately has a lot of opportunities and has found someone to keep up with her energy level. Happy running, Dizzie!
Female, Est. DOB 1/9/2011
Austin is not one of this litter who had many symptoms of illness while in Texas or here. However, on December 18th he began having frequent seizures (every 30 minutes). He had neurological damage and it was decided to release him from pain. Austin was adopted by his loving foster family.
Male, Est. DOB 9/18/2011
His days of hardship and fear are over and it's nothing but blue skies from now on for the handsome, young pup. It's safe to say that Donovan and his new Dad will soon become great buddies and that Donovan will get and give much affection and happiness for the rest of his days. Enjoy your happy life, Donovan.
Male, Est. DOB 5/20/2011
Dusty hit a rough spot in his life, but things are now turning around. He is now enjoying his senior years with an young, active couple who enjoy walks, running, hiking and lots of time at the dog park. Dusty will share his new home with a Beagle who loves canine companions. Welcome to your new life, Dusty!
Male, Est. DOB 1/3/2002
Tyce, now called Tip, was depressed and scared (ears down, tail tucked, etc) when he went to his new home, but after a short time he is walking (or as his owners say, prancing) two miles a day on a beach in Mexico, tail is wagging and his ears are in the upright position. He has come out of his shell and is enjoying his new, happy life. Way to go, Tip!
Male, Est. DOB 10/11/2003
Lacey, as she is called now, is spending her time in both Phoenix and Oak Creek Canyon with her new family who love her dearly. Her newest challenge is to be able to run when her family goes biking, and not knock anyone over. Enjoy your new adventures, Lacey.
Female, Est. DOB 12/5/2010
Scout's new family was looking for a companion dog to spend time outdoors with, and ended up taking home two wonderful, rescue dogs. Scout and Baylee now spend their days taking walks, hanging out with their new humans or playing frisbee at the park. Their family had lots of love to give, and Scout (and Baylee) are in it for the long haul. Enjoy your new home, Scout.
Male, Est. DOB 5/8/2006
Rosie will be enjoying her days being spoiled as much as possible. Her BC brother, Andrew, has welcomed her into their home and is enjoying her company while their dad is at work. Daily walks and trips to the dog park are now part of her regular routine. Enjoy your new life, Rosie!
Female, Est. DOB 11/11/2010
Bryn, now named Bryan after the brilliant, talking dog from "The Family Guy" cartoon, has taught his new family how sweet, loving and smart he is. Just 3 days after moving to his new home, he decided to make a run for it after the wind blew open the gate and run around the culdesac. After a long chase and folks running after him in their pajamas, he was stopped before heading over a bridge by obediently "sitting" and panting hard from a good run. :-0) He goes to work with his mom every day and spends his lunch time playing with canine friends. He enjoys hiking, going to the dog park and cuddle time with the family. Enjoy your new life, Bryan!
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2008
Baylee's new family was looking for a companion dog to spend time outdoors with, and ended up taking home two wonderful, rescue dogs. Baylee and Scout now spend their days taking walks, hanging out with their new humans or playing frisbee at the park. Their family had lots of love to give, and Baylee (and Scout) are in it for the long haul. Enjoy your new home, Baylee.
Female, Est. DOB 5/1/2004
Nellie had a rough start when she came into rescue, but has finally found her forever home in Phoenix. Her family enjoys spending time outside, and love to include her in all of their activities, from swimming, daily walks and even the occasional jog. It looks like you find the right place, Nellie. Have a good life.
Female, Est. DOB 12/6/2010
Codie is loving his new life, where he enjoys playing with whatever is in his big bag of toys, daily walks, and making his new family smile and love him every day. He gives unconditional love, but also enjoys getting it. Enjoy your new life, Codie.
Male, Est. DOB 11/14/2009
From banished to the back yard to treasured only pet, Splitz has found his forever home in Gilbert. He will visit one of our long time foster/adopters whenever his Dad is away from home. He loves hikes, playing and being a "best buddy". Have a happy life, sweet boy!
Male, Est. DOB 10/21/2007
Lucy has found her forever home with a loving couple who will enjoy taking her on daily walks, trips to the park and traveling around our beautiful state. She will be the only dog, but will occasionally enjoy the company of a family members BC. Welcome to your new life, Lucy!
Female, Est. DOB 2/2/2009
Keeley has found her new home in Gilbert, where she enjoys the love of a large family, including another canine sibling and some chickens. She enjoys her new morning routine of running at least 2 miles with her mom, and is so excited that there are times that she is so wiggly that her mom can't get her harness on her fast enough. Each day is a new adventure for her, and she now knows how to live life to the fullest. Good luck, sweet girl.
Female, Est. DOB 1/2/2011
Sierra (TX #9)
Sierra (now named Shena) is loving life with her new family and her canine sibling (ABCR Maggie, aka Mag-pie). They had a few days of adjustment and are now BFFs and everybody is happy. Have a wonderful life, Shena! You're a lucky girl.
Female, Est. DOB 4/14/2008
After Aspen came into rescue, she made a trip to the vet for a check up and found her forever home. She has learned many new tricks, such as shutting a book and placing her head on it when her mom says "Time for homework". She is active in agility, herding and was TDI tested and passed with flying colors. She now joins her has now been TDI certified to visit children at a local hospital. Enjoy your new, active life Aspen.
Female, Est. DOB 10/22/2010
Teddy (TX #4)
Taff, as now known in his new home, is happier than he's ever been. He is enjoying daily walks, evening play time and will be sunning himself by the pool as soon as it's warm enough. This is one lucky boy to have found such a wonderful, active family. Enjoy your new life, Taff!
Male, Est. DOB 4/14/2005
Bear Bear, as she is now called, is living a great life with many brothers and sisters. You wouldn't know her age by the way she jumps up and down when it's time to go for her daily walk. Have a happy life, Bear Bear.
Female, Est. DOB 9/5/2002
Bea has found her new home on 5 acres, which she shares with another BC and 2 cats (one of which she loves to follow around). She loves playing fetch (with anything from balls, rope or even a pine cone), going to the dog park and riding in the truck. She will be experiencing a few road trips in her future, but she is most happy being a country girl. Keep on truckin', Bea!!
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2002
Colby Jack had a rough start to his new home, but has proven to his humans that he is smart and can learn most anything you teach him. He has taken on the role of King Fly Slayer, and uses his agile leaping abilities to snatch them out of the air. It's a rough time being a fly around his new house. He isn't much for fetch, but will clumsily play with a ball from time to time. He takes kindly to affection and enjoys cuddling on the couch with one of his parents, or is quite content quietly chewing on his bone when mom and dad have had enough kisses for the night. Happy hunting, Colby Jack.
Male, Est. DOB 10/9/2009
Brooke (now called Bailey) reports that they could not have picked a more perfect dog for our family. Bailey is so sweet and easy going. She just fit right in. The first day she came home she played in the sprinklers with our dog Murphy, went for a long walk with the family, had a bath and brushing, and her dinner, then slept at our feet under the dinner table. She had a big day. She now sleeps in one of the girls' rooms either with them or on the floor. She also loves her big doggie bed right next to Murph. She is eating just fine and seems very Happy and content. Other than a few little stuffed animals with no eyes, she has been great. Her official name is Bailey but the girls call her "Bailey Boo Boo Bear". Have a happy life, Bailey!
Female, Est. DOB 10/6/2006
Ripley was saved from death by ABCR and turned on the charm with his foster dad - who quickly made him part of his permanent family, along with a lab and an aussie. His favorite pasttime is to knock over the kitchen trash and sift through all of the goodies. His dad doesn't like this hobby and is trying to break him of it. He is always ready to go for a hike on the weekends and helps his dad teach a foundation class for agility. He brings joy to every life he touches. Have a great life, Ripley.
Male, Est. DOB 1/21/2011
Calleigh is enjoying her new life in Waddell, Arizona, where she has a canine sister to run around and play with all day. Her sister has warmed up to her a lot and they now share bones and their bed (which is really a couch in the spare room). Have a great life, Calleigh.
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2008
Eli (TX#42)
Eli, who is now called Shadow, has learned that life is worth living when being cared for and loved by the right person. He has had a few bumps in the road along the way, but is doing great. He enjoys daily walks with his mom, meeting new friends at the dog park and looks forward to the occasional visit by family members. Enjoy your new life, Shadow!
Male, Est. DOB 4/21/2009
Ray is enjoying his new life in Phoenix, where he enjoys trips to the dogpark to meet a new friend who he may compete against to chase a ball or trys out his herding capabilities (or so he thinks). He has the most amazing facial expressions you would not expect from a dog. He is a cuddler and has settled into his new home as if it was his this whole time. Have a happy life, Ray!
Male, Est. DOB 3/13/2010
Wiley Coyote
Wiley Coyote is jumping for joy now that he has a forever family to love and cherish him. He will be spoiled, as he is the only dog of the family. His family loves to go for walks, swimming or just being homebodies. He's recently learned how to swim, so he will be looking forward to water time in the summer. Happy days are ahead, Wiley!
Male, Est. DOB 4/28/2004
Hanks new Phoenix family cannot be happier since he arrived. He has a BC mix sister, Lola, and enjoys going for daily walks and for rides in the truck. His human brother calls him his little brother and loves to snuggle with both Hank and Lola. It looks like you've found a great home, Hank. Enjoy life to the fullest.
Male, Est. DOB 10/15/2009
Lumen, now Nellie, is doing fantastic! Nellie and her new brother Nick chase, dog wrestle, and get into trouble together! She’s not been in a crate since she went to her new home. She sleeps soundly in her new pink bed every night, hikes daily off leash in South Mountain. Nellie loves her obedience class, although she spends more time in class kissing and nuzzling the other dogs than she does paying attention! Her favorite activity is simply running! Running through the desert, the forest, or the golf course! We took Nellie and Nick to a lure course and although she was not interested in chasing the lure, she sure loved to chase Nick as he chased the lure. Nellie has gone camping with us, and insists on sleeping with us when the coyotes start howling. She has learned her basic commands of sit, come, down, and we’re still working on stay. My husband and I think she’s a very special little girl. Good girl Nellie!!
Female, Est. DOB 3/9/2010
Queenie quickly fastened herself to her foster mom and stole her heart. She enjoys going to the dog park with her pack, but stays fastened to her family since she panics if she loses sight of them. Queenie is a very quiet girl and is very loved. Enjoy the rest of your life in your new home, Queenie.
Female, Est. DOB 6/17/2001
Rascal is enjoying his new life by playing ball, running around with his humans (and their friends) and has just experienced his first hiking adventure. His family says he is a "goofy ball of energy" and makes them laugh every day. Even though he doesn't look like a border collie, he still has the spirit. Best of luck to you, Rascal.
Male, Est. DOB 8/1/2011
Chance has stolen the hearts of his foster family and is now enjoying his new life in Gilbert. He spends his days with a neighbor dog watching the pasture, jumping in the air to try and catch birds and playing chase with his BC brother, Belikin. He's as loyal as they come. Enjoy your new life, Chancy Dog!
Male, Est. DOB 6/10/2006
Grace (TX #23)
Grace has come a long way from living in filth to finding a loving foster mom who couldn't bare to let her go. She is living the good life with many other BC siblings in a fun, loving, and active home. Enjoy your new life, Grace!
Female, Est. DOB 4/14/2008
Baylee's new family was looking for a companion dog to spend time outdoors with, and ended up taking home two wonderful, rescue dogs. Baylee and Scout now spend their days taking walks, hanging out with their new humans or playing frisbee at the park. Their family had lots of love to give, and Baylee (and Scout) are in it for the long haul. Enjoy your new home, Baylee.
Female, Est. DOB 5/1/2004
Eve (TX #37)
Eve captured the heart of everyone she met, and is now living with her new family in beautiful Colorado. She has a big yard to run in, other dogs on the other side of every single fence, and she LOVES to bound through the snow. Her eye surgery was a success - and while her vision is still not 100%, her improved ability to see has helped her to come out of her shell drastically. Every day she asks for a little more affection. Enjoy the new sights, Eve.
Female, Est. DOB 4/14/2008
Tazor had a few challenging months when he came into rescue, but he's finally found his forever home in Tucson. He spends his days exploring 6 acres of property while assisting his family with the daily chores. If he didn't know what a horse was before he came into rescue, he will get that opportunity now. Enjoy the great outdoors, Tazor. You definately deserve it.
Male, Est. DOB 11/1/2010
Sarah (TX #15)
Sarah, one of the special Texas dogs, made sure she stole the heart of her foster parents and will be part of their family forever. She enjoys her days by playing with her many canine and feline siblings, going for walks, or hanging with dad while mom is at work. I think she hit the jackpot with this family and will never have to live in a crate or wonder if she will get fed again. She's a special girl and will give as much love as she is given. HAPPY LIFE, Sarah.
Female, Est. DOB 7/1/2010
Willow is enjoying her new life in New River, where she gets to play, hike and enjoy walks with her new family. She definately hit the jackpot with this family, as it includes three canine siblings and a few feline siblings as well. Willow and the cats have reached a mutual understanding :) Good luck in your new home, Willow.
Female, Est. DOB 3/30/2010
Dexter has found his forever family, and is spending his days being a companion dog for his human brother. He has found a family who enjoys spending time outdoors swimming, biking or just hanging out together. He is definately part of the family and will always feel loved. Have a good life, Dexter!
Male, Est. DOB 5/2/2011
Carlos is enjoying his new Phoenix home, as he has three canine siblings to run around and be crazy with. He loves meeting new people, playing tug and secretly stealing things from the house and taking them in the backyard to play with (most recently was the christmas tree skirt). Enjoy your fun-filled life Carlos.
Male, Est. DOB 4/29/2010
Lindy's new life started out a little rough, but she's now enjoying her days with an active family. She goes on dailys walks/runs, enjoys going for rides in the car (what BC does not love this?) and her daily naps. When not being active, she loves spending quality time with her humans and has never felt so loved. Way to go, Lindy!
Female, Est. DOB 8/12/2010
Cesar has joined a loving Mesa family, including his BC brother Pete (a former adoptee from ABCR). "The twins", as the family calls them, love going for walks, playing ball in the yard, camping (where they can chase squirrels and fetch pinecones). Cesar is a social butterfly and enjoys being attached to his human brother, whereas his brother, Pete, tends to stick with the ladies :) Enjoy your new home, Cesar!
Male, Est. DOB 2/12/2011
Beacon (TX #13)
Rusty (previously Beacon TX #13) is now learning how life should be in Scottsdale. He has two BC siblings to play with and has fit in nicely to his new family. He knows he is in this family for life and that he will be taken care of forever. Have a great life, Rusty.
Male, Est. DOB 4/14/2008
Brody has settled quite nicely into his new Gilbert home and is very happy his new sister is obsessed with chasing balls! This gives Brody lots of time to participate in his favorite activity - running around her with a toy (or three if he can manage it) in his mouth, growling like a bear while killing a squeaky toy! He loves walks, and going to the park, especially if there is toy time involved. Enjoy your new life, Brody!
Male, Est. DOB 2/14/2004
Carson (TX #33)
Carson has captured the hearts of his foster Mom and Dad, who have decided that they can't part with him. He joins an active family with two border collies. He's blossomed in their care and adores his canine siblings. Have a happy life, Carson!
Male, Est. DOB 4/11/2008
Sweet Tyler went to the Bridge after a short battle with Valley Fever. RIP precious girl.
Female, Est. DOB 8/1/2008
Puka is enjoying her new Phoenix family, who love to take her for walks, running or playing at the park. Ball chasing is a joy for Puka, as well as chasing other dogs at the park. Every day ahead is going to be a good one for you, Puka.
Female, Est. DOB 6/28/2008
Vixie, now named Lexie, is a wonderful addition to her Glendale family. Although she was very timid and shy when she started this new adventure, she's now feeling more comfortable and secure. She loves playing with her big sister, Jenna, who is also an adoptee from AZBCR. She goes on daily walks and weekend hikes and behaves nicely on her leash. She's still a little uneasy when it comes to car rides, but is finding that they can be fun. Happy trails to you, Lexie.
Female, Est. DOB 4/1/2011
Maggie is living the good life in Apache Junction with two feline siblings and her big, BC sister (a former AZBCR adoptee) Lexie. She loves to swim, go for walks, and travel with the family. She is very energentic, but I'm sure her family will come up with more ways to wear her out. Enjoy your new life, Maggie!
Female, Est. DOB 12/28/2010
Blue is settling in quite nicely to her new Flagstaff home, where she loves running around on the disc golf course and walking around downtown Flagstaff. She absolutely loves riding in the car, which will be great for future road trips. Enjoy your new life, Blue!
Female, Est. DOB 10/1/2010
We had her in rescue for about a week. She was gently loved, this sweet loving dog. She began to fail and testing revealed likely cancer or severely advanced Valley Fever. Lady was adopted to her loving foster parents and has made her journey to the Bridge. RIP Lady.
Female, Est. DOB 7/28/2001
This lucky dog has been adopted by a family who has a long history with ABCR. The new adopters parents and brother have been previous adopters, dating back about 8-9 years now. Scooter joins an active family, who already has a BC/Aussie mix. Scooter will be involved in swimming, camping, runs on the beach in So. California, everything a young border collie can enjoy. Happy life, Scooter!
Male, Est. DOB 4/26/2009
Jesse (TX #26)
Jesse is living the good life with his new mom as a volunteer for the National and State Parks. Not only will he be enjoying new sights in Arizona, but they will be traveling to California, Wyoming and then back East. As he loves to ride in the truck, he will be loving life when it's time to go cross country. Happy trails, Jesse!
Male, Est. DOB 4/14/2009
Ajax is loving the high country with his new, Flagstaff family. He is a best buddy to his human siblings, who enjoy playing fetch with him, teaching him new tricks and taking him on hikes. His new dad may even want to try agility or herding in the future. Sounds like there are a lot of possibilities for you, Ajax. Enjoy your new life!
Male, Est. DOB 7/7/2007
Ringo has found his forever home with his new dad and best buddy in Phoenix. Ringo’s special appeal is how friendly he is with everyone he meets. The extended family have taken Ringo up to the lake a few times and he had a blast. Ringo's dad recently took him on his first camping trip, Ringo loved every minute of it, more camping and hiking are in Ringo's future. Ringo's dad looks forward to playing with him every day after work. The whole extended family just loves Ringo and are so glad to have him in their lives. Good boy, Ringo!
Male, Est. DOB 4/9/2010
Molly (Now called "Mauley") loves her new Tucson family. She constantly carries around her tennis ball hoping that someone will throw it for her. She gets very excited when she hears the word w-a-l-k. Her new Tucson family loves her, and from her pictures you can see the feeling is mutual. Have a happy life, Mauley!
Female, Est. DOB 1/3/2006
Pete (aka Mr. P) has finally found his forever home with a loving family who absolutely adore him. Pete loves to play fetch (either with his ball or a stuffed bunny), hang out in the sprinklers in the pool and enjoys daily walks. He is is quite a snuggle bug too. He loves hanging out on the couch with the kids, loving on them. Pete is so gentle and a warm and loving soul. We have even taking Pete camping! Pete is a GREAT camping pup, I think he really enjoyed it. Enjoy your new life, Pete!!!
Male, Est. DOB 6/21/2009
Kathryn lived her last 8 months happily with her foster Mom and three canine siblings (plus occasional other fosters) in Tempe. She enjoyed a big soft dog bed and trips to the dog park. Rest in peace, dear Kathryn.
Female, Est. DOB 11/11/2000
Jefferson is a sweet boy who loves his new foster Mom, and the feeling is mutual. He just joined his foster family as a permanent member! He has lots of canine siblings and he enjoys romping with them, and hanging out with Mom and Dad too. Happy life, Jefferson!
Male, Est. DOB 6/1/2009
Jasmin (now Gracie) has joined a family who previously adopted their BC Gunnar from ABCR. They are very patient and understanding with her shyness and realize it is not an overnight fix. She is already hiking for 60-90 minutes every morning with them and going on nightly bike rides with the family. She has got it made! And Gracie and Gunnar are getting along super. Coco, their chi, loves Gracie too.
Female, Est. DOB 3/18/2009
Reaghan is settling in just fine in her new Gilbert home. The family enjoys spending time in the pool (which Reaghan hasn't figured out yet), taking walks every day and hiking in Sedona (where she is a big hit). She also enjoys playing fetch with anyone who will throw the ball. Have a happy and exciting life, Reaghan!
Female, Est. DOB 6/2/2008
This happy go “Lucky” kind of boy (perfect name for him), has found his forever home with a great family who loves to spend time outside. Lucky will spend a lot of time playing frisbee at the park, going on walks, or just giving kisses or asking for belly rubs at home. You are a special boy, and deserve this great home.
Male, Est. DOB 5/26/2009
Chloe (formerly Penny) will be starting her new life in Gilbert, with a feline sibling and a lot of room to run by herself or with two horses. She will be enjoying the occasional game of frisbee or fetch, but as most border collies do, will find other ways to occupy her time. Enjoy your new life, Chloe. You deserve it!
Female, Est. DOB 10/31/2010
Lucy has been adopted into an agility-obedience focused family, and is living in New Mexico. She will enjoy her new life with a border collier and three Munsterlander siblings. Lucy will be able to join the family on hikes and help her mom when gardening. Enjoy your new home and new life, Lucy.
Female, Est. DOB 12/26/2008
Dylan (TX #2)
Dylan is a happy boy in his new Phoenix home. He is warming up to people steadily (women more than men). He LOVES playing ball, and has learned many skills, like waving his paw when he hears"gimme five", and has his basic obedience commands down (sit, stay, come, down). He is 3 weeks into basic agility class, and is learning rapidly. He and his canine brother Ben enjoy playing, but Dylan still has to control that overwhelming urge to herd. His little personality is just blooming and he is a sweet and loving companion. This is how life is supposed to be, Dylan. Enjoy it!
Male, Est. DOB 4/14/2008
Karma is enjoying her new life with three chihuahua siblings. Who knew that life could be this good! She will have plenty of play time during the day, but will be sure to share the same joy when her new mom gets home from work each day. Live it up, Karma!
Female, Est. DOB 12/19/2005
Kara is enjoying her new life with a Tempe family who has recently lost their BC/Jack mix. She is enjoying her days swimming, playing at the park or retrieving a ball that cannot possibly be thrown enough times. She has brought joy to this family again. Good luck in your new home, Kara!!
Female, Est. DOB 5/1/2008
Suzy (TX #16)
Suzy's foster Mom had a wish that Suzy be the first dog from the "Texas 21" puppy mill rescue to find her forever home. After she was diagnosed with cancer, we doubted that would happen. Boy, were we wrong! Suzy's story has touched the hearts of our most favorite Canadians and she will be joining ABCR Rowan and 9 other border collies at their home in Saskatchewan. Finally, Suzy girl got a break in life. We are "over the moon" with happiness for her!
Female, Est. DOB 4/14/2005
Willie (now Rudy) stole the heart of his foster mom and has become a part of her family. He has an Aussie sister, Lucy, who has done beginning agility training and is starting in herding. Rudy will likely get all the dogsports opportunities that he can handle. Have a great life, handsome boy!
Male, Est. DOB 12/28/2010
Baxter, previously called Roscoe, has signed on for an exciting outdoor life with his new family in Fountain Hills. he will accompany Mom and Dad on campouts, hiking or enjoying typical outdoor play. Have a great life, little man!!!
Male, Est. DOB 11/1/2010
Ozzie, previously named Baloo, has been spending a lot of time traveling with his new Phoenix family. He has now experienced snow for the first time, enjoying the outdoors, gone on several hikes and has learned what elk, deer, bear and moose look like (hopefully from a distance). He is working on some behavior issues, but has fit in nicely with his new family and Otis, a 10 year old canine sibling is enjoying his playfulness. Good luck in your new adventures, Ozzie!
Male, Est. DOB 4/1/2010
Ling has won the heart of her foster mom, and is now living a great life in Tucson. She will enjoy her days going for walks, bike rides, or just hanging out at home. Enjoy the good life, Ling.
Female, Est. DOB 12/25/2010
Ned’s been adopted by an active family in Tucson. He has 2 human siblings, a BC sister, 4 kitties, and 2 horses. He’s quickly taken to life on a 4 acre ranch. Ned loves hanging out with his new BC sister and playing a daily game of chase with one of the younger horses, a black and white paint. Ned’s been out on a few trail rides and is doing very well. His human big brother trains and plays with him every day. Ned’s new family says he is amazing, and they absolutely love him. We’re so glad Ned has found his perfect home!
Male, Est. DOB 7/3/2008
This handsome boy, Pacco, found his forever family at the Franciscan Renewal event in Fountain Hills. He will make FH his home with two feline siblings. His family enjoys the breed and can't wait to share their many outdoor activities with him, such as camping, hiking, sheepherding, frisbee, etc. Way to go, Pacco!
Male, Est. DOB 8/26/2008
Wheeler has blossomed into a loving pup in his forever home in Cottonwood, where he joins a previously adopted BC from AZBCR, Lucky. Once a shy boy, his new family has won him over with big bones and lots of lovin'. Enjoy your new life and home, Wheeler.
Male, Est. DOB 3/16/2009
Loki, formerly known as Bandit, won over the hearts of his foster family, who fell in love with him immediately. He has canine, feline and human siblings - what more could a puppy ask for? Once he gets a little bit older, his mom will start training him in agility, but until that time, he will enjoy his days doing things that puppies love. Have a wonderful life, Loki!
Male, Est. DOB 1/2/2011
Jenna is super excited about her new family, which includes a previous adoptee from AZBCR (Vixie). She loves spending time with her family on daily walks, weekend hikes or just relaxing at home. Your adventure is just beginning, Jenna.
Female, Est. DOB 4/15/2009
Jackson's name was changed to "Crash", because he is so high energy that he was crashing into everything while pursuing his toys and discs. He has been training with his new owner on frisbee discs, and is making excelllent progress. Every week he is jumping higher and making more acrobatic catches. He is still learning some obedience, but he has the basics down. It was also discovered that he loves water, especiallly the hose. He will chase the water stream everywhere you aim it and reallly likes to try and "eat" the water, It's quite hilarious. Keep jumping, Crash!!!
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2010
Ranger has found his forever home in Phoenix with a Mom (no guys, which suits him fine) and an Aussie canine sibling. They all take an hour morning walk together and on weekends and evenings enjoy a game of frisbee in the park. Potentially, there is agility training in Ranger's future. He is bonding quickly and seems content, which is really important for this boy. Have a wonderful life, Ranger. We love you!
Male, Est. DOB 1/11/2009
Suki is loving her new Mesa home and is making friends wherever she goes. She is very active and eager to please. She enjoys "herding" cats, ducks, chickens, coots, horses and goats. Her new mom is hoping to get her involved in "real" herding someday, but until that time they are enjoying working on the basics and taking long walks. She even enjoys the car rides to Starbucks. It sounds like you have found a wonderful home, Suki.
Female, Est. DOB 3/15/2008
Addy is loving her new Phoenix home, where she gets to go on daily walks and play fetch with her new mom. She will sit or curl up at your feet just to be near you. She is small and petite, but gives much love. Have a great life, Addy.
Female, Est. DOB 12/18/2008
Cedes has been adopted by a family in Scottsdale. She will be a cherished "only" pet at this time. She has the run of 1/4 acre property via doggie door, a teenage human sibling, and plenty of walks and games of ball to fulfill her life. She might find some friends in the two border collies who live next door. Have a great life, Cedes!
Female, Est. DOB 11/1/2010
Iris (now Josie) is doing wonderfully in her new home! Her house definitely looks like there is a puppy aboard, but the new owners are loving every minute of it. There are toys strewn through the whole house and she has taken a definite liking to some small pillows on their bed! But they love her!
Female, Est. DOB 10/6/2010
Prada has signed on for an active outdoor life. .going with Dad, Mom and new canine brother (a German Shorthair Pointer) on outings, camping, hiking, etc. She will enjoy running on the canal bank 3 days a week, learning tricks and playing ball in the yard and weekend trips to the dog park. Have a great life, little girl!!!
Female, Est. DOB 3/5/2010
Sassie has been an absolute joy and feel so lucky to have found her forever home in Phoenix. She has a very big personality and lives to play. She finds play in any and all opportunities. She spends time socializing with friends and neighbors and everyone who has meet her has commented on how wonderful she is and they all shower her with kisses on the top of her head. Now that the weather is cooling down, she will get to enjoy some time at the local dog parks with her new canine brother Bernie. Enjoy your new life, Sassie.
Female, Est. DOB 1/24/2008
Wes is finding out what it's like to be in a loving home with room to run and lots of playtime. His German Shorthaired Pointer sibling is keeping him busy, along with playing fetch, playdates at the dog park and hiking with the rest of the family. Enjoy your new life, Wes!!
Male, Est. DOB 3/22/2010
Happy Abby has been adopted by an ABCR foster Mom and active volunteer who recently met her at rescue event and was smitten. Abby turned on the charm that we all know sh has and won herself a forever home. She joins a previous ABCR adoptee in this active home where she'll have the opportunity for a variety of dogsports, if she likes them. Happy life, pretty girl!
Female, Est. DOB 7/13/2009
Lucky boy, Bryce, has been adopted by a great gal in Scottsdale. His new mom is excited to teach him to play ball and Frisbee, take daily walks, go camping and spend time boating in the summer. He may even get the chance to try out agility. Enjoy your new life, Bryce!
Male, Est. DOB 5/29/2010
Max has found his new home in Phoenix, where his new Dad is excited to start going on hikes and walks with him, as well as going to the dog park (when it cools down) to play fetch. Have a great life, Max.
Male, Est. DOB 2/8/2009
Danny Zak
Danny Zak (now called Finn) has joined a very active and dog-oriented family. Plans are for him to train in agility (as their other dogs have) and possibly flyball. He has a human sister and canine siblings as well. Our handsome boy is going to live a great life!
Male, Est. DOB 3/17/2009
Bud was adopted by a very active Flagstaff couple, who enjoy spending their time outdoors. The family enjoys going for walks, hiking, biking and anything else they can do outside. It looks like Bud has found his forever home. Enjoy your new life!
Male, Est. DOB 3/14/2006
Phantom Boo
Phantom "Boo" is enjoying his new life with an active family in Litchfield Park, where he now has a senior BC brother, two feline siblings and two rats to help occupy his time. He is enjoying going for walks, biking and playing frisbee / fetch in the park. He's not too sure about swimming yet, but there is still time. Enjoy your new life, Boo.
Male, Est. DOB 11/1/2010
Lambo is enjoying his new life with a former ABCR adoptee to show him the ropes of his new San Tan Valley home. He will get to explore the desert with his new Dad on the weekends, and just enjoy life to the fullest for many days to come. Happy life, Lambo!
Male, Est. DOB 11/30/2010
Lucky little guy, Reiley, gets to stay with his foster Mom and her pack of BCs. If you could see the way he looks at her, you'd know he's right where he wants to be forever. GSC
Male, Est. DOB 10/12/2010
Shadow (formerly Lex) has moved to Vail, Arizona, where he has his own acre to play on. He is quickly learning about cactus, horses, burros, and cows. He goes for a daily hike, and is on his way to becoming a top-notch trail dog. Enjoy your new life, Shadow!
Male, Est. DOB 5/1/2010
Sprite is bringing more life to her new Phoenix family, including another BC sibling who was previously rescued. She loves the weekends when her sibling brothers are home for their excitment but I think she is even happier when she has Mom all to herself on our kid-free weekends. Sprite has learned to ride in a car, sit, give her paw and, her latest trick is to fetch. One look in her eyes and you can see how much she loves to please and wants to learn anything that will make us happy (sounds like a happy BC, huh?). Sprite is a wonderful gift and amazing addition to her new family!
Female, Est. DOB 11/11/2010
Ace (formerly Denton) was found on a busy street, but is now loving his new home in Chandler with a family who loves the outdoors. He will enjoy going on hikes, playing ball at the park, or just spending quiet time at home. His new home has a pool, so he may learn how to swim if he doesn't know already. Enjoy your new life, Ace.
Male, Est. DOB 3/12/2009
Lil' B
Lil'B and her sister, Tipper, have won the heart of their foster Mom and they get to live their lives together forever. Awesome, girls!
Female, Est. DOB 12/25/2010
Tipper and her sister, Lil'B, have won the heart of their foster Mom and they get to live their lives together forever. Awesome, girls!
Female, Est. DOB 12/25/2010
Little Patch was adopted by her Tucson foster home. She loves playing with her feline siblings, going for walks, learning tricks and just having a great time. She will eventually get started in agility, but will enjoy her puppy life for as long as she can. Have a great life, Patch!
Female, Est. DOB 12/16/2010
Lady is doing very well in her new Chandler home, and has fit into the household quickly. Her new parents continue to work on her shyness problem and understand that may take some time. She is going for “Instinct” testing soon and is enrolled in Agility classes in June. She is very smart and is very easy to train. She goes to the "Bark Park” on a weekly basis and enjoys 3-4 mile daily walks. She has a canine sibling, Maggie, who loves having another canine in the family. Way to go, Lady!
Female, Est. DOB 2/13/2009
Button, previously known as Lee, has found her new home in Tucson, where she will be taught the lay of the land by her canine sibling Jack. Her parents are retired and spend half of the year in Colorado where they enjoy spending time with their horse. Enjoy your new adventures, Button.
Female, Est. DOB 12/25/2010
Teddy is now enjoying his new life with a very active Clarkdale family, who lost their BC best friend of 12 years. After searching for the right dog, Teddy is now able to call them his family. They enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, such as hiking, canoeing, walking and road trips. I think Teddy has found his place in the world. Best of luck to you, Teddy.
Male, Est. DOB 2/1/2006
Blue's new family would love to brag about him any time. He is his owners first dog, and she's totally in love with him. He gets to go to a ranch on weekends and play with other dogs, and go on rides with the horses. His face and spirit is what caused this instant attraction to his new family. He's gone through many weeks of socialization training through Sam The Dog Trainer.com. and he’s so happy now!
Male, Est. DOB 12/1/2010
Chloe would have loved to stay with her sister, but has found her forever home in Oro Valley. She shares her new home with two other canine siblings and one cat. Her new parents are retired, so she can enjoy walks every day or just relaxing on the couch. Have a good life, little girl!
Female, Est. DOB 12/19/2007
Simon has moved to Surprise, AZ with his new "folks" who we think are awesome and they will give him a great loving home and spoil him rotten and love him to pieces. As shy as he is, he readily jumped up in their club cab on his new doggie bed :=) What a lucky boy, he deserves it!!
Male, Est. DOB 12/30/2003
Banjo (aka Mescal) is a great addition to his new Phoenix family! He has a big buddy named Hooley (aka Panda, also from AZBCR). They love to play together and run at the park! He is a fun and sweet little guy-even the two cats like him! Enjoy your new life, Banjo!
Male, Est. DOB 10/12/2010
Zoey, formerly Lexy, in the words of her foster mother, a pistol. She is bright, energetic, inquisitive, brave and bold. She is always happy, always game for everything and is always entertaining to watch or interact with. Our 11 year old border collie is like a pup again trying to keep up with this zany puppy that now inhabits our lives. We are dabbling in agility training and working on breaking cat chasing. Zoey enjoys walks, car rides, playing with other dogs, toys and is an avid lizard observer. Keep up the happy life, Zoey!!!
Female, Est. DOB 11/30/2010
This dog and this owner both waited a while to find each other. The adopter applied last year to adopt a border collie, but his own dog became ill and he didn't want anything new added to upset her remaining time with him. She recently passed and he became interested in Katie, who has been on our website for two years (while she was with her previous owners) waiting for the right home to come along. Now it has and we expect Katie and her new "dad" to begin loving life together. Katie will have an acre property to explore and her new Dad will soon begin working part time, which will afford him the opportunity to spend even more time with her. They plan daily walks and lots of ball playing, and going everywhere together. We're so happy both of you have found each other!
Female, Est. DOB 2/2/2006
She is a sweet loving dog, who needs lots of petting, but is obedient, house-trained, and a minimum of trouble. She loves to run on the property and investigate her new world. Molly and her new family will be enjoying some time in the mountains this summer, so hopefully she will find that relaxing. Enjoy your new life, Molly.
Female, Est. DOB 1/11/2009
Rockie, aka Dot, started life on a rough note, but has now found a new life in Phoenix. Her new dad works outside and when she's older, will be able to accompany him on his daily routine. When she is a little older, she will be going on hikes or tagging along on bike rides as her new family tries to stay very active.
Female, Est. DOB 12/25/2010
Welcome to Peoria, Trooper!!!! He has learned many new commands (sit, down, stay, shake hands, high five, etc) since finding his new home. He has a senior, BC sibling who enjoys having him there to play tug o war with, run frantically throughout the house and yard, or just lay down and relax with. Tennis balls are another of his favorite toys (what border collie doesn't like tennis balls?). Enjoy your new life, Trooper.
Male, Est. DOB 10/15/2008
McKenna was adopted by a lovely lady who works in an elder care facility. McKenna is such a friendly, gentle soul who has a tail wag and a kiss for everyone she meets. The plan is for her to go to work every day with her new Mom and be a friend for all the facility residents. A great match for this special girl.
Female, Est. DOB 2/1/2005
Beau has found his new home in Gilbert, which includes two cats. His new mom is a vet tech, so he may be able to accompany her to work some days. The family enjoys hiking, boating, walks and biking, so Beau will be quite active in whatever the family is doing. Have a wonderful life, big guy!
Male, Est. DOB 11/21/2006
Glyn is enjoying his new life in Tempe, with a border collie family. His senior sibling is happy to share the house with him, and enjoys having him around. The family enjoys going on hikes and walks, and gets a thrill of how excited they get when going for car rides. Enjoy your happy life, Glyn!
Male, Est. DOB 10/1/2005
Lacy found her forever home with her foster family. She's her Dad's new BFF and loving it. Herding and all kinds of family fun in her future. Have a great life, pretty girl!
Female, Est. DOB 2/1/2008
Luigi (formerly Bradshaw and Rascal) is loving his new home in Surprise, and is sharing it with two canine siblings (who are also rescues). He has learned to swim, loves to play fetch and enjoys boating. He is a snuggler and has won the hearts of his new family. Best of luck, Luigi!
Male, Est. DOB 10/12/2010
Talyn (now named Lucy) joined a very active young family who have big plans for her. Her mom and human siblings have all gotten into the sport of agility and Lucy is already clicker training and getting into the action. We can't wait to see what this powerhouse of a dog in a small package will achieve! And she'll have all the love in the world and lots of fun doing it.
Female, Est. DOB 11/1/2010
MAGS (formerly Meg). . and on many occassion MAGPIE has foung her new home in Phoenix with a loving family who adore her. She loves to steal clothes and collect them on her bed, rather than destroy them. She loves to play ball games or any games for that matter. Loves to meet and greet other dogs and ther owners when out walking. One of the main differences from 12 weeks ago when we took her is her tail. . . .now a bushy, strong and flashing tail at that. She is now half way through intermediate dog training, she graduated with flying colors the 6 week basic training at Pet Smart. Mags loves 'school' . . pulls like crazy to get into class, otherwise her leash manners are impeccable. Good luck, Mags!!!
Female, Est. DOB 1/24/2010
Zia (formerly know as Emma) is doing wonderful and her Gilbert family is very happy to have her. Zia has wonderful house manners, loves to hang out with the family and LOVES to be brushed. She's been going to the dog park a lot, where she visits and runs with all of the other dogs. Best of luck to you, Zia.
Female, Est. DOB 12/4/2006
Chip has become his new Dad's constant companion. He is a photographer and works often from home. Dad and Chip also like to hike and walk together. Chip enjoys a large yard and has a pool available if he feels like swimming. A good dog's life.
Male, Est. DOB 12/31/2004
Spock passed a couple of tough interviews and has now found the perfect job! He's a wonderful purebred Border Collie that has found someone that is as busy as he is! He'll be living and working with his new BFF in Payson.
Male, Est. DOB 3/6/2010
Aldo, previously named Rincon, was adopted into a great Phoenix home with his sister Alex (formerly Artesia). His new dad is home a lot, so he shouldn't have a problem getting someone to throw a ball or go for a walk to the park. His new family enjoys hiking and the outdoors. Have a fun life, Aldo!
Male, Est. DOB 10/12/2010
Alex, formerly known as Artesia, was adopted into a great Phoenix home with her brother Aldo(formerly Rincon). Not only will they be able to keep each other company, but their new dad is home a lot, so she shouldn't have a problem getting someone to throw a ball or go for a walk to the park. Her new family enjoys hiking and the outdoors. Have a fun life, Alex!
Female, Est. DOB 10/12/2010
Andy is enjoying his new Tucson home with a great family who previously owned a border collie. His human sibling is active in 4-H and is anxious to start training Andy and teaching him commands and tricks. The family enjoys spending time outdoors and going for long walks. It looks like Andy found him a very active home. Have a wonderful life, little man!
Male, Est. DOB 10/21/2009
Sara Lou
Sara Lou (now just called Sara) found a great home in Tempe, where she has a new catahoula mis friend named Subi. They love to wrestle and play ball in the back yard. Sara loves playing tug-of-war with her rope toy, and fetch with her squeaky ball. She loves camping and trail running with her parents who enjoy mountain biking and running marathons. Great job, Sara!!!
Female, Est. DOB 12/18/2007
Josey, aka Jo, is enjoying her new life in Illinois. She has adapted quite well to her new home, and is learning how to deal with squirrels leaping from limb to limb, as she is used to chasing rabbits, lizards and birds. Thunderstorms also tend to scare her and she sits in the nearest lap she can find until it's over. It only gets better from here, Josey. Enjoy your new life!
Female, Est. DOB 12/26/2005
Brody's doing great in his new home! After some mild stress and anxiety, an improved diet and lots of attention and time outdoors, he is a happy and balanced dog. He goes for hikes and walks to the store, and loves the miles of bike ride runs with his dad. His favorite thing to do, is to wake up his dad every morning with his wet nose in the face! Enjoy our new life, Brody. He's learned a lot of new tricks and is so eager to please. I think the only improvement in Brody's life would be some sheep for him to herd. Alas, he'll have to wait!
Male, Est. DOB 12/10/2004
Grizz found his forever home and family in Scottsdale, where he has a feline sibling and two human brothers. The family is familiar with the breed and is enjoying taking him camping, to the lake and to the park. Sounds like you’re going to have a great life, Grizz!
Male, Est. DOB 11/10/2010
Rose (or sometimes she is called Rosie) is now a resident of Phoenix and loves her new family. She loves to fetch and chase the frisbee although she has not yet learned to catch it in the air, but it is a work in progress. She runs on a leash with her new dad, while he is riding his bike. Sounds like you found yourself an active home, Rose!
Female, Est. DOB 7/1/2009
Roxy has become an integral part of her foster family and they've decided she fits in well. Happy girl, Roxy, has her Mom and Dad and several canine siblings to keep her busy. She's also lost all her extra weight and is looking MARVELOUS! Have a great life, Roxy girl!
Female, Est. DOB 10/10/2006
Wilson is enjoying his new life in Tucson. He is a love sponge, knows how to have fun, happy and smart. He loves to go to the dog park and run and run while playing with other dogs. He is eager to go on our early AM walk or hike and to play with his volley ball in the late afternoon. Have a great life, Wilson.
Male, Est. DOB 8/24/2008
Sina was renamed to Lemon, after a character on 30 Rock. She is now living in Flagstaff where she is loving the snow, which for some reason it gets her really excited. She loves going on hikes and can go for hours. She is getting her new owners in shape because she is ready to go any time of the day. She also loves the dog park. She is currently in puppy training class and does really well, she should be graduating at the end of June. Great job, Lemon!
Female, Est. DOB 12/19/2009
Emily (now called Moment) has been adopted into an agility-focused family. They have an agility training business and train and trial with all their border collies. Moment has some really great dogs to show her the ropes and will have a great life in a very dog-oriented home. Have a wonderful like, Moment!
Female, Est. DOB 9/29/2010
Clyde found his new home this past January, with a loving family in La Pine. He has traveled in an RV to Oregon, and met lots of different people and their dogs along the way. He has proven to be good with other dogs, cats and people. Clyde looks forward to his daily walks and meeting all his friends along the way. He knows just where all the other dogs live. He and his family have a winter home in Arizona with a fenced acre and he loves to race around and chase the rabbits. In Oregon he has a fenced half acre and loves to race around and try to catch the squirrels. He hasn't quite figured out how to climb the trees, but given time he might. He thoroughly enjoys spending time at off-leash dog parks and we try to take him to them whenever we are in the area. Enjoy your new life, Clyde.
Male, Est. DOB 11/23/2009
Harley now resides in Oro Valley with his new family. He lovvvves the dog park, as he gets along with so many dogs. His two favorite things to do are chase other dogs as fast as they will go with him or to wrestle. Harley also passed a beginner obedience class about 2 months ago provided by the local Petsmart. He is set to start intermediate obedience classes May 18th. We know he will do great. Keep up the great work, Harley!!!!
Male, Est. DOB 3/1/2010
Riggs found his new home and family in Phoenix. His new family enjoys the energy and intelligence of the breed and is enjoying spending time hiking, walking and playing fetch with him. Have a wonderful life, Riggs!
Male, Est. DOB 11/11/2008
Ace is doing great in his new home. He goes for walks/runs most every day and then he swims laps in the pool when he gets home. He is totally water obsessed. He also have an 8-year old Aussie sibling, whom he gets along with very well. Have a great life, Ace.
Male, Est. DOB 12/1/2006
Chloe was adopted today by a great lady in Sedona who is looking forward to spoiling Chloe and giving her lots of love and attention. Not to mention her friends and nieces who couldn't wait to meet Chloe either! I have a feeling that Chloe has found her new, best friend. Have a great life sweet girl!
Female, Est. DOB 10/27/2006
Remi has moved to a rural area outside Albuquerque where she has a new Mom and Dad and an acre on which to romp. Her Mom has been borrowing dogs to practice herding, so Remi will get a chance to try her paw at that. Regular hiking and biking will be part of her routine. Sounds like a great life for a border collie. Have fun, Remi!
Female, Est. DOB 9/23/2007
Natalie (now Secret) has found her forever home with her foster Mom who plans to train her in disc dog, agility and whatever other active dogsports she desires. She has several canine siblings to teach her the ropes. Have a wonderful life, Secret!
Female, Est. DOB 9/29/2010
Jolene found a new home with a family in Paulden, with mom and dad and three active canine siblings. She will have the opportunity to train in agility and possibly herding or obedience for fun. Have a wonderful life, pretty girl.
Female, Est. DOB 2/28/2009
Martie's new name is Chava (meaning "life") and she's joined a wonderful border collie family in Payson, who foster for ABCR. Her new dad lost his best BC buddy recently and Chava loves the men in her life best, so this seems like a great match. Have a wonderful life, little girl!
Female, Est. DOB 9/29/2010
Kahlua's new family live in Chandler in a neighborhood with lots of potential for long walks. Her new folks had a beloved collie that they recently lost to cancer and they started looking for another dog of a herding breed. Kahlua is the lucky choice. Have a wonderful life together!
Female, Est. DOB 10/29/2007
Phoebe has kept her name and is absolutely loved by her new family. She has completed obedience and agility I and II at mlf dog sports. She truly enjoyed her classes and has come leaps and bounds. She is becoming much less timid and is letting her true personality shine. Her favorite things to do are hiking, running, and standing on the top stair of the pool but she especially loves chasing after tennis balls. We are so happy to have found her and can't wait to find more activities we enjoy doing together
Female, Est. DOB 5/1/2009
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu is greatly loved by her long time foster Mom, who gave a holiday gift to us, herself and Lucy Lu when she decided to finally adopt this lovely older dog. Happy New Year, Lucy!
Female, Est. DOB 8/20/1999
Dear sweet Artie was adopted by his foster Mom. He just became part of the family. Sweet old guy, few demands. Have a great life, Artie!
Male, Est. DOB 2/21/2003
Zack's new family lives in Casa Grande, AZ. He has Mom and Dad and four new human siblings, plus a cat to keep him busy. He should be able to find somebody around to throw him a ball or take him for a run. He'll enjoy camping trips and the dunes, going to the park or helping Dad coach baseball. Have a fun life, big boy!
Male, Est. DOB 3/29/2009
Ginger is now Daisy! Daisy is the second ABCR dog adopted by this family. Daisy and her new "BFF" head off to the dog park almost every day to run and play. Daisy loves her new human brother, she will lay down next to him and put her head in his lap. Good girl Daisy! Dad and Mom are gearing up for some hiking, so they’ve started K9 basic training with Daisy. The whole family is looking forward to many spring and summer camping trips. Have a great life Daisy!!!
Female, Est. DOB 9/24/2009
Mandy's new Mom plans to be with her 24/7 which will suit Mandy just fine. Walks, trips to the park, and playing with grandkids on occasion are planned. Mandy is a lower drive border collie who will thrive on this attention. A great match. Have a good life, sweet girl!
Female, Est. DOB 6/19/2007
A family in Phoenix found Cimarron (now named Lola) to be the puppy for them. She joins an active family with Mom and Dad and canine sibling, Jack, a border collie. The family enjoys biking and hiking and will probably see if Lola enjoys agility when she grows up a bit. Have a great life, little girl!
Female, Est. DOB 10/12/2010
Fiona (formerly Paloma) is loved by her new family and enjoys giving kisses to everyone and loves to have her tummy rubbed by anyone who will do it. She enjoys chasing her doggie house brother Romeo around the house and at the dog park. She has a schedule and will remind anyone who is home when it is time for her to eat. Unfortunately, she is afraid of the pool and tends to watch from inside the house. She also enjoys riding in the front seat of mommies car. It sounds like you are enjoying your new life, Fiona.
Female, Est. DOB 10/12/2010
Little Alvin found his forever home with previous ABCR adopters who decided that a pint-sized companion would be perfect for their family. Have a wonderful life, little guy!
Male, Est. DOB 11/13/2009
Alli is a unique young border collie, who enjoys a more relaxed view of life. Through a previous adopter, we found her a great match in Glendale with a woman and her daughter who were interested in a calmer companion for walking, hiking and just hanging out together. Have a wonderful, serene life, Alli!
Female, Est. DOB 7/1/2010
Murphy's new Dad has fond memories of his childhood border collie and is dedicated to the breed. He plans to have Murphy with him at work (retail ski and snowboard shop), as well as accompany him running, mountain biking and hiking. We're sure the Murphy is up to this active lifestyle. Have a great life together!
Male, Est. DOB 3/27/2009
Since her previous owner passed away, we wanted stability for Chandler and we got it immediately. Her foster Dad fell in love and she gets to stay right where she is. He's a very active guy and Chandler gets plenty of love and things to do. She goes hiking, jogging, to the dog park and camping with Dad and her new BC brother. Lucky girl!
Female, Est. DOB 10/19/2008
Our very special boy, Quinn, has been adopted by his foster Mom. She now has four ABCR border collies in her household and engages everyone in activities that they love. Quinn enjoys all his canine siblings and has a total zest for life. Have a great one, Quinnie boy!
Male, Est. DOB 6/27/2010
Friends of the foster home adopted Miss Jewel (now called Stella), so her foster family will get to see her happy in her new home forever. She's going to be a very active border collie with a canine sibling, a couple of cats, 3 horses, a mule and about 15 chickens to keep track of at home. "Mom" plans to teach Stella the art of trail riding, and running with her. Sounds like Stella won't be bored, for sure!
Female, Est. DOB 3/1/2010
Toby has become a Tucson resident, where he's going to learn to jog! He's already great on a leash and loves people, so accompanying "mom" on 2-6 mile runs daily and hiking the local trails should be right up his alley. He's an extremely social boy, so he will love her evening walks and coffee house visits and hanging out in the college area community. Have a great life, handsome boy, you deserve it!
Male, Est. DOB 10/25/2009
Raleigh has found his forever home with a nice couple in rural AZ on who will challenge this smart dog's active brain. Their previous border collies have learned lots of tricks and accompanied their people to equine events and other trips. He has a BC sibling named Buckaroo and three horses to get to know. This family was looking for a companion for exercise, agility, tricks and a travel partner. Sounds like a wonderful life for our very special boy! Love ya, Raleigh!
Male, Est. DOB 3/30/2010
Our girl Lexie has found her forever home with a pair of young retirees who have had border collies for over 20 years. She is living on 1.5 acres and enjoying daily romps and being with her family. They plan to pursue agility and/or herding with Lexie. Have a great life, Lex!
Female, Est. DOB 7/3/2009
Sarah's foster mom has fallen for her and she is staying right where she is to enjoy her new life. She has an active home and extended family who already adore her. She's great around the horses and Mom hopes to do herding, frisbee and possibly agility with her. Have a great life, Sarah!
Female, Est. DOB 9/4/2009
After 6 months with his new parents, Jasper is finally settle in to his new home in Flagstaff, AZ as an only child where he is showered with love and attention. He enjoys long walks on the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, hiking and traveling with his parents, jogging, and just hanging out. He also likes to visit the church were his parents attend to help out with projects. Jasper has been nominated as the official mascot of the the church hand bell choir. Jasper's favorite place in the house is in the kitchen - where loves to supervise and partake in the food preparation activities. Happy trails, Jasper!
Male, Est. DOB 9/4/2003
Our boy Brody has been adopted by a very cool guy who was looking for a new buddy. He plans all kinds of active times including hiking, and possibly agility, flyball, even some herding. It all depends on what the dog likes. We love that.
Male, Est. DOB 8/18/2005
Tim - Tigger
Oakley (new name) is enjoying life with his new family in Casa Grande. He has a 9 year old rescued Shihtzu companion and a teenage human brother, along with Mom and Dad. They were looking for a more active canine companion who would take daily walks with them and get involved in playing ball, etc. They met Oakley at the Franciscan Adoptathon event and decided he was the one. Have a great life, handsome fella!
Male, Est. DOB 10/27/2009
At long last, our dear Raye has found her perfect home. It's especially gratifying that Raye found a home where she LOVES her new canine sibling (a young female) since Raye had issues early on getting along with other dogs, particularly females. She and new sis - Bailey love to play tug. Raye also enjoys the company of her new parents and the family cat (who she likes giving kisses to). You're a special girl, Raye. Have a wonderful life!
Female, Est. DOB 11/13/2005
Ike is following a long line of border collies in his new family. They've had four successful rescued BCs prior to Mr. Ike. They were looking for a female BC companion, but they met Ike and he spoke to their hearts. They are now a happy family in Peoria, taking daily walks and just hanging out. Have a great life, Ike!
Male, Est. DOB 9/29/2007
Lucky lady, Zipp, has been adopted by a very nice couple in Mesa. He's a vet tech, she's a vet and they have four dogs already, all herding breeds. They have fallen for the BC dogs and plan to pursue herding/agility/flyball. Zipp's new folks are active - they run 5 days a week, 2-4 miles, twice daily. The dogs all travel with them on vacations to Michigan. Awesome spot for an active girl like Zipp! Have a great life!
Female, Est. DOB 7/18/2008
At long last, our girl Juniper has found her forever home with a very nice young couple who met her at the Franciscan Adoptathon. He plans to train her in search and rescue. They live near a mountain preserve and hike and jog regularly, and Juniper will join them in all their activities. Have a wonderful life, sweet girl!
Female, Est. DOB 7/17/2008
Jauquin, formerly Keamy, is enjoying his new life in Tucson, where his new parents will take him along on trail rides and possibly start him on some agility classes. Have a wonderful life, Jauquin!
Male, Est. DOB
Handsome BC Gunnar found a wonderful home in Flagstaff on a couple acres with Mom, Dad and SIX human siblings. There's pretty much always someone who wants to walk, run, swim, bike or play ball or frisbee, which suits this friendly guy just fine. Have a wonderful life together!
Male, Est. DOB 9/25/2009
Rocket (now called Yoshi) has found a new Mom in Phoenix who plans to train him in agility. They bonded immediately and Yoshi only has eyes for his Mom now. He has a canine sibling and fun border collies in his new extended family too. Have a great life, Yoshi! You're such a happy boy!
Male, Est. DOB 12/27/2009
Sneakers has joined an active, agility home in Phoenix, with two other canine siblings (one is BC). Once she is settled in, I'm sure they can show her how fun agility can be. Until then, her new mom is excited to take her for daily walks and spending time at the dog parks. Great job, Sneakers!
Female, Est. DOB
Gunther has settled right in with his new mom and dad and 4-legged spaniel pal, Teddy. He and his Dad recently completed a foundation and relationship course, and agility classes are definitely slated for the near future – Gunther’s a natural!! He also adores leaping to fetch balls at the local park where he lives in Glendale and romping in the backyard. It’s clear Gunther is thrilled to know he has a forever home with folks who love him!
Male, Est. DOB 10/1/2008
Little Champ came to ABCR from the Kingman shelter with pneumonia. Ultimately he had to be humanely euthanized. Poor little guy had a lot of fight in him, but ultimately wasn't strong enough. RIP little Champ. You were loved.
Male, Est. DOB
Savannah has found her forever mom in Avondale. Even though her new mom has never owned a border collie before, she is anxious to fill the void of a house with no dog. Savannah will be enjoying playing fetch, frisbee and possibly even agility training. Enjoy your new companion, Savannah. This is how life should be.
Female, Est. DOB
Haley is now enjoying her new life in Gilbert, that is filled with lots of family activities, which includes a couple of feline siblings and another canine sibling. The family enjoys swimming, bike riding, walks and taking the dogs to the dog park. Sounds like there is enough to keep this energized girl busy. Enjoy your new life, Haley.
Female, Est. DOB
Rocky, as renamed by his new family, didn't have to travel far to find happiness. His foster family adored him from a few hours after he arrived. This happy pup is content to be a "foster failure". He turned on the BC puppy charm and the rest was history.
Male, Est. DOB 4/1/2010
Dodge has been in his new home since October of 2010, and he's doing great!!! He was a very sick boy before he came into AZBCR but he has gained weight and is filling out nicely. He really has the sweetest personality! Dodge loves to lay in the back yard and relax in the sun or shade (depending on his mood!), and he never misses an opportunity to get treats. He also loves to go for walks and LOVES to ride in the truck. One of his canine siblings was a previous foster from AZBCR several years ago, and they love to play together in the back yard all the time, barking, chasing (they are both SO fast), and rolling around with each other – they are the very best of friends.
Male, Est. DOB 8/18/2006
Isla's new Mom and Dad live in Chandler and (after loving several previous herding breed mixes) they settled on Isla as their dog of choice. She will enjoy life in a nice community for walks with large greenbelt area, close to dog park. They plan to take Isla camping and on day trips. She has a feline sister too. Have a great life, pretty girl!
Female, Est. DOB
Tux is living the good life out near Wickenburg where he has a 15 acre property on which to roam. He plays constantly with his 18 mos old Aussie mix brother and enjoys trail riding and camping with his family. He's learning "the ropes" quickly in his new home and they all love him dearly. Have a great life, Tux!
Male, Est. DOB
Katy found her home during transport from Utah to Prescott. Our volunteer who was giving her a ride, just couldn't let her go. Katy is living a border collie's dream in an animal and rescue-friendly household in Flagstaff. She'll get the opportunity to try out agility and other dog activities. She has a couple canine brothers and cats, chickens, horses, etc to keep her occupied. Have a great life, Katy!
Female, Est. DOB 7/1/2010
Phoebe was a courtesy listing on our site who got adopted by one of our approved adopters. They met her and loved her immediately. Have a happy life, Phoebe!
Female, Est. DOB
Stanley became the FOURTH lucky dog to be adopted by a fabulous foster family in Tucson. We love their names: Stanley joins Martha, Tom and Larry (and their previous dog Agnes). Gotta love it! Stanley is the one who carries his backpack wherever he goes. Love you, Stan the Man!
Male, Est. DOB
Bullet met his new Dad at the Flagstaff Rescue Roundup (2010) and it was love at first sight. Bullet joins a pet-oriented household where he has 3 canine siblings (a beagle, a basset and a jack russell) and 3 more exotic feathered friends. His Dad hopes that Bullet will be the dog who goes everywhere with him and keeps up with his active lifestyle, camping, hiking, etc in the mountains around Flagstaff. The good life for Bullet.
Male, Est. DOB
This adorable girl has found her forever home as the FOURTH dog adopted into this family from ABCR. She has so much to keep a border collie puppy entertained at her new home which she shares with ABCR Sake, a husky brother and several horses. Plans are to involve this active little girl in agility and in herding. What a great life for a border collie!
Female, Est. DOB 6/30/2010
River's foster family has fallen in love and this lucky girl gets to stay right where she is. Lots to do and hopefully, many other ABCR foster dogs that she'll get to introduce to "the good life" in the future.
Female, Est. DOB
Hestia (now named Roxy) has a beautiful family in Chandler to make her own. Everything an active dog could desire, 3 human kids, another dog to show her the ropes, a couple cats, a bunny rabbit. What more could a young dog want? She goes on daily walks once or twice a day with Mom and is already involved in obedience and beginning agility training. Be happy, Roxy!
Female, Est. DOB
Cosmo had landed in Chandler at his forever home, where he has a adopted rescue Beagle brother named Maynard and an active Mom and Dad. We appreciate this family for their dedication to rescued dogs of all breeds and look forward to the fun that Dad expects to have training Cosmo in some potential dogsports. Have a great life, buddy!
Male, Est. DOB
Chex has found her forever home in Phoenix where she joins an active family with previous border collie (mix) experience. She will join her folks and two human siblings (ages 11 and 8.5) on walks, trips to soccer games and other family activities. Have a great life, Chex!
Female, Est. DOB
Rhys has been adopted by a very nice family in Phoenix. They have a teenager and two other dogs and two cats, so Rhys has a LOT of company which he likes. He gets two walks a day and plenty of activity. Rhys is a lucky boy!
Male, Est. DOB
Chase's foster Mom called her just about "the best dog ever put on the planet". And now she's found her perfect home with previous ABCR adopters and volunteers in Prescott Valley area. She has lots of room to explore, enjoys daily jeep rides through the countryside and playing with canine buddies and Mom and Dad. Have a wonderful life, Chase!
Female, Est. DOB 3/4/2000
Marcus has joined a Peoria family where he has 2 human siblings, four cats and a 10 yr old Aussie to keep him busy. Wow! That's a lot of busy! He goes to the park nearly every day with Mom and his "girls" and loving all his family time. Have a great life, Marcus!
Male, Est. DOB
Bizzy now has a home in Yuma with an active family who just adore him. He's fitting in beautifully and it's a happy life ahead for this former shelter rescue.
Male, Est. DOB
Kai found a wonderful home with a retired couple in Surprise where she has a mini-poodle brother and her folks full time attention. She joins Mom and Dad in their frequent walks and hikes and generally hangs out with her people, which is what she loves. Have a great life, Kai!
Female, Est. DOB
Shadow found a lovely home in picturesque Sedona, AZ with an active Mom and two human sisters (aged 10 and 5). It's a 4 acre property that he now shares with horses, another dog and a cat. He's having a fabulous time exploring and enjoying his new forever family.
Male, Est. DOB
Gentle lady, Peaches, found her perfect lifetime companion. Have a wonderful life, Miss Peaches!
Female, Est. DOB
Running, hiking and playing are all in Daisy's future with her new forever family. Have a wonderful life, Daisy!
Female, Est. DOB
Teha's foster mom says she fits in so nicely in her multi-dog family that she has decided to adopt her. Teha gets the opportunity to herd sheep and be an active senior girl. We're very happy that she's found her forever home.
Female, Est. DOB
Reo has found his new home in Vail, Arizona, where he will be enjoying life in the outdoors. His new family enjoys morning walks, camping and swimming in their pool - all activities that Reo will join in. They are anxious to start teaching him new tricks and playing fetch. Way to go, Reo!
Male, Est. DOB
Lucky boy, Kodiak, has been adopted by a great family in Maricopa. Kodiak’s new family enjoys spending time together and he will be right there with them in whatever activity they are enjoying. He will share his new home with a 2 year old border collie and 2 human siblings, who I’m sure will teach him the ropes and welcome him to their home. Have a great life, Kodiak.
Male, Est. DOB
Cai has joined a Mesa family where he has a human sibling and 3 canine siblings. One of his canine siblings is involved in agility and may be working as a therapy dog, so there are options for him as well. He will enjoy walks, playing catch with balls and Frisbees, swimming or just hanging out at home with the family. Have a great life, Cai!
Male, Est. DOB
Tripp has found his forever home with a Gilbert couple, who are friends of an AZBCR volunteer. He has a feline sister, who he absolutely adores (maybe too much some times) and a 16-year old human brother who enjoys playing with him. He loves going for rides in the car, walks with his pal Bogey (an AZBCR adoptee) or just hanging out with his new family. We've learned that he also loves to swim! Have a great life, Tripp.
Male, Est. DOB
Rue found her new home with a family in Gilbert. She’s going to be enjoying lots of outdoor activities, as her family loves the outdoors and are very active. Have a wonderful life, pretty girl.
Female, Est. DOB
Happy boy, Chowder, has joined a large family where he has FOUR human siblings to keep him on his toes. He will really enjoy keeping track of everyone. Have a wonderful life, Chowder!
Male, Est. DOB
Lissa now has a Mom and Dad of her own who are looking forward to a long life with this little lady. They live in Sun City and have had two previous border collies/BC mixes who they enjoyed for their personalities and fun-loving nature. They plan to be active with Lissa with daily walks, games of ball chasing, etc. Have a wonderful life, Lissa!
Female, Est. DOB
Mardi's foster family is smitten! This girl is home to stay. Have a wonderful life, Mardi!
Female, Est. DOB 2/22/2009
Sweet boy, Bob, has stolen the heart of his foster family. He gets to stay where he is and no one is happier about that than Bob. Happy life, buddy!
Male, Est. DOB
Wrangler (now called Chance) has found his forever home with a great family who plan to get him involved in agility and dogsports. He's a happy boy with canine siblings and an active home. Have a great life, Chance!
Male, Est. DOB
Sweet Rowen is the third fortunate senior dog to be adopted by our good friends north of the border in Canada. She has a BUNCH of new canine siblings, a 3 year old human brother, horses and cats. .all as part of her new family. It's pretty much heaven on earth for border collies and we're so happy for our girl, Rowen. She deserves nothing less as her forever home.
Female, Est. DOB
Lucky Louie has found a home with a family in Colorado who saw him on our website and just knew he was the dog for them. They drove to Arizona to meet him and take him home. He has a large property on which to romp and he is settling in to his new life. Have a great time, Louie!
Male, Est. DOB
Kia (who is now Kodi) has found her forever home in Glendale. She is a wonderful little girl. . so loving and sweet. She is a super fast runner and loves to be outside as long as it isn't hot. She is not a fan of hot weather. She loves to hike. .as long as it doesn't get too hot. She won't chase a ball more than once or twice but will tease you with one. We love her and have loved her joining our family. Have a great life, Kia!
Female, Est. DOB
Bandit, formerly known as Deville, has found his new home in Tucson, with a great family including two border collies (one previously adopted from AZBCR) and a golden retriever. Bandit will be his human sisters 4H project, where she will be training in obedience, rally and agility when he is old enough. He will also enjoy walks, hikes, visits to the dog park and the normal games of tug, Frisbee and fetch. Have a wonderful life, little man!
Male, Est. DOB
Cassidy was adopted into a home with a adoptee from AZBCR. She and her sibling, Boone, are inseparable. They are often found playing and goofing around together and wherever one is, the other is soon to follow. Her favorite things are eating, getting loved on and watching the world go by from the front window. She is a very happy dog, and wonderful with her human sibling. The family enjoys camping, so she will get to spend a lot of time outdoors. Enjoy your new life, Cassidy.
Female, Est. DOB
Banya has been adopted into a large canine family (approximately 10 dogs) belonging to a professional dog trainer in North Central Arizona. She will be well-loved and her mind and body will be well-trained. Two of her new siblings were previously adopted from ABCR. GSC
Female, Est. DOB
Rachel joins a family in Phoenix who had their last border collie (a shelter rescue) until she was 16 yrs old. Rachel will have a calico cat as a companion, and her new Dad works from home most of the time. Our sweet girl will enjoy her new life of neighborhood walks, treadmill, visit from grandkids (7-17 yrs) and hanging out with Mom and Dad while they reading, watch TV, and work in the yard. Have a wonderful life, pretty girl!
Female, Est. DOB
Joy is enjoying her new life as a Phoenix resident. She will be enjoying walks, hikes, camping and fishing with her new family. Her new owner is hoping to get Joy into agility training, but is looking for the right trainer. Have a great life, Joy.
Female, Est. DOB
Spot - Andie
Keeper is doing great in his new, Peoria home! He loves his house (mainly his backyard where he thinks his job as an excavator is perfect for him) and he loves playing with his brother BC and sister Staffy. He dabbles in agility a little and LOVES it. He offers so many behaviors, he is just a blast to train. Keeper also loves swimming at the lake. He occasionally sees his littermates around town, and enjoys spending time with them. Have a happy life, Keeper!
Male, Est. DOB 4/20/2010
We're very excited that Sonic has been adopted by an active agility competitor in Arizona. He has two canine sisters (both rescued dogs) who are going to teach him the ropes in his new home in Cordes Junction area. We just love this dog and hope he has a wonderful agility career - or not. Whatever works out he will always hold a special place in our hearts. Have a wonderful life, Sonic!
Male, Est. DOB
Clutch - Andie
Our boy Clutch found his forever home in Mesa where he'll be surrounded by Retrievers and Shelties, and even a few horses. Clutch will be doing freestyle training with his new Mom. Have a great life, handsome fella!
Male, Est. DOB
Mollie's foster family has decided she has found her forever home. Have a wonderful time in your senior years, Miss Mollie!
Female, Est. DOB
Bentley, now Riley, met his new Mom at the Pet Expo 2010 when she made the journey from California just to see our pups. She came back to get him a few weeks later once they were ready to go home. Riley will enjoy the California weather, a new family, maybe agility and for sure. .THE BEACH!! Have a great life.
Male, Est. DOB
Jensen - Andie
Jensen will be joining a great family in Scottsdale. He will be the only dog of the house, but will be kept very active in learning tricks, playing fetch and going on walks/hikes with his new family. Enjoy your new life, Jensen!
Male, Est. DOB
Gauge - Andie
Gauge has found a loving forever home in Gilbert with his new family where he has a human sister with whom to grow up. His family is also interested in agility and will be taking him to puppy classes as soon as it's a little cooler outdoors.
Male, Est. DOB
Holley - Andie
Atia, previously Holley, lives with her new family in Gold Canyon, AZ with two kitty brothers and a big yard. She just celebrated her first birthday. Atia loves to swim and play with other dogs. She has attended puppy pre-agility classes at MLF Dog Sports, where she met her brother, Wyatt. She hopes to continue her training courses in the fall. Have a great life, Atia!
Female, Est. DOB
Cali - Andie
Little Skye (formerly named Cali) is having a blast in her new family with her canine sister (ABCR Pepper) who was adopted in January 2010. Two pups within the year really upped the activity level in this happy home. Have fun, girls!
Female, Est. DOB
Lucky Lance was adopted by Amanda and Dave from Tucson. He is their first dog together and will make a wonderful adddition to their family. Good boy Lance!
Male, Est. DOB
Jag - Andie
Jag, as named after the Jacquar automobile, is a bundle of joy for his new family. He will be joining a former AZBCR rescue in his Chandler home, and will be learning a lot (including tricks, catching balls and frisbees), along with enjoying walks and playing with his canine siblings. Enjoy your new life, Jag!
Male, Est. DOB
Pilot has joined the family of an active agility competitor. We hope to see him tearing up the courses next year. Have a great life, little buddy!
Male, Est. DOB
Lettie was adopted by a great family in Flagstaff who have been looking for a handful of a dog - and they sure got their hands full with Lettie! We hope to see her strutting around Flag with her new family! Way to go girl!
Female, Est. DOB
Abbey has found her forever home with a Phoenix family. She will be enjoying lots of walks, going on hikes and bike rides. She will make a great companion for her new family and will have a great life! Enjoy it to the fullest, Abbey.
Female, Est. DOB 4/30/2004
Chada, found her new home and family in Scottsdale. Her new family is excited to take her to the park, teach her to play catch and will take summer trips to Sedona. Although she is 7 yrs. old, she is still full of energy and ready to play ball anytime! Have a wonderful life, Chada!
Female, Est. DOB
Momma Mia
Lucky Mia has won the heart of her foster family, and she gets to stay right where she is. Her puppies have all moved on to foster homes and she will have the opportunity to be part of the pack that occasionally go to work with Mom and possibly train in agility or herding. Have a wonderful life, Mia!
Female, Est. DOB
Molly, formerly Porsche, now lives on two acres with her forever family in Cave Creek. She loves minding the chickens and snuggling in bed. She spends her days doing dog things with her dog sister Libby. Libby has taught Molly the art of herding lizards. She can often be found wearing princess dress up clothes styled by her five year old human companion and best friend. Molly is a silly girl and is deeply loved by everyone she meets.
Female, Est. DOB
Cruiser (now Bear) has found his forever home in Scottsdale on a 2.5 acre property. She enjoys daily walks and trail riding with the family and their horses. He has fit in easily to home and the active life with his family. Have a great time, little Bear!
Male, Est. DOB
Apollo has been adopted by an active family in Henderson, NV. He has an older, canine BC brother to keep him busy. He will enjoy walks, playing ball with his brother or going for a run with his new parents. He will definitely be busy in this active home. Have fun, Apollo!
Male, Est. DOB
Emma is a new resident of Phoenix!!! She is happy and healthy and gets along well with her adopted brother Jake who is a 9 year old Rotty-Border Collie mix. The one most enjoyable pastime for Emma is eating. She blossomed up to 74 lbs. and her new nickname became PR (for Pork Roast). Since that time she has slimmed-down and is in good shape. The funniest thing about her is she jumps up on the couch next to her dad and proceeds to sit up like a human with her butt on the couch, her hind legs out in front of her, and her head on his shoulder while watching TV. Sounds like you have found a great home, Emma.
Female, Est. DOB
Andie was quick to convince her new Dad that she needed to live with him. She raised her seven adorable puppies in another foster home and then came right back to her new Dad and settled in for her new forever life. Andie lives in rural SE Arizona and enjoys her life with her several canine siblings. Have a great life, Andie!
Female, Est. DOB
Banjo loves his new home in Phoenix. His favorite thing to do is swim with his new dad. He also loves attention and to cuddle up with us. He just started obedience classes last week and is doing great. His new parents hope that it will lead into agility classes, as he loves to run and jump. Good luck, Banjo!
Male, Est. DOB
Wendy has found her new home in New Mexico, where she will get to check out the forest with her new owner and enjoy some RV travel. She will have plenty of room to run and just enjoy her new life. Best of luck to you, Wendy.
Female, Est. DOB
Fitz, now named Roadie, was adopted today by a great lady in Tucson who was looking for a great companion dog. Once situated in his new home and trained off leash, he will be enjoying his days running around the yard or just hanging out with his new mom at her work on the weekends. This sounds like a great fit, Roadie.
Male, Est. DOB
Hannah has found her forever home in Phoenix, where she will enjoy daily walks, hiking, agility and playing fetch with her new family. She will enjoy her new life with 4 cats, 4 dogs, a ferret and 2 rabbits. Have a great life, Hannah!
Female, Est. DOB
Lilly Mae
Addie, formerly known as Lilly Mae, has found her new home with a previous BC adopter in Chandler. Her BC sister will be showing her the ropes and will enjoy hiking, taking walks and running with her new parents. Enjoy your new life, Addie!
Female, Est. DOB
Chena was adopted today by a large family in Chandler, which includes 7 children and 2 hamsters. There will be plenty of people to play Frisbee and fetch with her, along with taking her to the dog park. Enjoy your new, active life, Chena.
Female, Est. DOB